Donating $10,000 to Animal Shelter but only 10 Minutes to Spend Challenge

Donating $10,000 to Animal Shelter but only 10 Minutes to Spend Challenge

(rock music) – Okay, look at it. Check this out, they’re lined up. I have a surprise for all of you guys. All of Marley’s Mutts. Does anyone wanna take a
guess at what we’re doing? – Group therapy? (laughter) Jazzercise? – Jazzercise. – A little CrossFit this morning? – Yeah, really close guesses. – I’m Zach Skow, I’m the
founder of Marley’s Mutts. (techno music) – I’m Angela Adan and
I am the Ranch Manager over at Marley’s Mutts. (techno music) – My name’s Joel Rockey. I am the drool sergeant
here at Camp Golden Years at the Marley’s Mutts Ranch and I take care of old dogs like Emma. (techno music) – So we’re gonna grab a couple
dogs and let’s go do this. If you had to guess… What do you think we’re doing? – I have zero idea. I mean, are we getting Happy Meals? (laugh) – I feel like we’re going to a party. (techno music) – Well, if Rocky planned
this, it’s gonna be fun. It’s Rocky so, yeah. (techno music) – [Rocky] Here we are. So now you know we’re at Tractor Supply. Any guesses what we’re
doing at Tractor Supply? – [Zach] A shopping spree? (winner bell) – Yes, yes. – I tried pull something together that I thought would be fun and so what I thought is that you guys could go on a shopping spree and we’ve got $10,000 right here. (phrase echos) $10,000 right here
– Shut up. Holy what? Holy what? Holy what? – Okay, but.
– Is that real money? – [Rocky] Yeah it’s real
like, look I’ve got hundey – [Camera Man] No way. – [Rocky] It’s actually really hard to get 10,000 bills from the bank. There’s a catch though. You have 10 minutes to spend $10,000. We thought about this. We’re going to be nice. So, you’re going to get 10 minutes. Cause you are on the
Ranch day in and day out. So you’re going to know some
things you need on the Ranch. You’re going to get 10 minutes cause you need the Senior
Center to look nice. You’ve got things you
need for the senior mutts. – Yup. – [Zach] Just keep him out
of the Carhartt section cause we know he’s going
to buy a bunch of jackets. – And then you get 10 minutes. Go in whatever order. – Okay. – You’re going to get 30 seconds to huddle before each person goes. We’re going to pull everything
up to one of the registers, so if you end up spending four grand and you only have, you know, 10. – [Zach] Is this with tax? Non profitable organization, so we should not have tax.
– We can do it without tax. We could see if we could get
discounts or sales on things. – Cause in California that’s like 23%. – Everyone make sure
they comment down below. Let us know what you think
they’re actually going to get. But, I thought this would
be really interesting cause you think dog rescues are
only dog food and dog treats but they need a lot,
so comment down below. Hit that thumbs up button
if you are having fun and you love Marley’s
Mutts as much as I do. – Like, comment, subscribe
– Yeah. Yeah. – Give us some energy (energetic rock music) – Alright hold on, I want
to interrupt for one second before we launch this shopping spree. Because I wanna talk to you about where the $10,000 came from
to donate to the dog rescue. You know, as a YouTuber, there
are a couple different ways you can make money: Ad revenue, but for me personally my channel is still growing
so that’s still fairly small. Sponsors, but that can be inconsistent. But recently, YouTube launched a program where you can join a creators channel. When I heard about this, I thought – Oh man, this is cool. It’s a perfect opportunity
to have you guys along. You often ask me how you can help and what I love about this, what I really love about this is now when you join and you
become a monthly member you’re just as much a part
of this donation that’s happening to Marley’s Mutts as I am. And I feel like there are
enough of you out there that also want to be a part
of this that I believe giving will come back tenfold. So this is officially the launch of memberships on my channel. You can join by hitting the
Join button next to Subscribe. I also put the link
down in the description and in the comment. Oh, and the cool thing about
it too, is there are benefits. You get access to members only posts. I’ll do live videos and I’m going to work to offset the costs so
it’s essentially free. I’m going to give a $4.99 monthly discount to my company The Dog Bakery and I’m also going to
give a discount on merch like this tee shirt right
here which by the way I love. I used to have to ask every
body walking down the street if I could pet their dog. Not anymore. It’s also a really soft,
comfortable tee shirt. I’m super picky about my tee shirts. Okay, don’t wait. Sign up now. Click that Join button. Click that link. Pick up one of these tee shirts and part of that’s going to help so we can make more videos like this. I’m so excited. I can’t wait to do more of these videos and I can’t wait for you to
be a part of this family. Okay, let’s get back to the
shopping spree challenge. So here’s what we are going to do. Tractor Supply Company has reserved this register for us right here. Each one of you is
going to get 10 minutes. – Alright. – Who wants to go first? – I think we vote Joel, first. – [Rocky] Okay Joel, you’re going first. Now here’s the plan. You have 10 minutes.
