all right guys on to the next room whoa
like the hardest thing ever there you go what is that thing standing in our
hallway that box man well that’s something I don’t like that that’s this
video was sponsored by brawl service hey yo what’s poppin everyone its Pappa Jake
and we are back with a brand new video and today guys we are doing a challenge
on this channel of challenge that has never been done before loading what are
you doing just getting ready Hogan you better be ready because
today’s challenge is something we have never done before looking we have done
verses before but there is never been something so much on the line Logan this
challenge has $10,000 on the line ten thousand dollars ten thousand
any other name for money but there’s a lot of money on the line and today guys
we are gonna be going up against each other to see who can win the $10,000 but
guys let me explain look who’s already excited I’m just
excited to be winning this money it’s not gonna win today we are gonna be
doing the who can escape from prison challenge first now we’ve done a lot of
prison challenges on this channel but this time I’m going up against Logan and
we are both gonna be making our very own prisons and challenging each other to
escape from them with a budget of $100 whoever can escape first wins the
$10,000 not Logan there are a couple rules to this challenge we have to make
sure that the prisons are you know fairly well laid out and no cheating
right you have to follow the rules you know you can’t just like put your
clothes together and make a rope and then climb out the top you got to follow
the rules all right you got to escape as the prison is meant to escape but you
also can’t just you know hide a key in somewhere where you’d never find it
there’s got to be some sort of clue as to how to progress to the prison right
right but guys I think we need to stop standing here and get to the store and
start building these prisons because I want to win my $10,000 but before we do
that I didn’t want to let you know a little bit about brawl stars brawl stars
is by supercell the makers of clash of clans clash royale booming beats just
name a few and I mean check out this awesome game play hi guys so let’s check
out brawl stars this game is super cool and it’s quickly become one of my
favorite games to play on mobile for a bunch of reasons but mostly just because
how much fun it is I love like the 3v3 competitiveness of the game and it’s
super fun to play with friends as well as deal just by myself as I’m
doing right now and I’m doing a pretty good job as you guys can see we’re
playing gem grab right now so the objective of the game is to grab the
gems that are all around us and I’m kind of hanging back here because I’ve got
one gem you can you can move more than one but if you hold a bunch of them then
you’re quickly a target and everyone tries is you know take you down but
they’re not gonna do that because Papa Jake is that all-star
master but as you guys can see this is a super fun game and right now I’m playing
with my brawler Shelli there’s a ton of brawlers to collect throughout the game
I have a couple as you can see here that I’ve unlocked and cool thing is all of
them are different they all have different like attacks they also all
have different supers which is that orange button flash in them I’m kind of
waiting to save it but it unleashes a devastating like that right there
devastating blow across your enemies which is really cool and there you go we
won the game I told you guys I was gonna win this
the other cool thing is that this game has clubs and I actually went ahead and
made my club the PJ fam so if you guys want to check out this game at any point
during this video guys I will have links at the top of the description is
completely free to play and you guys can get it in the app store as well as the
Google Play Store and you can come on over join the PJ fam start playing with
me I’ve been having a ton of fun playing this game and I think you guys are
absolutely gonna love it all right Jake I think we need to head to the store and
get our supplies and make our prison so I can win nope alright guys we just got
to the hardware store and this is the first place I’m gonna grab my items now
we only have $100 budget and I do want to get a lot of cool stuff at the dollar
store so I definitely want to save some of the budget for when I get there
because I want to decorate the prison and make it still you know kind of cool
but a lot of the actual stuff here like I’m thinking the bars as well as maybe
some of the window pieces we can grab from this store with only $100 this is
gonna be hard and I want to make this really difficult for Logan to get out of
I think it might be a little bit out of budget but house.we
we could just use an entire shower just just like this and then and then you
close off and then Logan Logan stuck inside though then you’ll never get out
I just found these and I think they’re gonna be perfect for my prison bars but
they’re also extremely cheap which means I can get a bunch of these and still
stay under budget so if I grab like four of these that’ll leave me with $80 when
I get to the dollar store I might still grab a few things from around here but
so far guys his prison is coming together so I’m gonna quickly go check
out before he figures out what we’re building all right guys so far I found
some pretty sweet items to put in my fort and confuse Jake but I just saw him
with some PVC pipes and that’s a really good idea so I’m gonna go grab some and
then I think we’re good to go oh you’re at the final stretch before we
can actually start building this thing I’ve already grabbed a bunch of stuff
and honestly I think for this stuff I’m just gonna get stuff to kind of prank
Logan with I’m thinking about having like a fake hole that he goes into and
there’s a bunch of slime here so I’m gonna grab a bunch of stuff and then we
can head home and start building this thing I think Logan heard me okay
