DYI Soft Shackle

DYI Soft Shackle

Here’s my soft shackle which comes in
at eight-and-a-half inches overall. length open. It’s, I think, 5/16″ dyneema
cordage and this eight and a half inch shackle started off as a piece of cord
that is um one, two, roughly 36 inches / 3 feet. I used YouTube instructions on how to
tired it, Um, you first just fold the line in half and with a fid you pierce one half and pushed the line through it
and then you take that one and you pierce the other one so you only pierce one here and the other one here so you’re not always entering the same line – not that it
matters much I’m sure doing this greatly weakens the cord over its natural
straight strength. Anyway you enter the middle and exit the middle and you tie a
lanyard knot, there are YouTube videos on how to do that and then I used
a hot knife to melt the end of it and sort of softening the sharp edges and that
fuses it together a little bit should prevent it from untying. The way this
works is that the slides open like this and allows you to put lanyard knot ball
through and then under tension its closes down adequately. I think the next
one I make I would pierce this a little closer so it grips the line a little
tighter, but I’m quite sure this is adequate for holding and I’m thinking
that this is probably a quite a bit stronger than steel shackle, um however that would have to be tested with it some kind of breaking load test. Makes a nice
little soft shackle very inexpensively.

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