DOFUS – Ankama Live – February 2020

– How long do we have? 2 hours? 3 Hours?
– No, no, no… OK, that’s alright. Well, what will be released tomorrow is the conclusion of the first chapter called
“Eliocalypse: Resonance”, as you all know. We chose to do it in two parts: the first part was released in December,
“the 4 Horsemen of the Eliocalypse”, and now we somewhat wrap up their story. It is a story that started at the beginning of last year
with the Temporal Anomalies, which we continued with as a background
for the Vulbis DOFUS, and we now bring to a close
with the Horsemen’s story. Now, you’ll learn most of
the truth about the Horsemen: why they are so mean,
and why they did what they did, etc etc. – The answer being “because…”
– Exactly. Because it pleases them. Basically, in terms of quests, these will focus on the end of the multi-level quest series of chapter 1 in which we will face the Horsemen. In December, players were able to free a character, Jullier, a Watcher – who had been captured by Servitude – and now they’ll find out what happened to him
– who had been captured by Servitude – and now they’ll find out what happened to him what he found out about the Horsemen; there will be a small revelation on who the Horsemen are and where their powers come from. In parallel to this, we had a quest for level 200 characters (since they had to face each Horsemen in their respective dungeon) with a dark story, something you could see in the trailer – mainly related to the War in Cania – where the horsemen attempt to start a war in the DOFUS age, the present, to recruit a 5th Horsemen. Those who did the quest know who the 5th Horsemen is and now we are going to wrap up this story also. Will they succeed in recruiting this 5th character? Will they start the war? Well, this will all depend on what you will do. Ok. So, based on what has been communicated up to now, we saw the use of primordial fire: the power that results from the reunification of the 6 DOFUS.
– Yes. Whats is the link? Some are already brainstorming, like “yes, reuniting the 6 DOFUS will be a pre-requisite” What happens to those who haven’t yet done the quest? Ok, we decided to be kind. To confront the 4 horsemen together is not easily done. A particular weapon is obviously needed, a way to defend oneself and that is the Primordial Fire. The Primordial Fire is this magical energy, the fire, that is the product of the reunification of the 6 primordial dofus. Somebody created this fire and made it available in such a way that adventurers arriving in the Sanctuary of Last Hope (situated in the Eliocalypse era) can face the Horsemen, knowing that the character that allowed for the existence of this fire might be…
– Might be one of the adventurers… – Yup.
– Exactly. As we did during previous updates, is there a little extra something for those who actually did reunite the 6 primordial DOFUS? There is a little something extra in the form of a short explanation that, of course, those who reunited the 6 DOFUS will understand. It is intentional to progressively install in the narrative, notably that of the Eliocalypse that will continue for another two chapters, more importance to characters that have reunited the 6 primordial DOFUS. For now, this importance will be present in the gameplay but it will continue to be reflected over time so, yeah, the goal is to… … I want to betray you. “In the gameplay”, it means there will be something for those who complete the quest. Ahh maybe…
… I want to betray you. “In the gameplay”, it means there will be something for those who complete the quest. Ahh maybe…
Hmhmmmm.. Do you want to add anything else related to the story or we should leave something for players to discover, knowing the quest is quite epic, we’re sending you to… well… I don’t want… I did it myself..
– Yes yes… the quests are quite long and yeah, we wrote quite a bit. There will be quite a lot to read, I’m very sorry but I guess you don’t HAVE to read the dialogues… it might be helpful in
order to understand what is going on… And not just that… In terms of pre requisites, it’s the continuation of the previous quests so one will need to have completed the multi-level quests, finish the quests linked to the Horsemen to see what’s going on regarding the War in Cania, and a final wrap-up quest that requires to have completed the multi-level quests and the Horsemen quests. Here, you will have the end of the chapter and hints as to what will come later, since it isn’t the end of the story… Who is Thanatena? Thanatena is the Queen of Externam, we consider her the Goddess of Death. She is basically Death. It’s… it’s… what I am about to say is not a spoiler, is it? I hesitate sometimes… Basically, she is the Goddess of Death because she was the first person to die in the World of Twelve, right? She was the first person to have died in the Krosmoz, in fact!
