CSI Camp – 2019

CSI Camp – 2019

hello my name is Katie Mantz and I am
the director of this CSI camp as well as one of the instructors and I am a
graduate of the forensic science program here at Penn State
so for CSI camp what we’re doing is we’re solving one case over the course
of the week probably just somewhere around 10:15 or so my name is Megan I’m a rising senior at
Penn State studying biochemistry and molecular biology with a minor in
psychology and I’m a Curriculum Mentor for CSI walking in on Monday a lot of
the kids have heard about or seen a lot of the crime shows on TV but this week
they get a taste of what a forensic scientist actually does we are going into the crime scene and
they’re going to collect evidence we’re looking for finger prints and shoe
prints and soil samples and the different types of paint that might be
in there and then this the campers are actually going to take the evidence from
the crime scene that they have collected and then they’re going to process it
over the next couple of days some of the skills that you can get out
of this a lot of what we do in forensic science and crime scene investigation is
observation and critical thinking it’s one thing to walk into a room and just
look at it it’s another thing to walk into a room and really see it Wait, it looks like it went the other way… with them fingerprinting and questioning
the witnesses and analyzing footprints you can really see their attention to
detail and teamwork grow throughout the week so as a kid whenever I went to camps I
know some of those friends are still my friends today and it was some of the
strongest best friendships that I’ve ever made so I’m sure that these kids
will stick together and probably still talk to each other when they’re in

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