– Don’t mess it up. – You have to bring everything back up to that register in 10 minutes. – What if it’s too heavy
for just me to carry? – Then, yeah, you can – Get the tag? – You can get the tag
and we’ll get you a cart. You got 30 seconds to huddle, you ready? Go. – Okay guys, what do we need? – Very honestly… – We got 30 seconds. (clock ticking) (talking distinctly) – [Rocky] Alright that’s
the timer, and go. Okay, Joel’s off. – [Joel] We need a Carhartt sample. (fast paced piano music) – Do you have a power tool set? Think of all the items that
we normally don’t get donated. – [Zach] Yeah, that people
wouldn’t know about. – Yeah absolutely. Pick up those garbage cans.
– Got ’em. – You guys have anymore igloos? – I think I have a couple more. – [Joel] Can we get those? (talking indistinctly) – [Rocky] Okay, start
ringing this stuff up? – Yes we can. – We have five of these. (product scan beep) – It’s harder than you think. – Takes some real, mental strength – Oh for sure. – Okay, and that is 10 minutes. Woo, first one down. I think you did good. I think you started it off right. Zach– – Zach, can you please come
to the front of the store to the register? Zach, can you please come
to the front of the store? – Tractor Supply is giving
him coupons for 10% off to help out Marley’s Mutts which is awesome. Tractor Supply has always been
really helpful for rescues and it’s awesome, yeah. Okay, so what’s our total? – After the tax exemption
you’re at $723.95. – One, I want to say good work – Alright. – But two, I want to say not good enough. – I know. – I mean $734. – You’re good enough; you’re strong enough and gosh darn it we all love you. – You can say that, but
you guys now have to spend nine thousand and something dollars. Mike’s the finance guy.
– Yeah yeah yeah. – And so does it often feel
like this where it’s like in your hand and out the next? – It does yeah. As director of operations, I
just watch money go in and out. (fun upbeat music) – [Rocky] Do you have a strategy? – Yeah. – What’s your strategy? – Um, I’d have Um, I’d have Um, I’d have – So your strategy is to slay? – Yeah. – No time for joking. You ready? You see that 10 minute mark?
– Yeah I see it. – That’s 10 minutes right there. Here we go. You ready? Go. You’re super calm cool and collected. (upbeat music) – Three of those. – [Rocky] You are so lucky you have time. – Twenty of these. Two of these salt licks. Five bags of this. (scanner beeps) – We have three minutes
and 47 seconds left. – I need eight of these. Tom, I need two of these. No, we don’t need the roof unit. If you want to throw it
in, that would be amazing cause it’s been out here for a while or if you want to give it to
us discounted, we’ll take it. – I love his negotiating. – And then we need…one of these. Pocket Wheelbarrow with the big wheels and one of these. – [Rocky] One. How much do you think you spent? – Four grand? – On the button? – Yeah. Okay, they’re totalling it up right now. Zach spent, he thinks,
about four thousand dollars. We’re going to find out. Joel spent $800. But no matter what, that’s going to leave the majority on Angela. She’s a little nervous. I mean, she’s amazing, but
that’s a huge responsibility. – [Cashier] $4,906.48 – [Zach] That’s about as close as it gets. – I mean that was close. Do you realize the pressure right now that is on your shoulders? – Oh yeah. – The two guys could only
get to five thousand. You have five thousand still to spend. (talking indistinctly) – [Rocky] Three, two, one. Okay break the huddle. We are starting the 10 minute timer. Are you ready? – I’m ready.