– Ah, in the Krosmoz. At the time, there were only two characters in the Krozmos: Thanatena and Prysmaradoth. Thanatena died and decided to remain dead, for reasons you will eventually understand. A player is asking the question, but you will tell me it will be tough to answer without spoiling anything, what are the Horsemen’s true intentions? It is really to wreak havoc, activating destruction and chaos mode? or is it a power move, some particular interest? They obey their true nature: War wants war, Corruption wants to corrupt, but they want to expand. Here there are limited to the Eliocalypse playing field, which isn’t too bad, but they wish to expand even through time and, while at it, why not drop by and say to the Gods in Inglorium, what not emancipate oneself a little and escape the world of 12 to go have fun on other worlds. The eliocalypse is their starting point and, from there, they are pursuing more power and influence. To put things into context, this was an update that was originally planned as being divided into two parts, We speak of an update because, to us, it remains one update: we add content, we update certain things in-game, but it is the continuation of the December update. Can you walk of through what is coming tomorrow? And later there will be little spoilers…
Can you walk of through what is coming tomorrow? And later there will be little spoilers… – … on items…
– Ok. As Halden explained before for those that paid attention, you will face the Horsemen again, but not in the same circumstances nor conditions. It will present you with a kind of challenge not many of you are used too. It will be the occasion for the elitist amongst you to stand out from the crowd. – Some have given it a shot behind the scenes!
– Some have tried and had some problems! There were iterations but, for the behind the scenes testing, we did a few play tests behind the scenes with a few known players and they were at it for what? About a day, roughly?
-Yeah, for about a day. And they didn’t do too bad either, right? 1 out of 4! It’s not bad. They’ll do better soon.
These are our wished for you. We didn’t give them any info and it allowed us to build and adapt (the game) along with them.
Yes, that was the whole point. OK, so it will be a challenge. What else? What will it be like? A dungeon? It will be an epic combat that will surely require a lot of work
and strategy development. Of course, this dungeon and fight
don’t come on their own: there is a narrative and
new rewards that we will show you shortly. Let’s start with items? No? Equipment? So, there will be new equipment. Yes, new equipment items. Ok, turn around so I can see what is being shown at the same time. Ok so let us start with Corruption. Ok. So, by the way I am not sure what players are looking at… – Ok!
-Very well.
– Excellent. It is a new legendary item. It doesn’t come alone as, that’s right, you guessed it, there will be one for each horseman. The first one is Corruption’s cloak. It is multi elemental. What normally interests
people on this type of item is mainly the chunk of text that comes
with it to describe the spell. Now, the Corruption Pestilence is a particular case and I’d rather tell you about it now, even though
it will also be mentioned in tomorrow’s changelog, this cloak, or better all 4 new legendary items, won’t be craftable right after the update release. We have encountered some last-minute problems with it, however it won’t stop you from gathering
the resources needed to craft it; the cloak just won’t be available as is until
maybe next week or the week after that. – It’s a rather strong cloak and the
poison aspect goes well with the state… ..
– Exactly. Yes, these 4 items, we are now looking at the cloak but we will look at the others shortly, have each been created
with each horsemen in mind. I see some who are saying
“Wow, that item is so strong!” etc, but we are talking about an item that is
1) legendary, a reward of a challenging fight,
I see some who are saying
“Wow, that item is so strong!” etc, but we are talking about an item that is
1) legendary, a reward of a challenging fight, b) we are not going to clothe them with gobball sets, clearly. No, we agree on that. It would be a shame. – OK
– Next item? – Servitude’s Embrace.
– Servitude’s Embrace. There. There was a cloak, and now we’re talking
about a belt, if memory serves me right, I will let you discover the stats. It will be, as you can see, used
for placement and tanking. Of course, it can be used for other builds,
but it is quite specialized for it: we see quite a bit of vitality, lock, an MP, so it can be quite interesting. The balance of the item comes from the fact
that it reduces range damage but not necessarily in melee, but aids the bearer to get into melee.
Alone, the item justifies a good build. – Are you still talking about Servitude’s Embrace?
– Yes – Because on the live we see War’s Halbaxe.
– Ahh.
– Could we go back to… No, it’s ok, I will just move on to the Halbaxe. – There you go, you spoiled the whole…
– No but it’s not the same… – No, it’s Ok… Regarding the Halbaxe, as I will continue, we wanted to test
something new and different. If you are paying attention and
see what is on the first damage line, yes it is a new in-game effect. Because it is in the damages section, the malus is not applied to the bearer. Like with weapons that have the potential to remove AP,
– Yup. – action points -, this one can remove movement points. This axe is made for melee and we want to try new things
with this new legendary item. – It isn’t bad.
-It’s good! And we finish with Misery’s Flail-Scale. So yes, Misery’s Flail-Scale
is a multi-elemental item, damage and dodge focused. We see the AP and MP dodge bonuses, but also when the bearer suffers
AP, MP or range removal/loss, it allows him to reduce
the damages suffered. It was quite fun to try and
have the items bring forward the character traits and
personalities of the Horsemen. There’s some good stuff in here. – These are items for which there were lots of iterations
– Yes, a lot of iterations. – We included players in the thought process…
– … Yes, that was important also. As always, each time we show new items
I can see the reactions in the chat, – “It’s overpowered”, etc.