all right guys so we just got back home from the store and we got a ton of
awesome stuff for the challenge while Logan goes downstairs and makes you know
whatever is some easy prison I bet it’s gonna be like what’s one plus one and
then I get out for our video though I’m gonna be using the movie theater box but
you guys might remember this and I’m gonna be converting it into our entire
prison already got a ton of room a ton of space and a perfect holding cell for
him to start in so I got this just like a fancy hat so it kind of looks like a
sailor’s hat like oh I don’t know that doesn’t feel too good all right guys so
it’s been a while since I’ve given you an update but we just got back from
picking up our supplies and so far I built this pretty awesome escape room
for Jake we have a massive massive space to start building and what I was
thinking for the escape was giving a road map for clues maybe five to
figure out how to get the key and escape this room but I got a lot of work to do
so I’ll see you guys in three two one want to get ahead of myself but I just
want to say that $10,000 is pretty much as good as mine and if you guys have
some sweet ways that I could spend it let me know down below in the comments
cuz I’m thinking like maybe like an ATV or an ice-cream maker or a fondue
machine I definitely need to win this challenge
oh hi Papa Jake you know I just love to eat some sim string that’s my brain what
are you doing over there don’t push anything he goes at the bottom okay I
don’t like this please really got a fish around in there oh just here I want to
use this public restroom let’s see yeah let’s see what the toilet looks like oh
no no no yeah guys that does not look like a happy toilet oh and one of the
coolest features of this is this little thing here now when Logan sees this it
says pull me and this string goes all the way up here to a little surprise we
have for Logan’s so I think this is gonna really throw them off I still got
a little bit of work to do on the other section here I’ve got to put that all
together I still got a lot of work to do but I’ll see you guys in a little bit as
I’m moving on alright and we are done building our escape room it is looking
pretty sweet as you can see we have some clues as well as all the items Jake is
going to need to escape this place there are rules he has to follow and it is
pretty confusing so I’m pretty sure it’ll take them a really long time to
figure this out and I have a good shot at winning the $10,000 I’m not gonna be
telling you guys any of the clues cuz I want you guys to try and figure it out
with Jake but I think this escape room is pretty difficult and I think he’s
gonna have a hard time getting out as long as I can perform in Logan’s prison
I think Papa Jake fam has this in the bag alright guys so we just finished
building our prisons and that means it is finally time for me and Logan to go
head-to-head to see who can escape the fastest and of course guys the winner
will receive $10,000 so there’s a on the line here guys and I will say
Logan you did take a little bit longer than me to finish your prison I don’t
know if that’s because you weren’t as good at building boxes because it’s a
little bit trickier than you yeah well you know I’ve got some secrets in my
prison that I think you’re gonna have some fun when you find them out but
Logan we do have one issue there is no way that we could both get in each
other’s prisons and then accurately time each other and set everything up so I
think we need a friend to come and help I got box man who’s bossman box means my
friend what is that thing staying in our hallway that’s box man well that’s
something I don’t like that that’s okay is he here to help us I’ve told him how
to operate my prison so he’s gonna set you up and he’s gonna set me up at the
same time he’s gonna say go and then we’re just gonna have to escape the
prison I guess box man is gonna help us here
guys let me know in the comments how you feel about box man I guess we need to go
to each other’s prisons now so box man want you show us the way and we’ll get
set up and start this challenge I’m gonna buy box man guys just kind of
freaking me out so you can let me know in the comments what you think that is
because I don’t that’s real prison and box man is here I’m having glasses
pretty I’m pretty sure there’s no Sun in here box man don’t know why I’m having
glasses put on my face but okay what’s that no oh why is that going on my
forehead why is there tape going on my forehead no I don’t like that I do not
like that is this some sort of prank Logan can I take this off
no I can’t take the tape off my for it alright don’t know why it’s on there
maybe for aesthetic purposes oh and there’s handcuffs okay alright guys well
if we’re gonna win this challenge I gotta be quick
Oh box man all right well we got to be quick so I just need to wait for okay
box man is just putting handcuffs on me all right they thank you I guess he’s
going now okay there it is okay okay all right
the clock is counting down now we see do escape okay okay well obviously I can’t
just jump out of here because there’s no roof that would be cheating so we got to
get out the way Logan intended it if I was oh wait well the gastric on the
board here says uh 1 2 1 1 B 2 and then ha ha ha all right great they’re cool
glasses broke bet you need some h2o h2o oh here this off box man this kind of
comes off oh oh there’s a mirror whoa wait guys look at you see oh you
see what’s on my head you guys are suing somebody at this whole time fly to the
sky fly to the sky so some sort of clue I had this is fly
to the sky okay guys the timer just started so I got to start moving quickly
one hand in this handcuff and this pull me this looks kind of
suspicious okay nothing in here I don’t know what
this is for okay guys there’s an arrow here I’m
gonna pull it up okey looks like I’m doing pretty well
after all all right guys maybe this key works for
