Discovery Channel held hostage: Hostage taker killed by police

Discovery Channel held hostage: Hostage taker killed by police

Discovery Channel hostage taker killed Discovery Channel’s US headquarters near Washington was the scene of a hostage standoff on Wednesday afternoon that ended in the death of 43-year old gunman James J. Lee. Lee forced his way into the lobby on Wednesday armed with a gun and an explosive device strapped to his body. He took a security guard and two Discovery employees hostage while other employees escaped. Police cordoned off the scene and started negotiations while evacuating the rest of the 1,900 employees. The building’s kindergarten students were also evacuated. Lee answered reporters’ calls to the building “I have explosives strapped to my body.” SWAT team members who had entered the lobby and hidden behind a wall saw that Lee was threatening the hostages with a pistol and took action, shooting him dead. The hostages were unharmed. A robot was then used to remove the explosives from Lee’s body The gunman had a record as a radical environmentalist. On the Internet he had called for humanity to stop producing “parasitic human infants” in order to save the planet. While on his environmental protest web sites he had a list of 11 demands for Discovery Channel, accusing Discovery of talking about protecting the environment while only caring about earning money. Two years ago during a demonstration out side Discovery’s HQ Lee paid people to hold banners while he threw money in the air saying it was “trash.” The court later barred Lee from going within 150m of Discovery’s HQ but that failed to stop this tragic event from happening. Apple Action News.

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  1. RIP

    Western media should do this animation like news seriously. It's more detailed and very thorough rather than report very vaguely and briefly and then forget about it the next day.

  2. Lol the wireframe render wasnt neccesairy but its very nice that a company turns situation into a 3d animation and shows it off

  3. Chum do be sa mai pe Discovery ya po che du no ma kesema de co mu fa Discovery alemai pu so mi ca de. Discovery.

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