Gaijin 外人 Solo Camp ぼっちキャンプ Japan

Gaijin 外人 Solo Camp ぼっちキャンプ Japan

[Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] my guys in Bochy camp kimochi Tomodachi night-night Tomodachi doko desu ka’ Tomodachi doko desu ka’ nyjah yeah die jobless so look at this I joke I joke I joke I joke ok Beauchamp sticky beef ribs behind mushroom soy sauce wasabi wasabi ah I found a [Applause] pocket okay without it none de Poissy IOC please Bo she funny guys mass killer be dude Asahi super dry super dry super dry Ichiban my you mmm oh she risky ah Yamazaki 1212 Julie Junie need you need you Jay Junie kind of my scent 12 juni juni joonie kind of my scent 10-10-10 tan Jimmy [Music] [Applause] [Music] yeah nice camp jump on that moving it name we a little bit tired it’s about 9 o’clock just waiting for some coals to cook at the stake I go to sleep a little bit early tonight I like being out here there’s a good camp it’s a good day walking around exploring seeing what’s in the woods looking for a little fat wood but I came up short I wanted to find some sheds but I don’t know if there’s deer over here I’ve never actually seen deer I seen that – Nikki raccoon dog but that’s about it some cook up my steak has some wasabi little Gohan rice and uh I hit the hay so this is just a little short video I want to keep you on my solo camp I know it’s not that interesting so as always my name name wha name oh uh name name dis howdy my saying my name is rocky and this is rocky split outdoors Oh

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  1. Pretty cool that you’re over in Japan. It’s going to be epic when you do find that deer shed. Thanks for sharing, Rocky.

  2. It beats a claustrophobic old office… Any day, Rocky !!! 🇯🇵✌🏼🔥👍🏼🇺🇸💫☺️ ⛺️

  3. Hi! Rocky-San My name は tomola
    です。😁Bochi-Camp gleat! Sometimes we need it such a time & space which reminds you that you have a lot of people around you. usually we might forgotten. Of course Mother Earth as well. ✌️

  4. Well done man. I know that lonely camp feeling. But I think I prefer it that way most of the time. Plus what little friends I have don't enjoy it like i do. Thanks for sharing brother. Stay safe and good adventures!

  5. Loving this style of filming Rocky. Your intro was as good as any professionally produced film I've seen, and your command of Japanese was amazing. Thank you for the subtitles 🙂 You will never be alone my friend when you think of all your online friends watching over you! 👍👍👍 Anthony

  6. Awesome video, Rocky. Brilliant editing, too. Both thumbs up! (I keep meaning to ask you, how do you like driving on the 'proper' side of the road….lol)

  7. wow you look so different in the office with a suit and tie but it must of been nice to get out and set up camp, excellent video as always, take care man

  8. Nice video! I don't believe you have no friends in Japan. Me? I'm your big brother, so. Why don't you take some co-worker to your camping? Share camping in Japanese style. Take American male or female; it doesn't matter, to my camping. Then you can spread your circle of friends to Japanese.
    Looks like The Tama Hills is nice to quiet camping. I like the big circle fire pit. That Wasabi is so expensive! It must be high quality, but.
    It seems like the Ferro-rod worked. That's good.

  9. いい感じですね。チョイチョイ見にきます(^^) いつか、いっしょに、キャンプしようm(__)m

  10. The effort putten into this video was nothing other then amazing, really liked the intro to it you made, made a diffrent feel to it which i really liked, also all the shots you took in diffrent place's of the same location made the video look cool.
    I gotta keep saying this nice video mate!

  11. Well, people make a lot of acquaintances but not that many friends. Mostly our real friends are friends from childhood. Me, I can't wait to get away on my own. I get more than enough of people at work. Nice video Rocky, as usual.

  12. So you wound up using that footage after all! Made a great intro. I'd go camping with you in a heartbeat if it weren't so damned far. I've never had wasabi, always wanted to try it. All we can get is green horseradish

  13. Excellent introduction you look very handsome all cleaned up but having worked in an office I understand the desire to escape. As for having no friends visit me in Canada I consider you a friend who I’ve haven’t met yet

  14. 6:30 comes quick!
    I need to get one of those gear carts.
    One day i will go far east to camping ⛺️ 🌲🌲🌲

  15. Outstanding! Loved the intro ❤️and your gear is great as always!! Wish you were here in Maryland, friend!

  16. Man it sucks lately I’ve been so busy every other day I’m ether sick or busy doing other stuff trying to get out and do some bushcrafting and video making haven’t even watched the video yet but I’m very excited

    EDIT know after watching the video I have decided I want to learn Japanese

  17. Dude that was awesome. Whats all the gray hair? You are working too hard. Got to through some wax on the ground cloth. Get a bar of FjalRaven wax and a hair dryer. Look like a great night out. Lonely camping is why I bring Disney with me.

  18. ハリーさんはどうなりましたか?





  19. ストーリー性が満載のオープニングは良かったです!

  20. Harryさんとのキャンプ、楽しそうでしたね〜

  21. Bro I absolutely love pistachios! I've never had campfire coffee but I'm sure it's gotta be the best thing ever as well! I don't eat pork so beef ribs sound super amazing as well! Your Japanese is really good and I do appreciate the subtitles lol. I hope you been getting a lot of Japanese subscribers since your move. You tried to do something a bit different with this video and I enjoyed it.

  22. 自然とふれ合う休日も良いですね😆

  23. You speak Japanese better than some Americans speak English 😂🤣 😂 I really liked this one Rocky. Thank you for the subtitles. Keep mixing it up if that's your thing. Very good Sir!