my handcuffs okay it’s not working I’m gonna have to try pulling this thing all
right here goes nothing three two one
uh what was that silly string and oh look guys there’s a green ball
oh there’s nothing in here the sky uh why find secret here I’m looking up but
there’s not maybe there’s something silly Oh God
there is a screwdriver okay all right I got a screwdriver now I gotta use the
screwdriver somewhere quick Havoc okay I gotta use the screwdriver on something
in here oh wait what about this oh there’s a key here this is key near I
just can’t play I’m screw this okay well it looks like I can only open this with
the numbers so I’m gonna have to save that for later guys I need something
that I can use the screwdriver on I’m like looking around here guys wait oh
right here literally maybe the wall okay all right let’s be quick with this
luckily for me I man screw driving expert buy this like the art is thing
ever there we go what was inside you screws
inside here okay it looks like there wasn’t a key or anything other than the
fact that Jake just wanted to prank me maybe there’s something back here all
right guys I just got free of the handcuffs I hope I’m doing a good job
I wonder what’s going on with Jake right now
okay guys there’s literally just screws in here I don’t think this was anything
real this this might have just been a joke or some sort of decoy maybe there’s
something else in here I gotta do oh another one another one up here okay ah
let’s unscrew this okay please don’t be decoys please don’t be decoys it’s in
here anything in here okay perfect okay gonna get the handcuffs off now all
right one hand cut off and the other one got the handcuffs off we are good to go
I guess I can take these glasses off now I don’t think I need them anymore okay
looks like this is some kind of locked door maybe this key works perfect all
right guys on to the next door I think we’re doing pretty well so far
okay it looks like this room has some bars and this looks like the next door
big balloon another pony sign I don’t think I’m
gonna be pulling that anytime soon okay uh back to the board here it says got
the handcuffs off yet if so move to part two from paper to
what would what a plumber do uh well there is a toilet here so things ending
in the toilet luckily Logan didn’t fill his toilet with slime nothing in here is
there something in this no this is just a plunger oh there’s an arrow pointing
here maybe there’s something in here what’s this guess I pump it
I wonder if I push this button okay that was pretty cool but what am I supposed
to do with a dart I guess pop this balloon all right guys
this is gonna be loud so brace yourselves three two one okay guys that
was a really loud bang but I just realized I’m taking way too much time
with this I gotta pick things up this this wasn’t here before II okay this
must be some kind of clue I don’t think that’s part of it I think Logan’s was
trying to prank me he probably heard that I was gonna pray
candies I I’m gonna get Jake back with these pranks timer we gotta get moving I
want to win this money so we got to get out of here well would the plumber do
what else is there guys I don’t know what a polymer do all
we have is this stupid plunger wait a lot we can I just noticed that the top
of this plunger here there’s like a like a screw of some sorts I might be able to oh you gotta be kidding me Logan hit
something in there I was kind of half joking
come on hombres okay guys I’m gonna pull this in three two one what this place is just a bunch of
pranks have a screwdriver I might be able to get out with this yeah got it
what’s this say what to say uh guys I think this is a very long math equation
we can check it out look there’s uh looks like there’s three different
equations for three different numbers and over here there’s a combination lock
with three different umbers all right I just got solve this quickly with my
calculator and I should be able to get the numbers and get out of here I’m
gonna do some basic math here here we move it I don’t need to calculate for
this guy’s looks super simple math it’s 8 6 times 6 is 36 minus 30 is 6 plus 2
is 8 8 8 plus 2 that’s 10 divided by 5 times 2 that’s 10 so the answer would be
1 so it’s 81 ok perfect I think this might be the final key
hopefully it is and we’ll be able to win this challenge we have the number 8 and
looks like this is a combination mob okay maybe the clock is the other two
numbers 3 & 6 8 3 6 guys we did it alright guys on to the
next room whoa okay this is very colorful there we go perfect okay come
on in there alright this is going to be the
key we didn’t we didn’t we got out let’s go see baby Logan that doesn’t owe this
is my freedom Oh too sure what this is it kind of looks
like a chair or a throne do I have to put my hand in here looks like it’s a
toilet Oh Oh guys this is really wet and cold
Oh slime this feels really really gross okay I think I feel something Oh guys
there’s a key he’s a key guys we did it alright guys we have the
final key guys we did it okay guess the lock just had to come off
oh yeah guys we won and I don’t hear Jake so maybe maybe I just won the
$10,000 oh yeah buddy buddy you lost I’m so sorry man I
thought I had that I know but you have lost the official first Papa Jake versus
Logan challenge which means I am the proud a new recipient of $10,000 how
will I spend it should I buy ten thousand gumballs but guys you know what
awesome way that I should be spending that down below leave a comment what you
think I should be doing and also leave a comment what you guys think our next
Papa Jake versus Logan challenge should be and also again a huge shout out to
the sponsor of this video yeah stars thank you so much those guys don’t
forget to go check out the game a link in the description down below but this
has been Papa Jake and Logan and we’ll see you guys next time for another
awesome video

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