Diary from a Japanese Internment Camp

Diary from a Japanese Internment Camp

this is discard two years before she passed away it's my mother's handwriting and it has a name on it and it has our camp mail address block 18 barrack to room a written on that ink is almost fading I don't have a foggiest idea you know what you put in a diary right it's all written in Japanese about 99 percent of it here and there might be a line that is in English by total copy of a page in fact with this page that I photocopied and sent to a translator and it says January 31st Monday night 1943 or 44 or 45 I thought in this book a picture that I took up her this is at the Japanese American National Memorial in Washington DC each of the ten camps has a big stone plaque and so I had her stand in front of the one from Arizona in which we were incarcerated

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