Exploring a Huge Abandoned Prison (Pt. 1)

Exploring a Huge Abandoned Prison (Pt. 1)

Today we’re checking out a prison that’s been abandoned for almost a decade. The buildings started their life as a mental hospital but were later converted into a corrections facility. Since the complex wasn’t originally designed to be a prison it was found to be inefficient and unsafe, and therefore shut down. Now join us as we venture inside to explore the building in it’s current state of decay. There’s a basement. We’ll do that later. Let’s go in here. Oh, cobwebs all over me. They even had outlines for all of the razors and stuff. That way, they know if one’s missing. Prison robes. So wait, in prison do they refer to like the guards, as lieutenants and sergeants? Or was this like a military type thing? Captain. I think they might just use that naming scheme for uh… the guards here. Sergeant Womble… These were for the vehicles. Handcuffs would be on the wall right there. And guns in here. In case of like a prison riot or something… It doesn’t really look like a chapel. Well, it’s a prison chapel. A lot of stuff left in here… An overhead projector, haven’t seen one of those in forever. Throwback, to elementary school. Looks pretty empty. So this was all like administrative offices in here. It’s probably where all the desks that are out in the chapel are from. Came from in here. These are all offices. Empty… What was that? I don’t know. A door… Probably air pressure. Yea. Curtains. Yea these are dorms over here now so- Let’s go down here. What were these for? Just seats? I don’t know. Just a gathering room? There’s an ironing board over there. Hmm? There’s an ironing board, over there. Don’t drop the soap. They use this system for organizing everything in here. Yea that way they know if something’s missing. Right, because then the prisoner could be using it as a weapon. If something’s missing. Elevator shaft is open over here. There’s the car up there. This is where the inmates would eat. Can’t move anything, everything’s bolted down. Yup Blood spill kit, did you see that before? Looks like this was a library… What do ya know? Here’s the elevator car. I do not wanna go inside that. I love this light coming in. Exploring places in the morning is always the best. I see more pigeons down there. Alright let’s go this way first. Look at this door. Heavier security. Look at the iron. There’s a window inside the wall. That’s a little weird. Yea… Window inside the wall. The light in here is so nice. A little courtyard out here. Damn, I guess we have to take the stairs. Sanctioned chemical pickup… Sanitation. Yea. That’s not- Where are ya? Oh there’s a bunch of them! Oh my god, those poor birds. They all just flew into the glass. Chemical storage rooms, they say. Yea, and there’s biohazard stuff. This is floor finish. And automated dishwasher liquid. You know what, I bet this used to be medical because of the sanitary tiles, and also this looks like an x-ray viewer. Yea. Pigeons have been staying in there. Alright so we’ve seen every floor except the basement, of this building. Let’s head down and check it out. Oh it’s wet. Great. It looks very wet. No, not that bad. Oh, a barbershop, another one. What? Another barbershop. No chairs or anything left in here though. Hoooiiiiiy… What’s up? The spider. It’s locked anyway. Another barbershop? How many are there in this prison? The spread of MRSA… Hm? The spread of MRSA. Oh yea. I’m positive that the building didn’t go that far, in this direction. Look how far it goes. It did not go that far down up top. Tunnels? So it might be like connected to the other buildings down here. This definitely looks like an inter-connection. Like a passageway between them. Okay this connects the buildings. Yea we’re like in the center of the courtyard probably. Let’s go in that room for a second. School area? There’s a lot of stuff left in here. Books, and more books. And more books! Is that what all these boxes are full of? Yep. This looks like a study room or something. Yo it goes down even more. Another staircase? It goes down too. Let’s see what else is here first though. This looks like a classroom. They would’ve had computers here I bet. No, I bet you it’s just like a reading room or something. Maybe. You know what’s something that I’ve noticed? I think this dark blue carpet was used in like staff only areas, so if you noticed that every single staff only area has this blue carpet, so that was probably like a signal to the prisoners that they’re not allowed to be anywhere with blue carpet. So yea it would just be staff back here, and they would have to get the books through this window. Yea even deeper. This place must’ve been built on a hill. Oh that goes right out to the front. We would be super exposed out there. Yea. There’s like workshop stuff in here. Oh… ID’s. What is it? ID’s. Oh yea. I guess we’re going down this side first. It’s nuts, it’s like melting. A pokeball? That side, is medical. Let’s do this side first though. Oh, pillows. These are more comfortable than the ones at the other prison. These are actually like soft, yea. Not stuffed with newspaper. Segregation… Isolation… Mental health observation. Oh yeah. Woah. Yea, isolation cells. These were like serious cells here. Holy shit. Solitary confinement? Yea you can see messages written in here. And in the metal too. They engraved stuff.

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  1. This place would be a perfect for the democratic presidential candidate hold there debate dont you agree ahaha and they wouldn't have to ever leave ahaha lol

  2. That prison is nowhere close to a ghetto…almost the same way they left it..😣if it was it be trashed…what a waste convert it to homes for the homeless…

  3. Jesus, I thought that sound was something coming through from the ceiling, but it was just pigeons flying into the glass ^^;

  4. Isn't it is just a shame. Cut out the bars, and make room for local home less. Even give positions to homeless that can run support equipment. What a waste.

  5. What was in the tile wall…. the pressure cooking lid on the cylinder that went into the wall that you said the Pigeons were residing?

  6. I bet they needed a poo the whole time in there for some reason when I explore scary places I suddenly need a pony…

  7. These guys explored a prison with no idea of how it was ran or nothing they were all freaked out on the barber and kitchen stuff hay guys why are these here

  8. This only partially looks like a prison. Also, I do not think inmates should have all these things. Just food, water, facilities and that’s it. They are in there for a reason. They committed a crime.

