Everything I Pack in a Camping Backpack MINIMALIST

Everything I Pack in a Camping Backpack MINIMALIST

Hello friends this is Youheum. Thanks for
being here today. I’m an extreme minimalist practicing low-waste. Today
I’ll be sharing my minimal camping gear. I’ll also be sharing tips on
sustainability and how to keep a light weight pack. My long-term backpacking
includes places like the Appalachian Trail and Zion in Utah. I was on the AT
lst year backpacking mindfully with the monks from Thich Nhat Hanh’s Blue Cliff
monastery. I’ve also done many day hikes including trails in South Korea like
mount Seorak, Jeju Island, and mostly in New York like the Harriman State Park.
I’ll also be hiking in Japan when I stay there for 3 months starting September. If
you also love being in nature feel free to share what you like to do in the
comments below also let me know what is one thing you cannot live without when
you’re outdoors. For storage, I have my woman’s hiking backpack. I also use this
smaller bag for my day trips. I enjoy how utilitarian this bag is mainly because I
focus on compactness and ease of use when it comes to mindful consumption.
The top is detachable and can be used as a waist or crossbody bag. Also, if you know
any backpacks made with recycled materials feel free to share with the
community. Using a stuff sack helps keep everything
compact I can downsize space consuming gear like my sleeping bag. I do focus
on keeping my things lightweight and compact but I also believe that I need
to listen to my own level of comfort. If I need something extra like an
inflatable pillow for better sleep, I don’t really mind adding this and I
don’t force myself to be the perfect minimalist guru. I’m open to everyone’s
standard of what being minimal and being maximal is. I believe it’s good to
have variety and flexibility especially when it comes to our lifestyle choices.
I’ve seen many people using tents and I also use our family tent at times but I
do prefer my hammock set up. My hammock and straps are from Kammok. It’s super
compact and lightweight. I also have a bug net that goes over this and I use
this all season. My diamond style Kelty tarp goes over the hammock. And
inside I have my inflatable style sleeping pad. Also I wanted to share how
hiking is such a big part of my culture. A lot of Korean people practice 삼림욕 (samlim-yog) which is forest-bathing. I appreciate how I’m able to align with
my ancestors and with my roots. I definitely think that my Korean
background has influenced my appreciation for nature, simplicity, and
also my practice of mindfulness. For insulation, I use a mummy style
down which I got before I went fully Vegan. For my underquilt, I use my
recycled Kammock Bobcat during colder months. This one is eco-friendly and
certified Blue Sign. I do try my best to eat fresh raw food but most of my
camping meals are dehydrated vegetables and fruits. I also thought of growing my
own sprouts on the trail next time so I might do that in the future. I use my
gas burner for cooking quinoa, lentils, or for boiling tea. But this gas is
carcinogenic and it does have the prop 65 warning so I try not to use it too
often. If being chemical-free and natural is a
concern for you I do recommend finding an alternative way to cook your meals. I
do include a basic first aid kit with an emergency whistle and space blanket. I
sometimes take my bentonite clay as a holistic remedy for food poisoning. I
also have my solar charger for my phone but I usually don’t look at my phone.
This way I can stay focused and be in the present moment. I also want you to
know that it’s not necessary to own many things in order to be with nature. You
only have to be in the present moment while being surrounded by natural elements. It
is a luxury to have all these things in order to support my lifestyle. I do appreciate
the abundance I have but I also know that I can always let go of all of these
and I know that I can thrive and be happy even without it.
Some other things that I have are my trowel, recycled TP, and a non-toxic tooth powder. If you want to try this out I recommend Uncle Harry’s tooth powder
and I’ll leave that in the description below. I also have a gear repair kit
which is simply duct tape. Also a tick remover key and magnifier. I also have my tarp
stakes and paracord for hanging my bear bag. Wild animals are not really a
concern here but it’s useful in places like New York. Some of you might already
know that I have a 15 item capsule wardrobe. So feel free to watch my video
if you’re intrigued. I usually add three underwear and two extra pair of socks. I
might also add two more tops if the trip is in the summer. If keeping up with your
hygiene on the trail is your thing I’m open to that and I would also love to do that. I simply don’t find it necessary to change
my clothes every day or every other day when I am in nature. For hiking shoes, I
take my everyday sneaker that’s actually meant for trail running. If you want to
know more about my barefoot minimalist shoe, you can also watch my previous
video. Last time I checked my pack weighed about 28 pounds and I was able
to shed some weight by cutting off all the labels, removing plastic drawstring
fasteners, and instead of using this I just made a simple slip knot. I also
removed a lot of the packaging materials to shed weight. I’ve also seen some
people cut the toothbrush into half and if that’s something that’s going to help,
I do recommend it. Also, the hammock carabiner can weighs a ton so I often
ditch these and use sturdy knot instead. My sister used this pack on our AT trip but of course we shared the cookwares. I think everyone’s
really different with their level of comfort and need. So it’s good to listen
to your own capacity when it comes to picking your backpack and when deciding
the amount of things that you want to take on your trip. I do find it difficult
to look for sustainable and eco-friendly options when it comes to outdoor gear.
That’s why I was so happy to see that Kammok had a 100% recycled stuffing
blanket that was Blue Sign certified. I’m very happy to receive this
as a free gift. this can also be used as underquilt with my hammock and as a
sleeping bag as well. I appreciate how thoughtful they were in their design.
It’s definitely a good fit for my needs because I value how versatile and
minimalistic it is. I’m also grateful that they donate 1% of their
profit to green causes. I enjoy having an abundance of what nourishes me, that’s
why I love keeping my camping gear collection for my hobby even though it
may not be seen as minimal. It only matters to me that I fully appreciate
and enjoy what I own so that these things can help bring experiences and
happy memories. If you enjoyed this video please like and subscribe to my channel.
Thanks again for being here my friends and I hope to see you again soon.