– Exactly, everyone says it’s too strong. but these are new items that are included in the meta,
we need to give it time, not everyone will have them. and we will keep an eye on it
and see how it goes. As always,
if something isn’t quite right, we won’t have a problem to
come back and make adjustments. Yes, of course. It already happened. OK, that was a little preview
of the 4 Horsemen items. We can start with the War Gobbalrog if you have it. – Do you have it?
– Do you have it? Yes, there are indeed
mounts for the 4 Horsemen that are exclusive rewards for those who will succeed
in defeating the Horsemen
in this new dungeon. Please note that these items
won’t be linked to a character, like most equipment and other
items you can obtain in-game, so you will be able to exchange
them with other characters, with your guild, sell them, etc. You can only obtain them
once per character… But you have 100% chance of
getting them if you defeat the… However, you’d need to lure them
so they agree to follow you. Winning the fight won’t suffice to obtain them, as one will have to… can we say it? – I think we can…
– Yes, go on. Let’s be crazy.
– Let’s be crazy: one will have to work
through the narrative quests in order to end up
with a small part of War or other. Hmhmmm – Indeed…
– Indeed! The goal is as follows:
once we reach the end of the Horsemen quests,
we choose one of the petsmounts and then we can run the dungeon again
to obtain the other petsmounts.
– Ok. It’s not just a choice, like the ornament, for example… No, here we can obtain all 4,
knowing, as Korri said, that they are exchangeable so, we can also obtain them
by trading or by having
a generous benefactor. – It happens!
– You are quite generous!
– Horsemen are quite generous at times… – Ok, ok.
– What was the next item? We can show the other petsmounts. We have Corruption Death Cap,
one of my favourites because the idea of a mushroom
petsmount is hilarious to me. A Mushroom makes you laugh? Come on, we don’t ride
mushrooms everyday! I hope not… – What do we have next?
– We have the Bow Wow. We have Servitude’s Bow Wow and, of course, Misery’s Vulture, which we can show… – I see the feedback from the live…
– Yeah. We can see the different petsmounts you can obtain. There’s quite a bit of irony coming
from players regarding petsmounts because they state these aren’t
useful to their setup and what not. Please know we have indeed
released a lot of ceremonial petsmounts but we are thinking about bringing forward petsmounts
with stats to balancing things out a little. – But it isn’t for now?
-It isn’t for now. Can we have some information
on Temporis IV? We would love to, really… – But no.
– But, unfortunately, no. It is not the right time. We will talk about it
once the timing is right. It is quite cool, but…
it’s just not the right time. – So you are working on it. – We are on it.
-Yeah. What I can tell you is that
it will be really cool, that’s for sure, but now is not the
right time to talk about it. We really want to do things right.
It’ll come, bit by bit. Let’s talk about the Heroic server. There were a lot of questions
about it for a long time, regarding
the future of the server. You published a massive news
on, for that matter,
the release of a new server. Can you give us more info,
such as the date or what you wish to do? The first bit of good news
is that we announced initial changes we wanted to do on the Heroic server, mainly the comments and
feedback that came up most often which also weren’t time consuming tasks,
and could easily fit into the production planning, as, quite frankly, it kind of slotted itself
right in the middle of many other things. The devs are working on all these changes. We will soon be able to test
internally all the changes made. We are aiming to open the server
at the end of February, beginning of March at the latest. Oh, it is fast approaching! – If all goes well!
– If all goes well.
– Of course. If everything goes well. Of course.
I’m being nudged here. Anyway, that’s the goal. Another thing: we would like
to implement a pre-registration phase, meaning to let people say:
“Yes, I am interested in the Heroic server”. We get the feeling there are
so many of you behind that server that we want to know exactly how many are supporting HS. This would also allow us to recuperate players
that have left over time because there are very, very few players
on the Heroic server nowadays, so we are hoping it
will bring back a small crowd. So, pre-registration and a
little gift for people who pre-registered, I won’t ruin the surprise, but the idea is to see the Pre-Registrations
arrive over the next 2 to 3 weeks. Of late, we haven’t spoken a lot about
a potential server merger on DOFUS 2. Often, people wonder if
there are plans on this subject, if some servers are being considered
for another merge (a new one) or not, should the population size be deemed satisfactory. Yes, it is something we are considering. Originally, we wanted to take advantage of
the RETRO server merge to review the entire server merge system, so to work on both systems,
as there is some common code. In the end, because we need to progress
and address the DOFUS Retro server fusion, we chose to go ahead, without taking into
consideration the commonality between the systems,
for the time being. But, in the long run, it is indeed what we want: merge servers that are themselves
the product of a previous server merge. So, there’s a whole bunch of rules,such as
unique names, house and paddock ownership, etc, you know the usual restrictions, but yes, there are some servers
that we would like to be merged together. We would like to do it
but it isn’t for now as it will take some time. You started an interesting project
on the social aspect of the game, with possible communication between
