EP. 3 – One day in a Syrian refugee camp (Sub ENG-ESP-ITA)

EP. 3  – One day in a Syrian refugee camp (Sub ENG-ESP-ITA)

If I would ask when was the happiest moment of your life probably the 95% of you would answer: when we were children We didn’t even know what “stress” meant. We managed to play with a simple stick But when you grow up you become cynical and all the fantasy you had when you were a child disappear and you can’t dream. Be happy becomes more difficult, more complicated. That’s why in my research of the happiness formula I have to include the children because at the end, I think they are the ones who have the real formula This desire of happiness is stronger in those children who suddenly lost it because of war that they cannot even understand; when you are a child you love everyone Compared to the other children they know clearly what happiness is because they experienced the opposite This is why I am in Beirut I am hosted by the Kayany Foundation that support syrian refugee kids giving them a future through the education I am so happy to be here because today I will meet them and I will ask them my 10 questions I am so curious to hear what they will say because the answer will be completely different from the grown up ME: Hi, nice to meet you!
LORY: nice to meet you too. Welcome to Lebanon. ME: Hi nice to meet you
LORY: He is Akman, our driver So, Where are we going? Now we are going to Bekaa, to our schools and we’ll do a visit to the camps as well. they are located right next to the schools Can you tell me in few words what Kayany Foundation does for these kids Yes sure! Kayany Foundation
is a Lebanese non-governmental organization we provide free education
to the Syrian refugee children in Lebanon We started in 2013 after the war that
happened in Syria and we had a lot of refugees here in Lebanon, especially in the Bekaa Valley where all of our schools are located and we started to build our first school in 2014 we have nine accredited schools which we
teach quality education our concept is to help them to graduate and to find opportunities and for future career for their own improvement,
for their professional career and life as well you provide everything for free
for this kids Yes, we provide: education, the most important thing and school kits: the bags, backpacks books, stationery we even provide them with food: one
meal per day, the “healthy meal” per day and everything is offered to them
through trainers and professional trained people How many students do you
have in the foundation? So far we have around 4500 Syrian refugees 4 thousand?!?!? Yes , Yes So, the first stop of today will be in the
refugee camps, right? Yes definitely. what should I expect? How
is that the condition? I mean they live in… So, it will be quite emotional
for you to see the kids most of the kids will be in schools for sure and some of the parents will be working mainly women will be at home, maybe
cooking and waiting for us because they already know that we’re going. I just sent a message that we are on our way, so they know that we’re going now to enter into the camps and get an idea so that you see how they
usually live here in the camps I didn’t expect it like that there is a person who is the manager of
the tents who onws the land He takes care of everything so we’re going to meet with him so that he give us the access so that we can enter and take photos ME: Shall I come with you?
LORY:Yes Good morning This is the guard Behind these mountains there is
the border so if you cross the mountains you arrive to Syria. So when the war started, Syrian people started to migrate and move here. It was their first place where they arrived So this is where they settled
and now they have this informal settlements where they live this is where the Kayany Foundation idea started We started to create schools
right next to the tents for these children so they started to go school and
get their education for free we have schools for the kids. Most of them they go to primary schools for example, now you see them in the morning and they are here because they go to the p.m. shift hello, how are you? can we enter? yes, you’re welcome They are very welcoming They are super welcoming, I didn’t expect it come in Hello! we’re here to take some photos and steal some ideas of how you’re living you are welcome this is the living room this is where you sleep as well right? This is where they also sleep How many people leave here? How many are you here? How many people live here? 12 people thank you so much So..they eat here, it’s everything
LORY:It their everything Livingroom, bedroom…everything do they have a toilet here inside? and where is the toilet? toilet? outside the house. It’s outside the house. So whenever they want to go to the toilet they just go outside it’s a public place for everyone!?
LORY: Yes and here we created a small kitchen Good morning Are you cooking? They are cooking rice Rice! Thank you! but do not forget us ever! support us a bit. What does it mean? Don’t forget us and keep supporting us Good morning Would you like to enter? Yes! can we enter to take a photo? you are most welcome thank you So, this is the room
where they sit and they sleep these are the couches that they use. Sometimes they put it on the floor to sit or to sleep They have a small bird as well how many people sleep here? 5 They have a small toilet here Ok, they have a sort of toilet this is the shower?! They use it to wash.. This is the water access they have Thank you! He is taking us to his mother and we can ask some questions to her Good morning She is saying that daddy is sleeping it’s ok never mind, we don’t want to bother you Good morning Good morning Here the roof is really low, I have to bend my knees Meanwhile all the kids are following me Absolutely! I don’t have any clue of what you said How many people live here? He likes to know how many people live here in this room we are 6 and how many kids, who are the parents? We live all together. and you are the mother? yes 6: four kids, the mother and the father How long have they been living here? Almost 2 years, like a year and a half You can see this, they
use it during summer I f you can feel it, outside is even hotter and here it’s cooler because they use this to protect themselves and during winter, they
also have materials to cover it so that they protect themselves
