Welcome to Idre! I’ve just done the first session on snow. First session on the camp. It’s 2 degrees. Rain. So it’s not that inspiring but the tracks are very good. They’ve been solid and nice. It was great, worked just fine. You just need to dress well. 2,5 h. 2.5 h and 37 km. The heart rate is not correct. It measure from the wrist but it dosen’t work that well. Right now they’ve 2,5 km but they’ll extend the up coming days. So I think it’ll be good. Flatbread. And a cup of coffee. A cup of Mollberg. Take some eggs with you as well. Snack time. Flatbread. Juice. Damn. Seriously, have we forgotten salt? No! Well, well. Then we can just throw away the eggs. Just toss them. We can just ask Simon, they might have salt. Cheers. We’re out on a run. It’s so mysterious looking. Well, well. Have you tied the bag? Last 28 min. Yes. Last 33 min. Done with Fridays training. I did intervals this morning and know I did double poling for 1,50 h. The weather has been pretty warm today, 2 degrees this morning and now it’s 4 degrees but the tracks looks great. They’ve salted the tracks so the conditions has been good considering the bad weather. That’s how the days goes by here in Idre. Breakfast at 07:00 AM. Train, eat lunch and rest. Then snack-time, train, dinner and snack-time again. That’s how it looks. So tomorrow I’ll do a longer distance session. I also thought I might take a look with the drone if it dosen’t rain so much. Today it has been a really west day. At first it just rained but after a lot of wet snow. Now I’m done with 3 h skate at least. Feels good to check that off. The tracks were good today as well. The seam to have salt the tracks today as well, so it was solid and nice. But it was a bit heavy now when the wet snow came. Well, well it’s been a good day after all. Is it a bit of sun we can see there? After all rain. What are you up to? I’m fixing a little afternoon tea. Yes. Some night snacks again. No, it’s afternoon snack. The time is 02:38 PM. This was exactly what I filmed when we lived together in Vålådalen as well. Axel is working. Have a seat. Lighted candles. A sliced pepper. Some flatbread. Cinnamon bread Egg. A freshly brewed cup of coffee and some sour milk. And a cheese for half the price. Cheers. Cheers. It’s snowing today, nice with snow instead of rain. In the afternoon we’ll be doing intervals. We did a distance session this morning. Finally you bring out the camera. Finally? I just wanted to say that I was scared you would catch up with me. 15 sec. You and I are the only ones who knows how that ended. Let’s keep that to ourselves. We did intervals and after that everyone did a prologue. Or epilogue. It’s like a prologue but after the intervals. Do not confuse that with epilator. What’s that? A machine that removes hair. Okey, no. I was 15 sec before Stina so I was afraid she would catch up with me. But no no. You all should know how much his poles were shaking at start. I’m not a sprinter so I was a bit concerned but I fixed it. The course was better for a long distance skier. We started down here and finished on top of Idre mountain over there. Yes, right. Almost. Did it felt good? It felt really good. But sadly I didn’t catch you. But I had a really nice session, it felt nice and fun to be on snow. It was pretty tough today since I skied on. Wax free skis. Same here. It’s not often we do that. Everyone did that today. It was a bit of a hot topic on the start line which one skied on Everyone just said no. But it was shown that everyone skied on that and it’s really good to train on. Because it’s really special to diagonal on such skis. You don’t have super good grip or glide so you must have a different technique. You see, you was just about to fall there. It was a good session, we did 5 intervals at first pretty tough. Then we rest for 20 sec and after that 45 sec of max. 5 of those and then an epilogue after that of max. As you can see it’s very beautiful here today. Sun, finally! We haven’t had much of that this camp. Rain mixed with snow and more rain. So now it feels good with better weather. Really nice tracks. Any how, it’s Monday and I’m about to end this vlog and edit it. This camp ends tomorrow at lunch on Tuesday. We still have a few sessions left. I hope it’s been interesting. Don’t forget to like and subscribe. See you next week. Bye!

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  1. Är din flickvän utövare på elitnivå av någon sport? Av inslagen där hon åker skidor tolkar jag det som att detta åtminstone inte är hennes grej men det kanske är något annat som hon utövar? Lycka till med året säsong nu med fixad rygg.

  2. Tjena Jens!!
    Hur tror du att det går denna säsong ? Om du jämför känslan mot tidigare? Jag tror på dig och.att du är den herråkare som har best chanser att ta några kliv.

  3. Trodde inte att Stina skulle få vara med i detta rafflande avsnitt men…… ( Spoiler alert !!!! ) 6:21 in i episoden ) Nu ser man fram till nästa avsnitt. Bästa Te-ve serien !!

  4. Ser bara ut som du kör mängdträning utan tempo . Normalt skulle man tycka att någon svettdroppe skulle synas någon gång .

  5. Ibland tror man inte att man bor i samma land som där det finns snö. Det är tamejfan ingen vintergaranti före mitten av januari och max en dryg månad framåt i Uppsala nuförtiden.

  6. Kör hårt i vinter! Vad lyssnar du på för nåt medans du tränar? Nån grymspelista du kan dela med dig av?😊😲

  7. Härligt att se dig på snö, snart drar det ingång. Video blir extra bra när du lägger in klipp som när du och Stina pratade i spåret samt från måltid med samtal på rummet. Bra drönarklipp också.

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