whats upp Gold: WOO-AHHH!! AHHHHHHHHHH NOOOOO Lunar:HAHAAHAHA [Music playing] Funneh: Welcome back to the channel guys, today we are playing “Flee the Facility”.. .. Once again and we are back because there is a new map.. whos on the same thing we discussed mr Guss its a hr+ just to get a bus able to and gased up for the jern huh big stan wtf has it been 2 yrs already and what NOW? plan B you got to get back to running it and stoping the falling out son its time and times like this that remind you ur dutys ur psychics main dictionary to hows it a simulairity and how its a trip to call it out(woop woop) .. and there is a new computer to hack! Draco: Now we’re fleeing an abandoned prison.. Rainbow: Now we’re hacking, Rainbow: Just a normal day being the beast.. Funneh: Come hack, wait is someone.. Oh, Rainbow’s the beast this time.. We’re using our hacking skills and I think we’re in prison- oh snap.. Lunar: FuNnEh, WhY aRe yOu FaiLing?! Funneh: I’m sorry, I’m talking.. I need to concentrate on hacking.. this.. computer! Come on.. faster, faster! Gold: Draco, Behind us, behind us.. RUN! Funneh: Come on, come on, come on! Lunar, Lunar.. we’re ready? Lunar: Yeah, i’m ready. Rainbow: Nice pink shoes, Gold.. but I’m gonna go get Draco first! Lunar: RuUnnN! Funneh: I forgot to crawl! Lunar: Uh, shift, Remember! Shift, Funneh.. Shift. Draco: No.. Funneh: Oh no, this place is so creepy now! Lunar: I wonder where Rainbow is.. Lunar: What? Funneh: You need to watch my back.. just in case Rainbow pops out of nowhere and murders us. Lunar: I will watch your back Funneh.. Funneh: Did you see that?! Lunar:Oh my God ! Someone got attacked.. Who is that? Funneh: Draco? Gold: I think it was Draco.. Draco: Help me! Funneh: Are you okay..? Draco: I’m- I’m just laying here.. Oh, I’m fine, Okay, I’m gonna go.. Lunar: I think he’s bait, Funneh. Funneh: Where’s Gold? Draco: She left me! Funneh: I just saw her.. Okay.. Rainbow: Woah, this is a creepy facility.. Funneh: This is honestly really creepy , but cool. .. and we are hack.. oo, nice.. Lunar: Oh, that was fast.. Funneh: Honestly, this is gonna be pretty quick.. because Rainbow is a bad beast.. Rainbow: No, I can’t find you guys anywhere! Funneh: That’s good. Draco: Oh, yeah.. Funneh: Oh, yeah! .. Three more computers left! Okay, let’s open this facil- it’s so dark! Lunar: Yeah, it’s really dark in here.. Funneh: and creepy.. Draco: Oh, she’s behind us, She’s behind us! She’s coming! Rainbow: I’m bad, huh?! Lunar: Funneh, help me! Rainbow: Get back here, Funneh! I need to catch you, you’re the one who called me bad! Funneh: Oh, I lock myself in! .. Help! Rainbow: Now, freeze this little one first.. because she is a little.. Funneh: Noo! You guys, help me! .. Draco, Gold! Lunar: Come on, come on, Come on.. please! Funneh: Thanks, dude! Rainbow: Now, i’m going to trap- I see that draco! Draco: Run, Funneh! Gold: RUUUN!! Funneh: Lunar, are you still down? .. Okay, we got this- Oh no.. TURN AROUND, TURN AROUND! .. Turn a- Rainbow: Don’t think that you will run away from me, I can get you! I just saw you close the door on me.. Rainbow: Funneh, I can see you! You can’t crawl and trick me! Funneh: I did it again! Please, be friendly! I’m just a s-pleb! .. I’m a .. Please! Rainbow: Get in there.. .. And don’t anybody try to save Miss Lil’ Funneh over here.. Because i’m gonna WHACK you! Funneh: Rainbow, don’t you have a life or something like to go get other people.. Draco: Guys, it’ll be slower if Rainbow camps, just.. just.. Funneh: Just, don’t let her camp.. Draco: SHE SEES MY FEET! ..RUN, RUN FUNNEH RUN! RUN FUNNEH NO! FUNNEH RUN! Funneh: Draco- OW! Thank you for freeing me Draco- Draco just stay back there.. just stay back there.. Gold: AHHH!! Draco: Funneh, free! Free, Funneh! Free, Funneh! Funneh: Oh, Oh! NO! OW! GOLD! Rainbow: Get out of there, Draco. Funneh: Golds rod just helped you guys .. Ignore us, Draco got my back- Oh, oh. Rainbow: Take that you little plebs. Lunar: Draco was captured too?! Rainbow: Gold, I see you! Funneh: Come on, Rainbow you savage! .. Lunar just hack computers! Rainbow: Funneh, you get back here, you get back here, you get back here! Funneh: Run.. RUN.. RUN.. RUN.. RUN.. RUN!! .. My slowness is gonna kill me in this game.. .. Rainbow, do you know when you leave.. Someone else gets released? So, what’s the point of chasing me! Rainbow: I’m just gonna put you guys in these pods. Funneh: I’m just gonna freeze.. .. Okay, fine.. .. Lunar’s hacking the computers upstairs, by the way. Someone help me, someone help me, someone help me.. Funneh: Oh, thanks buddy! Draco: OW! Rainbow: Silly Draco.. .. Trying to save Funneh.. Funneh : Not today Gold ! Gold: Funeh !! funneh: guys i need help

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  3. Do the do not get captured callenge
    Do not get captured
    If you get captured,you lose
    Someone cant help you
    You haft to survive to win

  4. This mite sound weird…
    But when ever I'm sad/ very depressed I always watch your videos… I'm usually so sad/depressed were I fill like harming myself but to be honest you make my day and makes me laugh and especially when you try to make videos everyday 😂🤣 😂 thank you itsfunneh!!!

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