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  1. I love your videos youhiem (sorry if I didn't spell that right!) and you are so inspiring! Could you do a video about your minimalism journey soon, as I'm still just beginning mine and need some tips! But of course don't worry if you do not have time to make the video 🙂

  2. I've known people that wipe w. Certain leaves in nature camping. B careful y'all don't use poising ivory or other plants that look normal and it's not. The butt is something truly delicate. Just b careful what u use🤗

  3. I'm glad you love camping I do too, I'm actually going camping soon 🙂 because I'm a extreme minimalist I do the same I make sure it weighs as light as possible. I mainly have a small rucksack with my tent and sleeping bag and personal items in, sometimes I bring the cooker but most times I dont need it 😁

  4. ❣️Hi, Youheum, that looks so relaxed and peaceful. My camping tours were always kind of stressful, because I was in company of very sporty and ambitious people, so I needed kind of a holiday after…although I enjoy my memories, reminding wonderful views and places in Scandinavia. I ALWAYS have at least 2 books with me, one with wild plants and animals in Europe and one for joy and entertaining, maybe a biography like the one of PEACE PILGRIM (have you heard about her?). For me she was the purest minimalist of all… Meanwhile my book about plants and animals is totally worn out, I learned a lot, especially which plants are edible. Such a book is for me like a kind of extra glasses, opening the eyes for my sourrounding. And sometimes I walked in a group with a guide, who became my 'glasses', it’s unbelievable how many things we DON'T see at the first sight. Hope you’ll have a lot of wonderful time in nature with your amazing minimal camping things, love, Monika❣️

  5. I'm curious if you travel and hike alone – just because my main concern as a woman is being isolated out in nature and sleeping at night. Have you met any trouble regarding this in the past? And do you have any tips on how to stay safe or do you stay with a group? 🙂

  6. Beautiful. I would love to be toasting marshmallows camping with you and your sister. Let's see the feedback I get from this comment. Ha.

