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  1. So let's get this straight, the TRUCK crashes into the car driver and tries to get away AKA HIT and RUN and the car driver tries to use his vehicle to stop him and gets charged with assault with a deadly weapon??? What the hell……

  2. How is he suppose to take a photo of the license plate if he's fleeing.

    How is it assault if he was trying to stop & keep someone who just conmitted a felony.

    How is that road rage.

  3. That’s y u have a phone and take a picture 🤦🏼‍♂️ Now u messed up have a police record maybe your insurance will drop u etc.

  4. That’s bull crap cause cops don’t do anything about hit and runs, they won’t even chase them down because it’s a danger to the public. When I got hit and run by another car and was on pursuit calling the police, they told me to pull over and talk to an officer even when I told them car description plates and direction traveling, I even have dash footage of what happened but when officer arrived they told me the law can’t prove who was driving and all they can do is mail a letter to suspect asking him to respond. Suspect never responded and had to fix the car myself…. so next time follow the suspect to his house and call the cops or better yet some homies at suspects house instead of letting them get away, thanks a lot CHP, I decided to quit my application process too because I lost public trust for you guys….

  5. Also on the same news they forgot to say most of Black people and Hispanic people dont have insurance in Van Nuys and North Hollywood so that makes it even harder to track people get money from them, BMW driver was driving a car worth over 80k the truck was less then 3k worth

  6. It really goes to show you that your REALLY can’t take matters into your own hands. It’s so frustrating that law abiding citizens suffer 😒😤

  7. Some people will make you kirk the freak out. It takes a whole lot of restraint to just let it go sometime.

  8. The BMW driver is clearly an idiot. Smashing his $100k car to purposely damage a $5000 junk truck. One thing is for sure, insurance won't pay for the damages seeing as he did it on purpose. Plus criminal conviction, jail time and legal costs, he completely screwed himself over.

  9. One day someone hit my car on the 10 fwy and he didn't stop i follow him while i call 911 the lady ask me if i was parked and i say no" i'm following him so the lady said you better stop now or i will send the police for you arrest thats road rage so i hang up ' eventually the other truck stop because it was a lots of traffic and we end up dealing with the issue he give me some money .

  10. Nope, I'm with the sedan on this one. That motherfkr in the truck shouldn't be on the road in the first place.

  11. The messed up thing about this is the driver of the bmw will not get his damages repaired through his insurance after they see this video.

  12. Truck guy – Sir, please use your blinker next time !!
    BMW guy – OH YEAAH ! This video is the aftermath.

  13. This is my uncle in the Ford, he is a hard working father of 3 he’s barely making , it’s disgusting how these Armenians driving there exotic cars can be so wreck less I been seeing more and more of these guys driving nice cars speeding and doing hit and runs is ashame

  14. The BMW driver is perfect example of not being educated and not going to school. His daddy should stop buying him
    expensive cars and spoiling him.
    The court system in this country is corrupt as it allows these uneducated misfits back on the street to continue their
    The corrupt judges and DA of the courts return them on the street to keep job security for the police officers and the courts. The justice system does not care anything about the victims and the citizens.

  15. I think the BMW driver's daddy paid off the police and the judges of the courts to keep his misfit kid out of jail.
    The best justiice for the bmw is to ram him hard with a large full size truck and destroy his car completely and injure him.

  16. The Laws of this country is run by the Mafia and corrupt officials. They may be relatives of many criminals working in the system to keep the misfits on the street.
    Murder in this country is a misdemeanor and is only a 10-20 year sentence with probation.

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