Democrats decry ‘blind partisan loyalty,’ as Republicans keep defending Trump

Democrats decry ‘blind partisan loyalty,’ as Republicans keep defending Trump

-And like the narrative
of the press, that President Trump
wants to dig up dirt on his 2020 opponent —
what he wants is he wants an accounting
of what happened in 2016. -I understand that a way
to avoid answering a question is to attack us in the press.
I’m well aware of that. -No, Chuck,
I just want the truth. The American people
want the truth. -So, do you not trust the FBI? You don’t trust the CIA?
-No! No, I don’t.
-I’m just very confused here. -Absolutely not. After Peter Strzok
and Lisa Page? -Okay.
-This President needs to be impeached, Jake, just based on
what he himself has said. And Republicans better
get behind that. -Because the giant sucking sound
will be this impeachment query sucking every other piece
of debate both in Washington and outside Washington
out the door. And the question is,
from an elitist standpoint, should 100 senators make
the call on whether or not this President stays in office,
or should we, in fact, have that query
come next November? -There are millions of Americans
who do business overseas, all kinds of activities. Do you think it’s just a
coincidence that the one person that he has asked
a foreign leader to investigate, specifically by name —
“Investigate this person” — just happens to be his chief
rival for the 2020 campaign? -But, Chris, you’re missing
the whole reason for why. He did that because he has knowledge
of possible corruption. -It’s his job to make sure
there’s not corruption. So, when the Vice President’s
son is hired by this company that Mr Volker told us had
a long history of corruption, was linked to the government
in Ukraine, I think that’s the President
doing his job. -We don’t let presidents
of the United States do this. We don’t let them take
their official office and merge it
with their re-election arm. This entire country should be
scared that in a moment when we need patriots, what we are getting is blind,
partisan loyalty. -We have some of our Republican
colleagues that are basically treating this
as a joke, with very few exceptions. And they are the ones
that’s gonna matter because we’re gonna need
something like 20 Republican votes
to get up to 67. We need more Republicans
to point out this emperor has no clothes. -I don’t think anyone in America
really believes, except people maybe in the press
and some Democrats in Congress, really believe
that the President of the United States thinks
China is gonna investigate. -I doubt if the China comment was serious,
to tell you the truth. -You don’t take the President
at his word? -No, the President loves
to go out on the White House driveway. I haven’t talked to him
about this. I don’t know what
the President was thinking, but I knew he loves
to bait the press. -People at this time I think really need to speak out
and speak up. And it’s clear that
the Republicans in the Senate are just going along. I’ve had many issues with
the Democrats over the years, but I have never seen anything
like the Republicans right now as far as just
misrepresentations of the truth because of what Donald Trump
has done.

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  2. Repellantcunt wannabe presidents are a tribe of assholes fighting over one blind old dog barking at the darkness within it.

  3. They're in too deep! If Trump goes, Pence goes with him. Trumpy has seen to that by throwing him under the bus as a human shield. That means President Pelosi. The GOPeons will never allow that. So, for now,
    Trump hides behind Pence and we have to try and pry him out of office without GOP help, even though everyone knows he's crooked. My prediction is he could be out by Xmas but I'm not
    holding my breath….

  4. I love it when these lickspittles defend the indefensible, somewhat like the courtiers who professed that the emperor's cloths were so beautiful and fine!! "emperors new cloths". Trouble is we can all see his wrinkled old nuts hanging out.

  5. There needs to be an accounting of what happened in the 2016 election and Trump cheating, colluding and conspiracy with Russia aiding him in the 2016 interference. Everybody believes and knows that Trump intentionally and illegally asked Ukraine, China, and probably Russia for more help on the 2020 election.

  6. Trumo loves to bait the press? For what? What can he get? Is it good for the country? He is the president so he must serve the country and not himself seeking for attention. He should stay in his show if he just wants attention and viewers. What a joke?!