  7. How could you exist without laundry? How long can you go without laundry there? I mean don't you sweat? Or you do laundry in rivers?

  8. My favorite thing about camping is getting away from all the noise of everyday life. Being in nature and living in the present moment 🌻🌻🌻

  9. Nice selection of outdoor equipment. How exciting you
    are going to Japan. Will you
    studing Zen whilst there? It is
    also my idea for a future trip.
    A very interesting culture. Really
    enjoyed this. Thanks.

  10. I really appreciate how mindful you are about not letting minimalism become the goal itself and instead letting it serve you to finding happiness and meaning in life. Thanks!!🙏

  11. It's so nice seeing another person who camps in a hammock! All my friends think I'm crazy but I love it haha.

  12. We use a titanium wood/tinder burning backpacking stove from Toaks. It’s non toxic, extremely lightweight & you don’t need to buy/carry fuel. Just collect twigs from the trail. Hope that helps https://www.toaksoutdoor.com/products/stv-12

  13. I wanted to ask…
    You have your bag all packed for the trip but what do you do for food? Do you wait until you get to where you’re going and then pack dry and fresh foods to take with you on your do you bring that with you from home?

  14. Hi from southamerica, i'm confused, i understand you that you are minimal. But i always that i see you clothes, always i see you new clothing then how save them. It seems that it is not all you clothes that you show. But nice video i like me a lot 😏

  15. I cut my toothbrush into half too, the other half can be compose, I need to use a medicated Toothpaste, so i will fill the empty vaseline jars for lips with my Toothpaste cause you don't need much of it actually. Vaseline also helps with everything so I cut all other products out and bring only that one vaseline. Those head scarves that are sewn arnd and elastic can also double as a mask when needed. Use a small bottle of oil with my own lemongrass infusion for insect repellent and smtg to put at the ends of hair to mask the no shampoo for weeks hair XD. Make very thick paste of himalayan salt and oils/vaseline/beeswax, then pinch a bit and rub on wet hands and apply wherever needed as deodorant. There's also this one utensil where one end is a spoon, the other is a fork and the side of the fork is like a knife, so that's 3 utensils in one, but I can't rmbr where I got that…

  16. Will you show us your complete camping sleep setup when you go hiking later this year? I am interested to see how the hammock setup works, especially if it is cold and/or raining

  17. Your camping gear is totally minimal! We use a tent and air mattress because sleeping on the ground is too hard. We have quite a bit more gear than you do, but it's still compact. Looking forward to more trips this year!

  18. Once again I love watching your videos. I just got back from a church camp. It is more like glamping, but I got to be in nature a lot. it was great. there were trees all around me. I am trying to pack more minimally whenever I go somewhere. thank you for sharing your video again.

  19. Hi! I really enjoy your channel. But I couldn't help at wonder that doesn't it get cold if you sleep like that in the nature? Or is it always +15°c or more at nights when you go camping?
    I love camping too (and minimalism) but I have to have way more gears and clothing because I prefer camping when the nights are just below 0°c. That's when all the bugs disappear 🦟🕷🐜

  20. This is a great video. I love to take my shoes off, swim in the rivers or oceans (depending on the trail), not feel the necessity to always talk but talk when there is something meaningful to say, and constantly be reminded of our connection to nature.

  21. I needed a bigger backpack for my longer hikes and bought one from Lunghags made from recycled polyester. I think the best thing is to buy second hand of course, but you also need to make sure you get one that doesn't give you pain in the back. When hiking, especially in the mountains (because of safety), I'm not as eco friendly as I am in my every day life. I hope to become more in the future, but I'm taking my time finding new solutions.