– She was born ready. – Angela, here you go. Go. – [Joel] Come on Angela, pick it up. Pick it up. – Okay, I got a plan. – What’s the strategy? Oh, you know right where you are going. – If I’m at Tractor Supply, I
gotta outfit myself properly – [Rocky] Okay. – So, we’re going to get…some of these. Hold that. What do you think? Ranch material? I gotta look like a
ranch hand on the Ranch. Joel’s size, let me get some Glen size. Throw those in too, Mike needs a pair. Alright, are you ready? – [Rocky] Can we get? – Let’s go. – [Rocky} We’re in our overalls. Let’s go. – You know right where you’re going. It’s like you’re moving
slow, but with purpose. – Alright, gotta bring this
up to the register guys. Watch out Rocky. (talking indistinctly) Glen needs a pair of work boots. Glen works really hard at the Ranch so Glen deserves a new pair of boots. – [Rocky] Ring this up. Alright let’s ring these up
and see what our total is. I gotta tell you, I’ll take
these off since they are Joel’s. I gotta tell you, she’s
ringing this stuff up. I’m a little worried because, I mean, you’re calm cool and collected, but this isn’t that much stuff. – Oh I know. – And you only have
like, three minutes left. – Oh I know. – Okay. – $5,261.43 – [Rocky] Okay let me see
how much time we have. Okay you have one minute and 30 seconds. Do you wanna go grab one more thing? Do you know what you want?
– Yeah – Okay go get it. – Okay. – Okay. – Angela’s only got like a minute left. She said she knew what she was doing. She took off outside. – And she stole the money. – She has the money. So let’s go meet her outside. – I’d give her the money if she asks. – Let’s do it.
– Okay alright, let’s do it. (rock music) (laughter) – That’s perfect. – How much is it? How much is it? (laughter) (rock music) – You had your eye on this. – Of course, from the moment we walked in. – Okay we’re going to go total it up. – Emma’s been really, really patient. I can tell, she’s been eye balling us whenever we go by the treat aisle so. Oh is that good? You licking your lips? Okay you can’t have that whole thing. I’m going to break off
a little piece here. But it’s healthy. It’s chicken and sweet potato. Good girl. – Alright and your final
total is $10,000 exactly. – Yes, alright we did it. (clapping) I can’t believe it. They did it. Let me see that money. Okay. Alright. Lets pay up. You take bills? – Oh yeah, we take cash here, I believe. We might take some cash. (talking indistinctly) (techno music) – [Rocky] Did you think that
that’s what it was going to be? Did you have any guess? – No, not even a little bit. Absolutely no idea. It’s incredibly cool and
I love the whole process. To have the team here and
watch Angela do her thing, it’s just rad. It’s just really, really, really rad. – [Rocky] We love you buddy. – This is King and he’s
about nine years old and he’s actually our
longest resident here now. In March he’ll have been here for a year. – Okay, so here’s what
I need every body to do. If you love this video and you’ve fallen in
love with Marley’s Mutts. I need you to share this because the more people
that see this video, the more likely we are to
find King a forever home. – [Angela] Yes. – And very important, don’t
forget to subscribe, right? – Right, subscribe guys. – [Zach] Come on guys. Get your act together
and subscribe, come on. – What are you waiting on?

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  1. king needs a home so people should adopt him ,and if your not because he's disabled then who are you he's disabled but that doesn't mean he's not a awesome dog he can still be playful,cudly,soft,cute ,and an awesome dog same with Freddy mercury.

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