different games, directly via the Launcher, which is something really cool. It has been a long time since players
have been asking for improvements
to the social side of AvA, for Alliances or Guilds. Are you planning to add new features, for example to better manage alliances and guilds, new ranks and new possibilities of play,
perhaps an AvA overhaul, that kind of thing? I will share the speaking time
and let Korri answer as he is working on this project. So yes, as mentioned during the Krosmonote, well, we have been talking about it for quite some time, progress on topics such as these ones
is quite important to us. On a game such as DOFUS,
the social aspect is very important. We want to continue improving it, of course. It is important to us and to you. We are studying different things. We are giving ourselves the time to do what is needed. It is a huge project that really isn’t easy. It is costly but not just in game design terms but
also in terms of development and so on because we really want to
make something significant for you guys; we don’t want to just give you 2 or 3 small changes. We will take the time to get things done and once we have new information to share
with you all on the subject, we will let you know. Funny story, I mean I find it funny myself, A few weeks ago, we held the first
few meetings on this particular project. The topic was “guilds and alliances”,
we spoke for about two hours, in the end, we didn’t have time to discuss
neither guilds nor alliances: we went through the entire
social aspect of the game, groups, etc… there are just so many topics and things
to review… but yes, it is a massive project. Many have asked if (for the Heroic Server)
we could go back to the 2.10 version (Angels/Demons). For a technical point of view, it would be quite difficult. It’s not as if we wouldn’t want to do it
or couldn’t do it, that’s not the issue. It would be super complicated to have
two simultaneous versions, when we already have Retro. And, as we want to work on
the AvA overhaul, among other things, we’re not going to run multiple systems in parallel. The Heroic server will benefit in the long run… – Yes, that is the objective.
– Exactly. So that it is compatible for both. Which is something that
we got reprimanded for, as we were releasing updates that
weren’t necessarily compatible with the Heroic server so now it’ about keeping
all this different elements in mind. – These projects, this one in particular, that take months.
– Yes, it is very time consuming.
– Ok. The idea is to have a robust HS,
and then the whole system be it social and what now, will eventually accompany it all. – OK.
– But yeah, it involves game design, development – be it client or server-,
anyway it really is a lot of work.
In involves the whole game mechanics. Are you planning to make changes
to the League system, or, more broadly, to the Kolossium, which is one of the activities
PvP players do and like the most. Are you happy with the Kolossium system
as it is at the moment? We heard a little about it during the Krosmonote.
Could you give us more details on this subject?
Are you happy with the Kolossium system
as it is at the moment? We heard a little about it during the Krosmonote.
Could you give us more details on this subject? For tomorrow’s update, there won’t be
any changes, just so that we are clear. But no, the current state of
the Kolossium system doesn’t suit us. Logan addressed this topic at the end of last year: we are still working on it, as there is
indeed a problem on the current season, but it would require a lot of time to
analyse and identify all the system’s issues. and even after they are identified,
we need to find the right solutions. It is not enough to say,
“Oh, there’s a problem. It needs to be fixed”. It needs to be fixed properly because
if it is to fix it in a way that creates new problems that will simply replace
the original issues, it is pointless. But yes, it is a work in progress, we are on it, making improvements
because in its current state doesn’t work for anyone. – OK.
– To give you more details, there are two aspects: the league progression, which includes all that is related to
mathematical formulas linked to
different criteria, like defeats, mechanics, such as chain losses in order to progress more easily, the simultaneous management of
league points and rating calculations, and the matchmaking aspect, which is also…
Which is a different aspect. – Yes, they really are two separate aspects.
-Yeah. The matchmaking server checks other servers
in search of opponents that meet certain criteria, and expands on these criteria
as the waiting time period grows. There are also some imperfections on this
that we wish to correct and improve. These two aspects are really
two different building blocks of the system. We would really like to be ready
for the next Kolossium season. We hesitated to launch a new Kolossium
season alongside the latest patch because we weren’t happy with it but we thought, “for those who enjoy Kolossium,
we won’t deprive them of it” but our goal is to have the
kolossium changes for the next season. So, are you planning to change the league system? I know some people say
it isn’t punitive enough or that kind of thing, that we can’t really come back down,
that it is too easy to access the Legend rank, etc, so are you planning some changes to the Leagues? Yes, that is precisely it. It is the entire calculation and the progression system. What we did in fact, we have
a department in Ankama dedicated to data, and we took all the data from the previous season and are studying the progress of certain players and comparing them to
established profiles to see what happened, why and how they got to that point, etc.