  22. Hello Youhiem I love this informative video seeing your mum and sister too and aways you and the cat! I just look forward to your outdoor adventures very much. I have never been camping but I always wanted to. 💞♥️🐾🐾🐾

  23. I love your voice! It’s so calming to listen to ☁️ I love camping because it’s so nice to calm down and be outside all the time 🍃 I really love you and your videos. You’re my favourite Youtuber✨

  24. I LOVE hiking and also went camping several times. But since my panic attacks started, I feel so scared to do it. It's been 6yrs since the last time, which makes me sad…

  25. Hello Youheum! Do you use deodorant on a regular basis and/or on the trail? If so I’d like to know your recommendation, thank you!

  26. Thank you! One of my goals is to go camping sometime this summer, and I had no idea where to even start, but you gave me a whole bunch of ideas!

  27. Backpacking a must have bear repellent mountain lion repellent big foot repellent and of course alien probing repellent! My waste managment system is not an alien's amusement park! 🥴🥺😳😱😂😭🤣😁👍

  28. All the natural sounds and textures can be very enjoyable! Also would you be open to sharing another Q&A with us?

  29. Very nice video. I doubt I would go camping though. I feel like you can't plan for it as well as for other trips and if there is sone trouble it is also harder to ask someone. I also don't know what I would do if I forgot something, as I am in nature and can't get into a shop. I'm also very easily cold and don't cope well with my skin being sticky from sweat, so I doubt I would be comfortable like that. But I find it great that you have so much fun while camping.

  30. Please ome visit the beautiful state of Oregon here in the USA for absolutely beautiful stunning hiking/camping trails and areas all over this gorgeous state. You can hike the coastal forests/mountains, the valleys, the high Cascade Mountains, and the high deserts. We have it all here. You mentioned how Koreans practise "Forest Bathing', my Native Anerican ancestors taught us to do the same, to be one with Mother Nature, Oregon is a perfect place to do so.

  31. When it comes to traveling in nature I'm pretty simple. Forests and waterfalls. Other than nature I love to go to historical places and museums. I've enjoyed history since the first class.

  32. What do you do with your cat when you are gone? I have to admit, I'd love to do more camping and travelling, but I miss my cats so much I can hardly stand to be gone for longer than 2 nights.

  33. I love this video, its so interesting. Thanks so much, Youheim! Do you alternate between using the tarp and sleeping mat & bag some nights, and the hammock on the others? Was curious as to why you had both the sleeping map and the hammock. Thanks again, great video and message <3

  34. https://www.tentree.com/ has bags made with recycled plastic and also the proceeds go in planting trees!

  35. I love to go camping for two to three week run's. You go into the forest with a beautiful woman and comes back with's a big foot! Women get's very hairy really fast when's they don't have! 🥴👍🥺😳😂😭🤣

  36. Well a roll of plastic sheeting and a large roll of clear boxing tape comes in really handy if your main shelter becomes damaged or lost. You can cut and tape the plastic together to make a super shelter. Or a canopy over a hammock. A small aluminum sports water bottle with a good seal for denatured alcohol with a metal tin with steel wool in the bottom with a metal wire drain cover with the cone up and perlite on top of everything with the cone sticking up in the center of the tin. Fill tin with denatured alcohol cut the top of an aluminum bottle like a monster twist top can leaving only the very top part removing the side wall. Use a ice pick and poke a few hole below the threads of the twist top for a ir regulation. Lite your denatured alcohol stove let it get going then place aluminum bottle top over the tin we with the wire drain cone directly in the center. You should get a long steady concentrated blue flame with the alcohol stove burning for at least an hour depending on the size and depth of the tin being used and the amount of alcohol used. A back up stove or primary stove. Very important Catail jelly mixed with Aloe Vera pulp to make a very potent medical gel. Research the qualities of Catail jelly and Aloe Vera. Crazy glue to glue a bad wound pine resin heated once at a cool temperature yet still vicious pinch a laceration together smear a coat of pine resin over the laceration lay a strip of cloth that was boiled or soaked in alcohol over the laceration the length of the laceration while still pushing the skin together. Then use a long strip of cloth to wrap the area so the person pushing the skin together can let go. Do not move the individual until the resin has set up and try not the break loose the bindings from unnecessary movements. Really bad case cloth strips use Gorilla glue smear glue onto strip's lightly lay treated strip's over the arm or leg and cover the area needed to support the broken bones. Pour water over the treated cloth and let it foam up and cure. Hopefully the strip's were lightly placed yo allow for the expansion of the the foam has the glue cured. A make shift cast has to not cause more internal injuries and make the individual more easily transportable. Never hurts yo have a little bottle of Gorilla glue in your pack it does come in very handy for manythings. 🥴👍

