Different Shackle Styles

Different Shackle Styles

Hi I’m David Karbin vice president of
Lexco Cable. Today I’m gonna share with you some knowledge about shackles.
Shackles come in a wide range of sizes and corresponding working load limits. I’m holding a quarter inch shackle with a 3/4 ton work load. I’m holding a 3/4 inch
shackle with a four and three-quarter ton working load limit but I don’t want
to talk to you about working load limits today. Today I want to talk to you about
styles types this is a screw pin anchor shackle your most popular common type of shackle. What in the world is a screw pin anchor shackle? There’s two parts of it,
let’s break it down: the first part is the anchor. What does anchor mean? Anchor means that you have a bow shaped body you’ll see it tapers in here and it bows
out that’s the anchor body then the second half is the fastener and this is
a screw pin reason why you can unscrew it like so screw pin anchor shackle here’s another anchor shackle not a
screw pin it’s got a hex head here it’s got a hex nut here next to the hex nut
it’s got a cotter pin to keep the nut from falling off getting lost in
vibration so this is a safety anchor shackle or a safety boat anchor shackle
bolt helps you think about the hex headed fastener
so that’s another type of anchor shackle there’s a third type of anchor shackle and you’ll see that when you see the
picture this is a round head and it’s a headed clevis pin there is a cotter pin
but no nut so it’s just a traditional Clevis pin and it’s got an anchor shaped
body so it’s a round pin anchor shackle round pin anchor shackles. So let’s
review screw pin anchor shackle safety bolt anchor shackles round pin anchor
shackle, okay now let’s talk about chain shackles. Chain shackle if you look at
the body’s shape it does not have a bow shaped more like a D so the D shape kind
of similar to an oval chain link called a chain shackle
so think of the shape of a chain link and then you’ll remember that this is a
chain shackle. Chain shackles will have the same fastener varieties as the
anchor shackles so to recap you would have a screw pin
chain shackle a safety bolt chain shackle nut cotter and then the third one would be the round
pin chain shackle let’s move on I wanted to mention we have stainless
steel shackles here’s a round pin stainless steel shackle anchor version
so you would call it a round pin anchor shackle stainless steel if you want a
shackle without the fastener we would call that a blank let us know if you
prefer a blank and if you want the shackle ear to be pre-drilled or not we
also have some specialty stainless steel shackles this is a snap shackle the snap
refers to the action on this latch which is controlled by a clevis pin with a
detent attached to a Cotter ring and it has a swivel eye one last tidbit the
galvanized shackles that I showed you are all made out of carbon steel so
they’re galvanized carbon steel is there such a thing as a shackle that’s not a
galvanized carbon not a stainless steel there is it is called an alloy shackle it
has a high working load limit for its size this is an example of a alloy shackle
this alloy shackle is in the screw pin anchor variety and it has alloy actually
stamped into the foraging here screw pin anchor shackle alloy. Alloy is also known
as grade B the galvanized steel shackles are known as grade A and all these
galvanized shackles the alloy or carbon meet federal spec RR – C – 271
if you have further questions about shackles please reach out to a Lexco
sales representative till next time thanks for watching

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