Gateway GPS 2015 – Camp Recap 1

Gateway GPS 2015 – Camp Recap 1

I think God has been speaking to me about, like, prioritizing Him first and putting Him first. When we prioritize God you get to know more about His love and then from that you can give it to other people… …and just like prioritizing God and then all things really come together when you put Him first… …and that’s what I have been learning and that’s been great. Jesus, I have to put Jesus as my first priority. God has been telling me how like, relationship, even if I don’t have a really good relationship with Him… …I can always go back to Him whenever and He is always welcoming me with open hands. There was a radical change in my mind because of the teachings we received from the pastors… …about who God is and about why we should praise Him and exalt Him everyday. It’s about having a daily intimate relationship. We are not to only serve the Lord, but to know what He is thinking… …not only follow His will, but understand His heart. One of the pastors invited a brother to the stage, he even kneeled down before him… …I was greatly moved by this, It really showed how much our Heavenly Father loves us. If a pastor can love a brother, even when they didn’t know each other, this is the love of our Heavenly Father. One thing I have learned here at Gateway, the first night we arrived they talked to us about… …being servants and how Jesus was the servant and Jesus is God, …if He came down to serve us… then how can I not serve others. My faith was built up during the camp. In the past I don’t have much faith in God. In missions it is important to have faith in God, to believe that I can share the gospel to others. If I can gain more faith in God during Gateway Camp it will help me in the future to do missions. What I liked the most was being together from all the nations and being able to know more about the Lord, …to seek His face, to worship Him and listen to His voice. It surprised me how many Asian people are able to worship Him and that filled my heart. We all are deeply touched by the Holy Spirit and became more passionate because of this camp. After we return to our city, we will be more dedicated to do evangelism in the city. I like how Gateway has such a lively atmosphere and I like worshiping with everyone, and just dancing and praising God. I want to encourage the spiritual leaders among us. We have been christians for years and have experienced so much of His grace. How can we pass on this mission to the next generation? It is really important to pass it from generation to generation. Gateway is really just been pushing me to communicate with God in a way that maybe I haven’t before… …and I think that’s awesome about Gateway is that it really pushes you to have… …your own relationship with God instead of maybe what other people tell you how it should be.

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