  7. Is there or is there not a video of Biden saying Ukraine would not get money unless they fired that attorney? Yes there is. That is corruption

  8. The Mueller investigation is over. The Russian sanctions will not be lifted. Kick rocks. Trying to rewrite history

  9. "It's not Treason because Ukraine is an ally not an enemy."

    "It's not Bribery because the Federal Bribery Statute doesn't apply to foreign government officials."

    "It's not Extortion because there's no Quid Pro Quo."

    "Asking for an investigation is not a thing of value to President Trump."

    However, Joe Biden admitted to withholding federal money until he received a Quid Pro Quo to release the money. Joe Biden as Vice President, by his own admission, is the one who committed Extortion WAKE UP …THIS IS A SMEAR…NOTHING MORE!!!

  10. That's funny, I can't help but remember Trump's State of the Union speech when all the democrats stayed silent when the rest of the chamber applauded at things like Trump talking about a decrease in gang activity, diminishing black unemployment… y'know, basically everything someone with a heart would want. Not blindly partisan at all.

  11. But I thought the repubes were the party of "law and order"? FYI, the repubes have never been the party of law and order. Calling repubes lying hypocrites is an insult to lying hypocrites.

  12. Brennan needs to go to Prison for an Extended Period. (& Clapper)
    Start with McCabe, flip him to get Comey & the whole House of Cards comes down!
    Do you "trust" FBI/CIA? Why should we?

  13. This man is a master of lies and deceit. How can we trust in a deflective, distracting, quibbling, hate mongering bull-sh*ther.
    The whole world is witness to an orange colored, less than human simian, name calling fiasco of a president.
    I grow weary of the collective anxiety our nation is suffering from under the toxic trump umbrella.
    Trump is a danger to the mental well being of our country.
    Please someone in power invoke the 25th amendment and rescue "we the people" from donnie the dodger, distractor, deflector, deceitful, trump.
    Forget impeachment, trump should be removed under the 25th amendment.

  14. But the corporate democrats are not having the conversation about the corruption Biden brings either. Thing is, the republicans are good at this and will continue to behave this way because it works. The fact that democrats are just being Hacky and are unwilling to acknowledge the real problem about Biden here shows their own blind partisanship. Hillary did the Same bs to trump last election cycle. So if by principal you are only upset on how trump dug this info up be upset with Hillary. If by principal you believe in protecting whistle blowers be vocal on dropping the charges to juliannassange Edward Snowden first.

  15. So Biden and Pelosi both has sons on energy companys in the Ukraine. And the 1.8 billion dollars went into a bank owend by the owner energy company…At one time that guy was not aloud in the US. Obama let him in…

  16. Republicans' strategy: just ignore it, so what if we're trampling on the Constitution, we got enough followers to keep us afloat.

  17. These reporters have been named in the WikiLeaks to have colluded with the DNC or Hillary campaign during the 2016 election cycle:

    WaPo – Anne Gearan
    WaPo – Greg Sargent

    Get ready Arrest are coming

  18. “Anyone who supports trump is a blind right wing partisan hack!” Scream the blind left partisan hacks in the comment section.

    The lack of self-awareness is palpable

  19. GOP is protecting the Office of the President, not this one president in particular. The abuse of power by the Dems cannot be sanctioned.

  20. I can't wait till the AG report comes out and criminal indictments are issued on all the 2016 Dems who first tried to rig an election, then tried to overthrow a president.
    This whole impeachment bullshit is just a smokescreen to attempt to get ahead of that report.

  21. why do democrats want to ignore the Ukranian meddlleing in our 2016 eletctions?  seems to me the whole media, dems, dnc are colluding to stop the truth from Ukraine to come out.  did you know so far there are 2 Ukranian gov officials already convicted in Ukranian court of meddleing with the US 2016 elections?  I wish someone put a video compilation of the media and dems two years ago when investigation of meddleing in our 2016 election was all they wanted?   welllllll……now your President , is following thru with your wish. Shouldn't you be happy?