It’s statistics … it’s pretty hairy. Is it possible to report somebody on DOFUS? Is there a more detailed moderation
concept planned for this, or for that matter, some moderation recruitment for it? To address your question regarding reporting, we have discussed this subject
internally on several occasions. We also looked at what our competitors are doing, there are plenty of games that offer this option. Honestly, we didn’t find anything that was good enough to date. If it is to have toxic reports that will only serve to make
the work of moderators more difficult, I am not certain it would be a good solution. No, especially if we allow… well, if we have to deal with toxic reports, we would need an army of moderators and perhaps even just as many people
on our end just to be able to manage them. Have you planned to review
old equipment that is now obsolete? Equipment items, for example, that existed ever since DOFUS 1,
whose statistics haven’t been changed. Do you plan to review and improve them or not at all? This is something that, in time,we would like to work on, but it is not part of our short-term
nor medium-term objectives. But yes, there are indeed items that didn’t age well, as simply as that, but this isn’t
part of our agenda, unfortunately. It is normal that a game evolves, but…
Yeah, the equipment items haven’t aged well… There are many players, we mainly saw this
on DOFUS Retro, that love rare drops. You have started to implement cosmetic items and some resources, such as the Paragon of Power,
in quests, etc, adding rare drops. Do you wish to continue in that direction? Will we see other resources as rare drops, why not DOFUS, something else on it? Yes, rare drops are something
we are slowly bringing back into the game. We started with ceremonial items e also tested things out across the game, then we tested rare drops that are specific to a dungeon boss, such as the Torvil ceremonial petsmount dropped by Turtelonia, but we said it wouldn’t be unthinkable to add to the drop rate but we have nothing planned for now. I don’t have an answer to give you saying,
“Yes, next week we are adding another item” . but yes, one day we will most likely do it.
I don’t have an answer to give you saying,
“Yes, next week we are adding another item” . but yes, one day we will most likely do it. For certain players this is
the kind of goal that is quite appealing, but the idea isn’t to change like
a weathervane regarding what
we did around the Vulbis quest, where we took a drop item
and made a questline around it. Now we are talking about specific items. You have spoken about changes
brought to the Sacrier class, Osamodas was also redone, there was a tremendous amount
of work done to class balancing but players are asking if more changes are to come. Will it be soon? Or not?
Are you happy with the Sacrier class and its recent overhaul? Will you go back to discussing class balancing with players?
How will you prepare the groundwork this year for it? Regarding Osamodas and Sacriers,
as we mentioned almost one year ago, the goal was to have overhauls,
or class balancing, more often and with longer follow-up periods of time, which is what happened with both
the Osamodas and Sacrier classes
as it’s been a while that we are working on it. The Sacrier class, not tomorrow,
but most likely for the next update, will undergo some adjustments. [Crocus] has posted on the forums, about a
week or two ago, to restart the conversation. You know, following the end of year,
December, start of a new year, etc, it was to remind everyone that the work is still in progress, and on top of it, there are 16 other classes waiting. Of course, the urgency varies depending on the class, but we are aware that some
have been more neglected than others. This year we will continue the initiative with other classes. This relates to players who have been playing for a very long time
and have pretty much done everything on DOFUS. is it possible to add content that is, say.. “easy”, in a way? such as PvP achievements, Infinite Dreams’ achievements,
anomalies achievements, perhaps be able to do something else for the anomalies, daily quests, etc, or this is the kind of thing that has been asked for? There is a paradox in the question. If we are to do easy things for pro players… – Well…
– No, no. I said “easy” in the sense that…
players themselves wouldn’t consider it very difficult to develop, that doesn’t require much time…
– Ok, I misunderstood then.
– I just want to add something: as an example, adding a Kolossium achievement
wouldn’t require much development time. Ok, no worries. I misunderstood your question. It’s on me. And behind that, content can be added for players,
or even a daily quest that could bring people back, where spend time on it, new objectives, etc…
and eventually have them come back to the game and carry on. Ok, I understand the question better. In that case, regarding the Kolossium and
Infinite Dreams, for example, and I will take the Kolossium as that was a question
that was already asked several times about
implementing its achievements: there are many problems. One of the problems is the type of achievement we will implement, as it might influence how fights turn out. For example, if one completed an achievement and the other didn’t, the latter might play in a way others might find odd because he didn’t do the achievement. Then, if we are only talking about class performance or such things, we see it well enough with the current League and rating issue, as well as the problem of matchmaking we are facing, if we also had achievements, let’s be honest, it would be a great mess. Because now as we face problems with the matchmaking, where we see people with low rating highly ranked and others with high rating and very high-performance rates, yet lower ranked, it is odd. An achievement system on top of this wouldn’t work at all: People would complain “these achievements are too easy”, etc, “these achievements are pointless, you’d need to pick the OP class of the moment”, or “if you manipulate the system, you can easily do such and such achievements”, so it is tricky for us. There is always the issue of agreements that can come up one way or another,
as it is only managed and taking place between players. All this to say that, for kolossium achievements, it is very difficult to implement. Mind you, this was one of the first things we wanted to do
once we had both the Achievements the Kolossium system! and we thought “Awesome, we’ll be able to put lots of achievements on it!”