  9. I wouldn't be in that part of the building where all those chemicals were, because those rock doves birds might have died from the chemicals in that part of the building. Be careful where you go.

  10. https://www.unionrecorder.com/archives/rivers-state-prison-to-close/article_a5d0d5cd-b4a2-5ea0-a944-ee031b6b842d.html "The buildings that house Rivers State Prison were originally intended for Central State Hospital and were constructed in 1937. The facility was converted into a corrections facility in 1981.

  11. At least when the vandals go in that particular building, they are getting a taste for the place they will be living in soon

  12. I know I am late to the party, but many prisons were based on or stemmed from the military system, so there were ranks like Colonel or Lieutenant back in the day.
    I live where there is both a federal penitentiary, a provincial Correctional facility, and a female provincial Correctional facility.
    I think our federal Penn has gone from a less formal ranking like that, but not by many years.

    The rooms with the benches/curtains, could have been family visiting areas, not sure what was up with the ironing board being in the one though.

  13. It's great to see these places minus all the graffiti. Crazy how they just pick up and leave, leaving a lot of personal information behind. Great vid!

  14. Seeking Jesus directly in this. You show they built the jail and Sting's song Wrapped Around Your Finger is shown. You show the office space blue carpet, dorms, seeking knowledge not taught in college, then on the ceiling was a cross image, then you go to the soap and shower, cleansed, to the caf food, then the blood washer, Eucharist, then the servant becomes master after the sweet anointment. They pass books through, the same lyrics. Weird. Only come here seeking knowledge they did not teach me in college, Devil and the deep blue sea behind me Vanish in the air you'll never find me I will turn your face to alabaster When you'll find your servant is your master. Blue wide ocean carpet, devil will vanish, rehab, or the workers behind them. When they experience true evil, authorities today, they become the master of wisdom. We might do bad but you are a crime unknown. That made this very freaky for me. The angel of death of Ipatiev jail when Romanovs were abused and killed is Sting, his angels writing are those angels so to see this is like, fallen angels are bowing, thank you, the great architect. In my town, we had 11 jails and the whole area, many places in Canada were built on the Romanovs jail and burial place, designed by masons. Very disturbing and I was like, why is the jail a castle. Then they wonder how evil lost when they put Jesus in everything. Masons made Jesus though, they did, no? You decide, is what they say. Then we are working on you getting small biz, with Elon and RU doing this too, then we know my passions are yours but you are a bit freakish, and photo, I don't need your photograph but today we enjoy it due to quantum magic and the creepy of it, and we know putting love into the bad is to heal it. Then it is best to build on yourself, so we saw you are in us but doing your own thing to show the story in a deep unique way, most bottom important darkness light and your work should be an offering to save, help, make a bit better, and that means it should be of you and God or Jesus Bible, if Christians and west is, Then that work built to save others, with love, light, good, truth, becomes like the Blessed Sacrament, that shows all players and the issues in each video or pic. Then you show videos that become the immortal spirit, shining light to banish sin. It is from your micro world exploring into the cosmos, to save planets because some people affect them so you save the higher levels. That is how to do quantum magic foundations as the blessed sacrament, in memory of, that gives supernatural powers to people. A human event to remember the sacrifice, renewing the bloodless sacrifice, to convert poor sinners, to make God shine more holy and beautiful, to increase adoration of God and the blessed sacrament. Mama, mama is gonna love child now. Like Tom Cruise, raised by govt to be priest and army in HW movies only his movies are based on truth and facts and now yours too. We are the Tom Cruise, my friends…. in the bottom of it. The most suffered people have lived where you go and to show it, the dark, add some love and good eyes in memory of is the highest behavior of the savior. Visit the sick, the prisoners, the needy for knowledge school students. You are Bible 101. Because the soul in our laws and upbringing follow the Bible so you are obedient and good children to the right things, but rather unruly like rebel Jesus in the temple. He saw his father's temple, house decaying and said, no, I have to do this to save the people, the land so that is you always on the cross with Christ for America when no one else would save them. Today's modern Jesus in zion hw wars. End of satan 101st yr of zion. Thank you. You wow me, I'm not that Jesus, btw, just because you love Jesus doesn't naturally make you Jesus or blessed sacrament. My ways are duller ways. My life is a simpler life. I just stare at people, knock it off, cmon, light hearted and it all goes back to heaven. It's called respecting others and living as we know we must to have good outcomes. Service in Lenin factory and now jail. God bless your work. Who are these guys? Some Nikita Jagr offspring from FL. I worked and lived there 3 weeks, must be Tom Scientology kids. Too much Canada down there in the winter. Too much Elon. Very good. You earn it, best viewing entertainment for free that we need to survive today. Trump falls in love, give them a biz. What? IDK, make America great again showing old forgotten rundown and compassion for our history and roots finding ways to inspire to reboot. Good.

  15. I was the warden at this prison. We executed 6 prisoners and buried them out back. Sometimes we would stack the bodies in a room and seal the door and let it have its fate

  16. I was wondering for those people who used to work there watching this, I wonder what they were thinking? Same goes for those inmates who were released. Just a thought. Huge prison indeed. Can’t imagine.

  17. did you look at any of the various papers to see the relevant dates of the documents to get an idea of how long some of that stuff was there?

  18. I am so jealous! I would love to explore that prison! I go there often to take pictures but haven’t wanted to go in there alone. There’s two other prisons in that area. Men’s state prison and Frank Scott State Prison.

  19. Ok I just found you guys and I’m watching all these videos. Am I the only one who saw the giant clock spider at 21:22????

  20. Do you understand the police have captain lieutenants but no generals they are called police chiefs ….. Then the police Commissioner….

  21. You guys should wear better shoes/hopefully your packing heat also. Also I would wear oxygen mask with enough oxygen for the time inside. That wet basement has legions air disease for sure!!!

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