Federal prosecutors now say Michael Flynn deserves prison time

Federal prosecutors now say Michael Flynn deserves prison time

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  1. He reneged on his agreement to cooperate with the investigation and to testify against others. He accepted a plea on the one charge to avoid multiple other charges and the possible indictment of his son. He should be grateful that the prosecutors didn't throw out his plea agreement entirely and throw the book at him, he'd be facing far more than six months in prison.

  2. The should all be in prison if they lie to congress and congress should be stripped from office for lying to the public as they have broke the public’s trust that they represent

  3. Wow let just pick who gets to go to jail. If you break the law guess what your going to jail. You can’t break the law and have your buddy trump forgive you epically if he is going in soon too.

  4. Everyone around this guy is a liar and a convict felon. I guess there victims of the commie dems as well right Trumpies. This is all a big conspiracy to bring Trump down. No one has to bring him down he does it to himself. He is a impulsive undisciplined racist bully.

  5. Flynn was a secret foreign agent while National Security adviser, working for a Turkish affiliated group, and secretly meeting with the Russian govt with a goal of using his influence to remove economic sanctions against Russia (for its invasion of Crimea) to financially benefit himself and his cronies. Of course he should be pardoned!

  6. I think u need to redo this story. They changed his report, that means forgery n fraud, Mr Flynn did nothing illegal. Read the new petitions and motions submitted.

  7. I'd like to know how this traitorous felon got his sentencing hearing delayed a whole frickin' year! You think you'll get that if you get busted for selling pot?

  8. Dude; last I heard he was mounting a lawsuit in the wake of the IG report… this seems like they’re trying to bully him to back down

  9. If flynn deserves it then McCabe has to because he admitted it and the FBI said flynn didnt lie. What a disgrace

  10. It’s going to be ok America general Flynn will be let go
    Not saying he will not have to spend some time in jail
    And only because the documents needed to free mr Flynn are classified and in the middle of a big investigation and can not be declassified until it’s done he will be released and record cleaned soon

  11. Onlly 6 months!!!?? Hell no!! He was happy chanting "lock her up! How that work for you now that the shoe is in your mouth! If he was democrat and blak you sons of bitches would be asking for life! Sooo give him life! Thats what traitors deserve! Traitor trump should save some pardon for himself, because he is next!!!

  12. The judge in the case flat out called Flynn a traitor.
    But of course Trump's MAGA Neanderthals will say he's a part of the "Deep State".
    Like the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus.
    What a bunch of morons.

  13. That is bull crap!! No one is going to prison until Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are on their way there!! Bar needs to clean out the state department of all those Obama people!!

  14. If he has to go to jail,
    " then Hillary Clinton does too"!.
    It's only fair…
    Michael Flynn is a fine man ,
    Michael Flynn is not a Liar !
    He was lied about !
    The government said he lied
    "but they lied"! .
    That's different..
    Hillary Clinton just happens to be A REAL LIAR!
    lets put her in jail for six months and get a little long OVER DUE JUSTICE for a change !
    People lie to me all the time and they never go to jail! 🙄
    President Trump will probably pardon General Flynn!🇺🇸😁

  15. God Bless Michael Flynn and please God reveal his enemies. A man who put his life on the line for years for this country should be honored. Shame on those who are framing him. Let their evil schemes come to the light.

  16. I have as much faith in our federal prosecutors and DOJ as I do in a used car salesman. WHEN ARE MCCABE AND COMEY GOING TO BE INDICTED?!!!

  17. No sh**!
    Jail time huh?
    Well I never saw that coming did you guys? I'm real curious what else he may know about his former employers… Real real curious…

  18. Have they already started building the FORREST TRUMP wing in Federal prison? I'd like to donate, or maybe start a GoFundMe site. Maybe use some of that 120 million for golf trips so far.(242trips)

  19. If we allow 6 months of a good man's life be wasted in a prison cell for political pandering it better be for a dozen demoncrat eyeballs! Mount up forces. It's time to eliminate domestic enemies.

  20. That is literally how the legal system works. You take a deal you don’t get exculpatory evidence. That’s criminal law 101.

  21. Six months in jail, really? This Man has served this Nation for all of his adult life! He deserves a full pardon.

  22. No charges against leaker Comey. No charges filed against McCabe. No charges filed against Sztrok. But, Flynn gets 6 months for "making false statements to the FBI". What a joke. Voting changes nothing.

  23. This is fine as long s it’s happening to people of color, but as soon as it starts happening to white men it’s a problem. The hypocrisy is unreal.

  24. Fox pundits always want to play the "What about that person" game instead of focusing on the fact that this man was a 3 star General. He passed out UCMJ (Military justice) to his subordinates many times in his career for a hell of a lot less than what he did. He absolutely knew better but lied anyway. He deserves a minimum of 30 days behind bars and I hope he gets it.

  25. If a Democrat lied under oath or put government e-mails on a private server RepubLIEcans would say "Lock Her Up."
    No wonder you guys are always christians you're bloody hypocrites.

  26. Funny. He was chanting “Lock Her Up” even though she had been cleared by numerous investigations. No indictments,, arrests, convictions.

  27. Leave it up to fox to not have one story about Puerto rico that are American citizens shows they dont gives to fucks about them …. humm

  28. …and another one bites the dust-ah!
    Hey guys, when are all those
    DeEp STaTE criminals being locked up, again? 🤔

  29. Those federal prosecutors need to be prosecuted for fraud, lying to the court, creating false evidence and failing to produce the evidence they know would exonerate him.

  30. There is a reason this has more dislikes than likes FOX. Your viewers are waking up, if you don’t you will loose them too.

  31. So comey wilfully does not verify evidence , and applies for a warrant to tap the trump campaign, Judge approves warrant on false allegations. No one goes to prison?

  32. If this man serves even 1 day for this frame job that will be a national disgrace. I'm sure after all this time he & his family have been thru enough.

  33. If flint is jailed, then McCabe must be charged and does twice the jail time that is given ! McCabe was FBI and new what did was wrong and did it anyway.

  34. They claim he lied but I have not heard them justify how it was of any consequence to anything. What sane person would ever voluntarily speak to the fbi if they can put you in prison for recalling the wrong date or time.

  35. But Flynn Sydney Powell is his lawyer and she has been hard fighter as said and now how Flynn gets into trail?
    Some thing's really change quickly and sometimes take some time to happen. But they happen, for Law is not bullied when Donald🤴🏻 John Trump is President of USA🇺🇸 and very Conservative of Constitution🇺🇸 and a Commander🇺🇸-in-chief.

  36. he already served. in wartime. hes going to be the man that takes down the fbi. God bless you General. lead the civil war and i will take your orders.

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