-We even thought about integrating some.
Yes, exactly. but for the reasons mentioned and many others discussed
during meetings, we realized it wasn’t a good idea. Regarding the infinite dreams, the same thing: we would need the system to stabilized because, for example, we had a first and second version, Had we implemented achievements on the first version, what of the achievements upon the release of the second version of the Infinite Dreams? Would we delete the old ones and replace them with new ones? What would have happened? So, all this makes it complicated. We are not ruling out implementing some, but we first need a more robust, tried and tested system
that what it current is. Then we can find
the right achievements to add on top of it. Information on the merge of DOFUS Retro servers is something the community is eagerly waiting for.
People want to know if the servers will be merged, and when. When will it all come, the paddocks, the houses, merchant mode.
Is the game missing those? People are wondering… They’re right. Yes, we are still working it.
I know it’s my default answer and everyone will think, “He’s making fun of us”. In terms of development, the server merge is being prepared. and we have decided how to distribute the servers, something that was very laborious. Be aware that there are International communities on Retro, as well as communities of players based on other affinities, and it was challenging to find a way to group everyone together. We are going to stretch the Retro servers further, beyond their limit. In terms of the numbers of simultaneous players online. Exactly. Off the top of my head, we’re increasing the population by 12%. The idea is to merge all DOFUS Retro servers down to 4 servers:
three will be mainly French servers, and one that will be an International server. I will let you guess which servers will be merged together. Normally, everybody will be on 4 servers. A name changing service will be made available to you, as we want to address this aspect that
not only is missing but was also requested by many players. – Does this answer your question?
– Yes, of course! – I don’t have a date to give you right now.
– That was going to be my next question. We are still aiming for the start of the year.
February is still the start of the year for us. We’re still at the start of the year. Yeah, of course. We’re talking weeks. Ah ok, so it’s fast approaching. We still have a lot of testing to do but
we want to move forward too, obviously. We have other things to work on that come next. Linked to the server merge,
there will be the sale of paddocks and houses, including the Lake Palace, where you announced that an event will take place. Was moderation taken into account for this? How will you put the paddocks and houses for sale,
considering the purchasing bots? We do not have all the answers to those questions. – We don’t want to reveal the details of the event now.
– No, I won’t reveal much now, but purchase bots are definitely something that annoys us. We will talk about it when the time comes but we will ensure that the houses, especially the Lake Palace, can be purchased by actual players. We haven’t spoken about it, but we will soon. I’m not going to lie: there won’t be an infallible system in place. I think we had a look at each server:
there are several thousand houses and
we can’t check if an actual player will own each one. Especially on four server. We don’t rule out the possibility of having key houses, like houses on zaap maps or that kind of highly sought-after property, as prizes to be won during events. We’re not going to give more info as I don’t want players to prepare, as it could be a harmful advantage. As such, we will keep this surprise for a little longer, but it will come… – I mean, as soon as the server merge takes place…
– Yes, that will be the right time. With the anti-lag system, do you expect to integrate it eventually?
Many people are asking this question. Like the removal of animations to make the game lighter.
Are there any ideas on this? On animations, we have been quite clear in the past
on the fact that we do not want to remove them. On one side, some like them. Sure, there are all those against that will express themselves
saying, “I don’t want animations” but there are players that play with them. And, as we are on a game that goes from client to server, we already saw it during moderation: I can tell you that
when a player opts for no animations, it is self-evident on the mod side. We don’t all experience fights at the same speed, meaning a player is still in a fight in another person’s client when,
in reality, he is not even on anymore. We do not wish for that kind of experience, and we want equal terms for everyone. We have a game with animations and spell effects, etc… and it’s part of the game. On the other hand, anti-lag is a different topic.
That is something we would like to dig into. Absolutely. OK. So, Anti-lag: long term. No Animation removal. – No.
– And there will always be updates to ensure
the game remains smooths and without bugs. Something you will continue to work on. Do we have news on DOFUS Remastered.? Is our friend Dusk still working on it?
How is it all going? Yes. He is driven!