  37. Hi! I feel like a friend and appreciative fellow minimal, intentional person. And my son lives in Austin! I was there yesterday. I saw AOL's article about YOU and felt such joy at your journey being shared with others. I hope that you gain many new subscribers so that you can continue to thrive in your life. (I love your sister, too!) Well, enough. Oh, I find Thich Nhat Hanh such a wise and loving man. I smiled to see his photo on your mantel. Be at peace, and well wishes from me,, Youheum. 🙂

  38. What about the water? Do you only take your small bottle and refill it with filtered water you find in nature? I always have to bring 3 litres (and I usually use it all in a day), because I become dehydrated – also for brushing teeth etc. That becomes a lot of weight..

  39. I am happy that I found your channel and thankful to you for your videos. You have inspired me to live a more meaningful and purposeful life, with more compassion and understanding. ❤️

  40. Hey! I love your videos. I wonder, do you offset the flights you take when you go away? If so, do you use a specific company or non profit? I have serious flight guilt whenever I go anywhere.

  41. A korean living in Newfoundland Canada here. So glad that there is someone who has very similar life style with me. Even your hiking set up is similar with mind haha. Hope you have a great day and keep you peaceful, mindful and lovely mind:)

  42. I've recently shared your channel with a few of my friends and i have to say, your channel really inspires me and encourages me to try minimalism, however it is difficult as i am currently living at home with my parents neither are minimalists nor would they become minimalists (ive talked to them about it) and i have a pet hamster, i try to go plastic free with my hamster but it is very difficult to do so as it seems every hamster product is made of plastic. I find minimalism difficult to commit to as it seems like i'm trying to climb a mountain, you podcast on spotify, website and youtube channel help me overcome these fears though. I love your cat she is so cute and im glad to see that im not alone in the fact that animal products do cause waste (in your video you talked about how the tinned food causes waste). Thank you for creating videos and helping me!

  43. A couple of backpacks made from reusable materials are: the Re-Kanken by Fjallraven and I believe the company Grunbag use a lot of recycled/repurposed materials!

  44. As always great video! One question, where will be your cat while you travel? I am asking because I have one cat and four dogs that I adore them but I can’t go far away…

  45. I recently found your channel, after I looked up a lot about minimalism.
    You helped me a lot, after "moving" from one country to another I just had a complete breakdown, as I realized that I just posessed so much useless Stuff, that just posessed me in the end. I just felt really… kinda constricted by all of the things. I felt like I couldn't breathe. So I got rid of many things, and decided to try to live with the least amount of waste for me, and with only the amount of things that I need and that feels good for me. Your guides and examples for mindfullness helped me a lot and I started being happy with my life choices again. Thank you so much!

  46. Something I loved about camping the most is sit back and watch my husband do everything 😃😃😃Thank you for sharing honey! Great video 🌸🌸🌸

  47. Patagonia make "Recycled Black Hole Bags", made from plastic bottles, they also encourage the second-hand purchase of their gear, they make super durable stuff that you can generally find for a pretty decent price, well worth the investment Link to the bags: https://www.patagonia.ca/recycled-black-hole-bags.html

  48. Ethnotek is an amazing bag/backpack company. They use recycled plastic for their bags' cloth material.

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