  22. Almost four years now trying to take the President out and Democrats can’t still find anything to do it. And people say Trump supporters are brainwashed. 🤔

  23. Uh, to people who are not insane it is clear that the 'blind party loyalty' rests with the Dems. They have acted like rabid, crack smoking zombies since before Trump even took office.

  24. "Prozac Liberals" are as docile as Lambs.
    They believe what they're told to believe.
    They fear what they're told to fear.
    They hate non-conformity & originality.
    VOTE BIDEN & SON IN 2020!!!

  25. Transcript, Ukrainian president maintaining he wasn't pressured, Biden bragging photo of Biden with energy CEO, whistleblower was 2nd hand.
    Proceed at your peril liberals.

  26. The funny thing about this Ukraine "scandal" is that it ends up incriminating the Dems more than it will Trump. Biden, the front runner, really did commit a crime under the Obama administration. Trump has been under investigation for one false thing or another his whole presidency. He will not get impeached, and he will win another term. No other president in history has been treated this poorly, and it is clear that the press only cares about stirring the pot.

  27. Pretty sure the majority of the U.S. population knows that China 🇨🇳 is scary af right now. They are silently making moves globally. And ironically, just like Trump, if China can make money or gain the upper hand 💰💰💰and it's in their interests, they will probably do it.
    Our Government is in shambles, and the Republican Party is acting like the drunk school bus driver🤦‍♂️ blaming the kids for the accident. WTF???

  28. lie lie lie every day the fake news trots out a republican to bash Trump ever see a democrat support Trump? All you have to do is look at their votes they all vote in a block every time except one exception impeaching Trump democrats just cant seem to get that vote…….. please continue your fake news

  29. What a hilariously idiotic thing for the lockstep quislings to say. Of course they all rehearsed it in the morning hate rally.

  30. Thank God Trump was elected, or all of this would never be found out and no one would question the corruption of the media and everything would continue toward Globalization and the destruction of the United States.

  31. Using false guilt narrative and bipartisan accusations.
    Democrats didnt impeach Obama and biden for fast and furious even after peace officer killed.
    Shame on them.

  32. Dear Washington Post,
    If you really want to increase your viewer count, update us on the facts. We don't want anything else from you. Nobody cares you have an opinion. We can draw our own conclusions for one side or the other without your distasteful coverage.

  33. This seems like a parity, whatever you believe if you see blind partisan loyalty on one side and one side only you need to realize you are delusional and we need to disregard your rhetoric like it was shouted by a disheveled man on the corner decrying werewolves.
    What is the purpose of this video? Left leaning people yelling at right leaning people and sad because both sides stayed to their talking points script?

  34. CIA is trying to impeach a sitting president this is unprecedented ! The DEMOCRAT CIA is about to start a CIVIL WAR in this country ! Why because they know there is no way they will win in 2020 !

  35. The more Republican voters continue to realize that Andrew Yang is the guy they were hoping Trump would be, the more of that loyalty will continue to shift away from Trump (as it has been), and the more Dem politicians/candidates will find themselves with nothing else to do with their talking heads except place them back into their own asses from whence they came.

  36. Republicans are disgustingly unpatriotic . To allow anyone in their party, nevermind potus, to be so openly corrupt, without putting that person in his/her place, is beyond reprehensible . Ppl who put party before country are traitors, there is no other word to describe them . Well, maybe another term for them could be nazis . Fckn white supremacist pigs

  37. Schumer: "We have 6 ways to Sunday to get you if you mess with the intelligence agency"….
    Schiff: "I'm very interested in your nudes of Trump"…
    Waters: "We need to attack them in the restaurants, at work,in the grocery stores! We need to attack them in their homes!" "Trump should be impeached for inciting mob violence!"
    Pelosi: Impeachment! … Don't look at my son Frank Jr. …IMPEACHMENT! … He was president and COO of Viscoil…. IMPEACHMENT!!!! Oh no!! They're looking at Biden?!! !!!IM_PEACH_MINT!!!