He is comeback over next week. We speak daily. Remaster is progressing well, and I even wanna tell you that
it is nearly done and it shouldn’t take much longer. Ok, so the Infinite Dreams experience… there were two problems. There were.. so, one problem was fixed, how do you call it… Following the December update, there was a “degressive” XP problem: at first the XP grew and then, after reaching a certain point, the XP kept decreasing. The higher the floor we were on, the lower the XP we were getting. So, this was corrected a few weeks back. After that, another problem arose but it wasn’t a new one per se, which was the disproportionate experience on very high ID floors This is not something we want for the game. The XP rewards were abnormal, it didn’t work as expected and gave rewards were too big and, above all, completely disproportional when considering the tone of fights and gameplay and such things,
and in relation to people playing outside of Infinite dreams. The difficulty is not the same, we agree, but just because the difficulty isn’t the same,
it doesn’t mean that the investment is that different and here, the quantities were enormous. there were insane multipliers so we wanted to correct this, which we did recently. This means that there is no more degressive XP, which is great, and the XP continues to increase with the ID floors. But it increases slowly, not disproportionally and exponentially like before. It was, we can say, an in-game “anomaly”, it wasn’t normal, once again, for there to be so much XP being generated in such a short time. Yes, the Infinite Dreams is an investment, but they already offer rewards on different things. Then certainly somebody will tell me “yeah but above floor 400…”. Yes, the goal of the floor 400, well…, above floor 400, the goal is more…
well, it is here more for people who want a challenge rather than a reward. Also, the Infinite Dreams system is not there for me an XP machine, you know. Yes, it grants rewards, but they weren’t balanced in relation to the challenge presented and isn’t here just for that, it is here mainly to provide you with a challenge. In all honesty, we’ve reviewed it 3 times, if memory serves. We are not rejecting the possibility to revisit it again. The changes arrived about a month ago. We are studying the situation and seeing if we need to intervene. It’s like everything, we need to give time for things to fall into place. I haven’t looked at the ladder this week but not everybody reaches floors 1000+, not everybody reaches the floors above 400, we also have the silent majority that doesn’t express their opinions. Also, globally, since the December update, the participation curve is clearly superior, and by “clearly”, I am not talking about a 1% difference. It is unmistakenly superior and also regular and stable. Globally, the current Infinite dreams are played a lot more than the previous Infinite Dreams version. Then, yes, it is sad that not everyone is entirely satisfied with the new system, but globally the Infinite Dreams are much better since December. – Then other players are bringing up, for example, the ornament, how it is unattainable.
-Yes, I see it. For me, putting aside whether it is true or not,
I would like to point out that the game evolves over months and if we got back 6 months in time, or even a year,
I don’t think anybody expected to see themselves so high up in the XP ladder. – No.
Which means that the game continually evolves and,
what might seem to you as unattainable today, might still be as such in several months. – When we integrate something into the game, we don’t want everyone to have it in a week,
including the most exceptional in-game farmers.
-Yes, exactly. I am not saying, you know, some player did some calculations
and it would take them several years and what not.. One day… – One day, maybe somebody will obtain it and will be able to walk around showing it off.
– And maybe something will happen that will make it that we will obtain it But just because something seems unattainable today,
and that was the case on many many game elements, in fact … When we look at the XP ladder, when I see what happened over the last six months,
it has nothing to do with what we had before. Yes, we just need to look at, at the time I recall it was the Vortex duo,
which, for a very long time, everyone said it was impossible to do, and the day it was done, it showed that it wasn’t as impossible as that. And if we look now at how many people have completed the Vortex duo achievement
and compare it to what the numbers were three months after its release, where people claimed “Oh but it’s impossible!”, we have come a long way. Dungeon fights upon release might seem quite tricky, and afterwards…
We can use the Ebony DOFUS as an example. When we released it, everyone thought it was crap.
When we revealed, I remember it was you and me in this very room, and everyone said it was terrible. Nowadays, everyone asks… Everyone asks us to nerf it. The game evolves, it’s normal. I don’t mean to come across arrogantly, as in “we are right”, quite the opposite:
what we do is also based on your feedback, but we need to give time for the game to evolve and
we analyze situations based on what takes place in-game. – Let’s get back to Remastered!
– Yes. Release: February. – Ok!
– Like I was saying before this little Infinite Dreams intermission, it is nearly done
and the idea is to release in February. – So we will release it this month.
– It will be in-game in a few weeks. Once again, it will be an option.
Like an asset pack that we re-download. Exactly. From the Ankama Launcher, you will be able to choose whether
you want to play the Remastered or the classic version. And then, free choice, you can go back and forth between versions without a problem. – What is Remastered, as not everyone knows?
– No, you are right. Indeed, it wasn’t clear. So, DOFUS Remastered is a client modification that
was proposed by Dusk, a member of the French community, where he updates DOFUS Retro (originally 1.29) graphic assets. He originally called it “DOFUS HD” which evolved into “DOFUS Remastered”. He updates assets, “re-vectorizes” certain game elements; for example, he colourized the spell bar. He went to the minute detail on animations,
transitioning the game to 40 fps. We wanted to give you a demo but we had a small technical issue just before the live, or else we would have played on Remastered to show it to you. But it is progressing very well, and there are many other things
but we want to keep a few surprises for the release. Dusk joined us during a previous live but he is now quite busy. We added more to Remastered than what was originally proposed: sounds, assets, and as we provided him with everything that he needed, and the result is quite cool, it’s beautiful, it flows wells…
it makes you want to play DOFUS Retro. Aside from Remastered, what do you have planned for DOFUS Retro?