from the rain and snow Did they have to leave everything…. and you left everything you had there? yes, we had no other choice. The most important thing was to save our lives. They had no other choice they barely saved their lives so they
couldn’t take anything with them they left everything there. The most important was the kids to stay safe and leave the war Would she desire to go back to… he’s asking if you want to go back to your country, Syria Everybody wants that but if someone goes back, he’ll do it for a good cause and not for a worse… what can he do? at least here, we’re working and are able to manage ourselves. but whoever wants to go back, will he be back to the damage? so you prefer to stay here yes, we’re able to take care of our kids and they’re going to the school thank you thank you so much. We bothered you… not at all come again Their stories are really emotional and really sad but they’re really strong they always have this hope on their face even if they’re
living in a hard situation And as you can see they are very welcoming to
people who are interested and they want to know more about their life their stories. they’re always there to tell you more about themselves So that the you guys get
to know more about them and understand their lifestyle and see that they really
need your support and help and everything that can make them
happier yeah I feel like they are grateful that someone is keep telling these
stories. it’s like they are greatful that I am filmiing you’re giving some value
yeah Sometimes I feel they’re happier
than me because they always have this hope So when I look at them I see their
smiles on their faces, it makes me happy as well and when I see them going
to school and see that these kids that they are living such a life and at the
same time they’re going to schools it makes me really happy Now they’re running to the school Oh, they are happy to go to school? Happy?
KID: Happy! Me too I run when I had to go to school…but to the opposite way! … it’s a mixed school,
we have male and female the age to starts from 14 to 18 to 20 years old we will be meeting with students from different ages and we gathered them from different schools We are going to meet them in the classroom and continue our day Do they speak some English? yes actually because they learn and
we teach them English but we have to remember and understand that they were illiterate and they started from zero they are in the process of learning English They might understand you very well but in order for them to cooperate and communicate it might be a bit difficult, that’s why I’m
here, to help you translate Great! Hi! these are all the kids?
LORY:Yes Good morning! No no no, sit! STUDENTS: How are you today? All good, what about you? What is your name? Giuseppe STUDENTS:Nice to meet you
ME: Nice to meet you too Where are you from? Italy? STUDENTS: Nice country Do you know my country? STUDENTS: Yes!
ME: What is the capital? The capital of Italy is? Rome! I thank you everyone to be here to my experiment It’s a magic experiment! STUDENTS: We are so excited!
ME: I am glad I’m here because I travel around the world to discover if there is a formula of happiness around there And if I find it, I will share it with everyone I am here because I want to interview you about happiness I think you can help me a lot If you help me, at the end we will have a sweet surprise for all of you I created a questionnaire, it’s a magic questionnaire of 10 questions you don’t have to study
answer to this questions, all the answers are right you just have to answer with
your heart. If you answer with your heart, you’ll help me. STUDENTS: For sure we will answer with our heart Perfect, let’s start! Who wants to help me? Here you have, take some pens I am super excited Don’t copy! Who could ever imagine that one day I would have been on the other side of the desks Asking for the help of syrian kids to find the recipe of happiness No pressure, no pressure! Thanks to Nara and her flowers that have the perfume of happiness Thanks to Mohammed and his smile. For him this is the formula of happiness: always smile even in the most difficult moments Thanks to Gassan. He explained me how much importat is the school for him. There is nothing that could make him happier than studying Thanks to Omar. This little man at the question: “What does dying mean to you”, he wrote me: “I am not scared to die, we all have to die!” Thanks to Fatima that moved all of us when I asked her: “What is your biggest fear?” She answered in tears: ” Not being able to study anymore”. And thanks to Ghalia. To the question: “What is the most precious thing you own?” She answered: “Life! If you have the life, you have everything.” A big applause! Thank you, thank you to all of you guys! You taught me to appreaciate the little things before losing them forever and realize just after how important they were I understood that happiness is not only big ambitious and great achievements But it’s to be able to see the magic also in the little things Thank you! We made an exchange: you gave me this one, I gave you my camera Thank you Oh I forgot, the “sweet surpirse” obviously was: NUTELLA!!!!!

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  1. Video fantastico… Grazie a questi video ci stai facendo conoscere nuove culture e nuovi stili di vita… Spesso ci dimentichiamo di quanto siamo fortunati ad avere ciò che abbiamo

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    E in più vorrei far notare una cosa..in italia non c'è città che esprima così tanta voglia di vivere e felicità! Grazie per regalarci questi video!

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  4. Giuseppe, dopo ogni video non vedo sempre l'ora di vederne uno nuovo, sei una persona da seguire come esempio. Sei un grande.

  5. Tu forse non ti rendi conto dell'importanza delle tue azioni in questo momento,stai facendo una cosa stratosferica,la stai facendo nel modo migliore possibile,sei veramente un grande.

  6. Mannaggia ho le lacrime agli occhi! Bravo Giuseppe, non posso non dirtelo ogni volta! Quanto fa bene ,anche solo vedere ,come dei bambini siano capaci di avere il desiderio di imparare, vera ricchezza nella vita. Desiderare è il primo passo per migliorare 👏👏👏

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    Continua così ❤️
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