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About the Author: Sam Caldwell


  1. Very interesting project and video, will you be following this up with a video of it in "action"? Would be nice to see how well in works on a trip.

  2. Thank you so much for all your build documentation! It's so useful to see all the methods you use for contstruction and inspiring to your designs come to life.

  3. I actually like that design. Maybe I need to learn to use blender over the winter as it would be nice to have a lighter tent.

  4. Great video. Thanks for sharing.

    You use 3M double tape to join the fabrics, do have any issue with that (durability,waterproofness, etc)? Is it work for other fabrics? lets say with nylon pu coating.

  5. Fantastic work!!! Particularly impressed that you’ve made your own design instead of reproducing what’s already available. Awesome!!!
    Kinda east regards
    Wales, UK

  6. Very cool and unique. I've noticed that the floor seems to be a little bit too low at the door. If you're camping in heavy rain, this might be a problem.

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