  38. the demtards are done all the crybaby pos losers need voted out . vote red all the way across the board true Americans . only commies vote blue , keep draining the swamp TRUMP 2020 !!!!!

  39. Crybaby "News" Network(s) have been lowered to acting as loyal, robotic, staff members for the insanely desperate Democrats. I hope they all get their just rewards in 2021, after their infantile behavior helps the Republicans win the House and direct it back toward the country's business, work with Trump to overpower the DOJ, FBI, and State Department criminals and finish draining the swamp.

  40. When they talk about lowlife criminal pervert Biden as "Trump's rival," why doesn't at least one notice that he isn't that until he gets the nomination? Too busy hating? Yeah, that's it. Anyway, the Republicans have irrefutable proof of some stuff that will wreck Biden. They're holding it until a week before the election, if the Clinton/Obama/DNC mobsters allow him to accept the nomination. Hater Diane Feinstein will say that's a dirty trick.

  41. The goal is to capture every instance where Trump’s coffers are potentially plumped by lobbyists, U.S. government agencies, foreign governments or “anything else that has a whiff of a conflict,” says Everson. Subscribers to his 1100 Pennsylvania newsletter get daily updates on who has been spotted at Trump’s D.C. hotel, which might be the gun lobby, QAnon conspiracy theorists, a pro-Trump Super PAC or longtime Trump confidant Roger Stone, who appeared for a speaking engagement and then hawked books and t-shirts as he vowed to fight his multiple criminal charges.

    The beautiful lobby bar at 1100 Pennsylvania Avenue is a place to see and be seen for many high-profile pro-Trumpers, including Fox News personality Jeanine Pirro (“She’s there all the time.”); ex-Trump campaign manager and possible New Hampshire Senate candidate Corey Lewandowski (“There’s no shortage of Lewandowski sightings.”), BlazeTV and Sinclair pundit Eric Bolling (“I’ve seen him there four nights in a row sometimes.”); and conservative political operatives. “Sebastian Gorka is a good example of that. He’s not going to get that level of treatment at any other luxury hotel in town,” says Everson. “But at the Trump Hotel D.C., he’s a celeb.”

    There are also frequent sightings of the president’s oldest son, an executive vice president in the Trump Organization. “Don Jr. is at the hotel regularly and recently hosted a fundraiser for Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio, who is the ranking member of a House Oversight Committee. You definitely see that there’s an interaction between the Trump family and Republican party business there,” says Everson.

    Everson keeps tabs on which of Trump’s cabinet members, GOP senators and Republicans on the House Oversight Committee keep money flowing into Trump’s D.C. Hotel. “[House Minority Leader] Kevin McCarthy and [Vice President] Mike Pence have each spent a quarter of a million dollars at the hotel,” he says. “Clearly they don’t feel like there’s any reason to cover that up. They see nothing wrong with it.”

  42. Republicans must decide are they Republicans and do they stand for what it means to be a Republican or are they Trumpians and are they willing to give up and be what Trumps stands for – and there is no way of working your way around that Trump is "breaking America".

  43. Seems the dems don't like it when President Trump does his job

    👓🍵🍿 😁 —>> 🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿

  44. It is disgusting the republicans keep saying everyone is wrong except the source of the problem- Donald Trump. Disgusting.

  45. Everyone who wants 'Trump impeached needs to call their House Rep & demand they include emoluments clause & obstruction of justice.

  46. I am not interested in What Biden says or Joe Walsh or CNN… I look at facts and data that prove them all wrong with collusion of the media and LEFTist communist brainwash opinions… not facts. I am done with an opinionated media hoax controlled by Soros and Clintons… Left revenge…

  47. The Reoubliklan Party has the usefulness of a used condom the janitor picked up in the floor of a confession booth.

  48. A small note . The establishment hates Trump. They can't control him. They have held America in a lie for years. Time to be free vote Trump.

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