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  1. No American left behind—at Home & Abroad. That’s the Trump mindset.

    Is there anything this President can’t do?

  2. Venezuelan women are usually pretty but this one got the worst one. He will go back again because did his visa hungry wife

  3. Hey all you Trump hating losers your idol Barack Obama was weak and ineffective. Totally worthless!’

  4. Thank God for President Donald Trump! He has broken the chains of bondage and a prisoner is set free! Obama would NEVER DO THAT! HE LETS OUR FELLOW AMERICANS DIE!!!

  5. Venezuela should of killed his ass like Kim jong un did to that white boy that went to steal over there in NK 😐

  6. People just have enough from you guys, media, DNC and the Liberalism is dead in America following their ancestors the Communism. Trump movement is going to last for 200yrs. Yes!! I am Muslim and left down by them all..

    >>A range of businesses—including fisheries, landscapers and those in summer tourist spots—*have complained about worker shortages* and have been waiting to see if Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen will use that authority. But people who support restrictions on immigration, including some in the White House, argue that foreign workers drive down American wages and oppose additional visas.
    Faced with a similar choice last summer, then-DHS Secretary John Kelly also provided an additional 15,000 visas but cast it as a one-time only move.<<
    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. HA, slap your Evil liberal faces. Licking tender liberal tears taste sweet like honeysuckle. Trump still WINNING.

  9. Trump has done it again, this time without needing to work on it personally. American power is on the rise and the contrast with that weakling called Obama can't be greater.

  10. CNN I take back all the mean shit ive said about you. Today you have actullay reported some truthful decent news… I'm proud of you. Keep it up.

  11. TRUMP deserved a Nobel Prize
    3 freed from North Korea
    1from Venezuela
    Trump don't paid billions like that bitch Obama.TRUMP best loader ever ,by time we her a man in the White House, no a fruitcake liberals

  12. too much winning, I cant take, I want to go back to when Obama did nothing and got all the glory…all this winning cant be good for our enemies.

  13. What is Trump promising these countries to get these prisoners released, where nobody else could accomplish this, something stinks!

  14. Mr President is even working on memorial day weekend.

    Meanwhile the magic negro is probably at a Chicago cookout working on the next community organizing action

  15. President Trump: The best president we have had in many many decades. Very impressed. I hear communists/ liberals don't care for our President.

  16. Why do people choose to go to these dictatorship countries and expect to be safe? I.e. Venezuela, and North Korea.

  17. These comments are so funny. If Trump did this for the concerns of American citizens then good. At least he doing something positive. But it's all a strategy game with Trump. He got so much praised from when he brought the basketball players home from out of jail from another country, that he went and did it again the second time, got hella praised. So now he has did it a third time. The classic look over here see what I doing with this hand, which is doing so much good. But you don't see or pay attention to my other hand which is doing so much evil. Obama, Bush, Bill etc also did some good also. They just didn't broad cashed like Trump. Please don't come for me because I voted for none of them.

  18. A man devoid of empathy capitalising on Corker’s work for a shameless photo op. Nothing New. Same old Orange Asshole.

  19. admited with Trump as president we see people been release from other countries, with obama how many persons where release??

  20. This is curious. …Trump gave The Bears Ears to Mormonia, supports Myth Romney, Mormons support The Don in Zionist agenda making Jerusalem capitol of Judea, Now this,….i know there's more to this Secret Tow Line…anybody know?

  21. do any of you retards on the left remember a tyrant we had for 8 years? yeah me neigther. LOL. prison bitch bound. Obama gonna get some butt loving from bubba. sry michelle your getting a prison broom stick up yours. Hillary will be blind folded at the wall. to bad Harvey Weinstein,Anthony Weiner, Huma Abedine, john Podesta, and all those other baby killing freaks are in prison and cant watch the execution 🙂 smile lefties. your shit is finnished. eat bricks suckas

  22. Funny how ppl fell into the trap of America not being great. I say these ppl should go to a dictatorship country. Then come back and report. That's if your allowed to leave.. #Numbskulls!!

  23. Wow nice to see a president actually bring our citizens back. We got so used to the used car salesman we had before. Great job President Trump!!!!

  24. Next time Trump frees Americans he should make a trade. One obummer for two Americans. one killery for three Americans. Hell give N.Korea all obummer admin. including left overs and libterd judges. for one nuke. Or even a broken prommis for one nuke. Like the s##t deal obummer made with iran the terrorist regime

  25. worry about your own backyard, theres thousand of people in the usa who have been in prison for years who are still awaiting trial

  26. It’s so amusing when the US. news media bleat about other countries locking up their citizens without a trial, are they still suffering from amnesia over Gitmo?

  27. The master deal maker at work once again freeing more American hostages. Josh Holt would still be rotting
    in prison if Obama were the POTUS.

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