Do you foresee future updates for it? This criticism is frequent, but it’s okay because
it allows me to touch on a particular point. Many players ask us,“Why aren’t you releasing this?”, or
“What aren’t you releasing the content from back then?”, etc, We do not want to reactivate everything in one go because,
as I mentioned on a forum post last week, if the DOFUS Retro experience is to be frozen in time, strictly speaking,
it means we won’t integrate new content. We need to pace the content releases or else there will be nothing to do on RETRO in six months.
This is not what we want. Elements will be added bit by bit, and we will study what we could do next but it will predominantly be ergonomic and interface changes, debugging, etc. To improve the gaming experience of the player. Exactly. Last week, we released version 1.31 and now we are looking into the 1.32 version. – Which is not for now.
– No, it won’t be for now. We are also looking into server updates,
something that won’t be noticeable to you, since they aren’t client updates. Are you planning some community events in the next few months? Are you planning to implement in-game events or collection items? Things linked to these events, like Kwismas Island that was released,
Ah Howin. Did you plan more content? Yes. No later than – Correct me if I am wrong – this week,
we will see the return of the St Ballotwine event on DOFUS Retro. – Who makes a big comeback.
– Oh, so it’ll happen soon! – Sorry?
– It’ll happen soon! Indeed, it’ll happen soon.
A piece of news will be published this week. It is the return of the event. I was speaking with about it this morning, I was told
some were still selling collector’s item versions of the 2012 version of the monster, if I am not mistaken, about the year. Some kept variants of monsters. But yes, the event is coming back.
It is one example, but we do wish to bring Community events back. However, there won’t be any new events. – There won’t be new events, such as seasonal ones.
– Yes,exactly. But community events or in-game events (entertainment), yes we will have new ones. Last DOFUS Retro question:
Do you intend to include a Kama Exchange on DOFUS Retro? It was discussed internally, but no Kama Exchange for now. No KE. Ok. There are no plans for a Kama Exchange on DOFUS Retro.
We should be content with the Kama Exchange on 2.0. The Cania Bandits quest will also be changed? Alden, you made some changes not long ago..? There you go, the quest was modified
where only the players with the quest can drop the fragments, I think. Yes, we made a change not long ago. We are keeping an eye on it. We are trying to understand better what is going on. We have several options, improvements but we also want to give it time to see how this recent change can improve things and subsequently determine if we intervene again on not. We’re keeping an eye on the Cania Bandits’ story. I see a question, among many others, that was already asked.
There is one asking if you are looking for an assistant. And I think I know who it is because he makes videos on the DOFUS lore. One is always in need of an assistant, why not?! – Bots and Moderation, to wrap up the Retro topic.
– Ah, ok. We prepared an army of anti-bot measures. I mentioned earlier server-side updates,
this is what we are deploying. – It should, I hope, let me touch… change
– That’s not wood. It should be a game-changer on Retro. We went all out on this, including for moderators. We gave them an improved toolbox and it really should make a difference. This is going so fast.
“Will you deploy a ladder on DOFUS Retro”?
No. We won’t make any comments regarding DOFUS Unity for several months.
We are working on it, but we have nothing specific to share on the matter. – “Who mergers with who on DOFUS Retro?”
This will be communicated at the desired time.
– Yes. -We do not want there to be…
– Preparation.
– Indeed. – Yes, we lived through this before, and this is not something we want.
– Definitely. People were wondering if there were plans to make changes to Servitude’s dungeon.
Shackles of Tyranny. – Ah, on the Duo achievement?
– Yes, indeed.
– We don’t have any plans for now. Like I said earlier, this is the kind of topic that
we see on the forums every few weeks. The first few days, people post that it is impossible,
then we get posts from other players, who either shared their strategy or different team combos. It is normal for some game objectives not to be easily attainable. They are not impossible, despite what people might think. If we realize that, months later, nobody can complete it, we will intervene. we will then intervene. We had people who succeeded, and they didn’t have unique combos;
in fact, they were diverse combos so …
we will then intervene. We had people who succeeded, and they didn’t have unique combos;
in fact, they were diverse combos so … to say it is impossible or only doable with a particular team… – With just one of two classes…
– … class, or particular combo, or only one type of strategy… – Because it isn’t the case.
-No. – Thank you all, thank you Humility, thank you to your community.
– My pleasure!
– Thank you to the chat. – Hoping for a repeat of this kind of exercise.
– Definitely. – Then, good afternoon.
– Good afternoon and thank you very much
– Thank you for the invite.
-Have a nice day. – Good evening, I’d say!

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