  24. 素敵なビデオでした!Nice Video!ありがとう!癒されました!きっと友達もたくさんできますよ!( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

  25. Awesome camp, my friend. Haha don't be sad with no friends…sometimes its better to be solo! LOL! I liked the bushcraft wagon! Sometimes I wish I had one, but they don't roll good over these rocky trails. I'd be done flipped my stuff down the mountain LOL! That was really neat listening to the Japanese. One of these days I'm going to do a vid in Spanish just to screw around. Do you ever have difficulty remembering words in English? I remember back when I first came home to the States after 6 years in Latin America, I struggled to remember even simple things for several weeks. I'll never forget once spending like two hours trying to remember how to say "potato" in English haha!

  26. Got a kick out of the intro, but feel sorry for you having to wear a suit. 😕 … Do you have to worry about wild critters, like you would foxes getting into your food, or bears attacking you, like you would in the States?

  27. Really a very good camp. Very humorous and fun.

    I also like pistachio, very good!

    The wasabi is expensive even, but is it a special taste, is not it?

    In the solo camp you will not be alone because everyone who is watching is your friends, do not worry!

    I also liked the short ax, it seems very good!

    Camping and exploration, my favorite video!

  28. So who was that sharp dressed man in the beginning?😁😁 Another outstanding video. Like that sweater too. Like the switch on the language. Nice touch. Your never really alone you know. Mother Nature is good company. She won't drink your whiskey and beer!!!!!! Take care, Al

  29. That was a really great vid there Rockie. You kind of stepped out of the typical bushcraft box and told a cool story. Your Japanese has improved 10 fold over the last few months and it shows. You did a great job with the editing and soundtrack. Very nice, if I may say so. I'm glad to see you are out exploring Japan and doing something many others can only dream about. Once again, thanks for sharing and Cheers to you my friend.

  30. Looks like you have a great setup going on there Rocky and steak and beer looked great too. I am going to have to take your word for it that your Japanese is coming on good as well, as despite working for Fujitsu for 8 years and taking Japanese lessons for a while, its a case of use it or lose it for me. Looks like you are having a real good time over there, cheers Alan

  31. I thought you were back in the States? or was this filmed awhile back? Hell dude you ever make it down to Texas I'll go camping with ya. Great video work brother, appreciate you sharing with us all. Peace out and God Bless

  32. Great video and Japanese ! Definitely better then my English, for sure !
    Can't wait to meet up one day. Your friend on the Oregon Coast.

  33. That intro! Felt like I was getting into a Hollywood spy movie! Well done. I don’t speak a lick of Japanese but I thoroughly enjoyed listening to you speak it and I appreciated the subtitles. Great vid.

  34. ビデオを楽しんだ。あなたはYouTubeに友達がいます。今、あなたは私に日本語を勉強してもらいます。

    Bideo o tanoshinda. Anata wa yūchūbu ni tomodachi ga imasu. Ima, anata wa watashi ni nihongo o benkyō shite moraimasu. Have no idea if anything translated correctly. Could not get 12 to translate as anything but a 12. Have a good one.

  35. Oh man I covered the captions while you were talking to see how much Japanese I knew.
    Beer and whisky is all I got lol!
    Jk. Fear not brother! You’re friends are here!!
    All kinds of unique options for camp food over there.
    How do you prepare the wasabi? So cool to see in its root form and not the little pack. I’m going to delve deeper into the world of wasabi after I’m done here, cause now I’m intrigued!

    Got to love that solitude and the break from the grind though!

  36. Hey Rocky, I knew the moment you walked through that tunnel the light and warmth of your camp fire along with your coffee and late night steak would put you in the zone – ha! Your vlogs are pure artistry my friend!!! Amazing – that even across the great Pacific Ocean, your bush camp family is like right there with you! Fantastic! Our dreams are hidden right before us …in plain sight!!! Dream on eh! Shalom, Lamplighter 2019 out! 😎😉👍

  37. "Totemo kūru!" Walking into work like a baller 😛 I'll be honest when I saw the handle I instantly thought of the little red wagons. I know a lot of "wasabi" in the US is just dyed horseradish but dang that's pricey. I tried the tamago gohan without the MSG flakes and it's way better than I thought it would be.

  38. Enjoyed the video!, coffee service looked great!, I wanna try making coffee in one of those, is it espresso?, nice tunes, good editing.

  39. Out of curiosity… Japan is a pretty populated island.. Every once in a while I've watched camping videos from Japan. It seems that good secluded camping sites are scarce, places often look almost like country parks, well established paths criss-crossing everywhere etc. Probably not easy to camp away from the crowds, or how is it?

  40. I hear the Japanese whisky is pretty good. Off to Scotland next week so I'll no doubt try some of the local offerings.

    Cheers mate!

  41. 日本語って難しいですよね...

  42. Thank you for the your nice video. Raw wasabi is a luxury item in Japan. Usually, we use tube-type wasabi that is buy at supermarkets better.

  43. I like to watch ur youtube…I like camping and bushcraft also…
    and…I want to tell about important thing is
    The flag you are using right now is Rising Sun Flag which should not be used. The flag is a symbol associated with Japanese imperialism during 2nd World War and carries a similar meaning as Nazi's Hakenkreuz. Using this flag is disrespecting the countries those were suffered by Japan in those days. Please be refrained from using it. If I use an image of Hakenkreuz when I upload video clips related to Germany it will make you feel very uncomfortable. Please do not use Rising Sun Flag for whatsoever.

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