Gospel Movie clip “Break the Shackles and Run” (2) – Is Everything in the Bible God’s Word? 01

Gospel Movie clip “Break the Shackles and Run” (2) – Is Everything in the Bible God’s Word? 01

Paul said right in 2 Timothy that the Bible is entirely inspired by God, and that all the words in the Bible are God’s own words. The words “All scripture is given by inspiration of God” were spoken by Paul. God has never witnessed the Bible this way, and the Holy Spirit has never said such words as these. And no prophets or apostles have said that either. The words “All scripture is given by inspiration of God” as spoken by Paul only represent his personal view. Hello. So good of you to come. Jiseok, great to see you. (Good to see you.) Hi. This is Elder Im. (Hi.) Hi! This is Elder Yang. (Nice to meet you. Hello.) I’m Jeong Jiseok. And Deacon Gang. Nice to meet you. (Hello.) Shall we? (After you.) I never thought you would come. I decided to after hearing Elder Im’s fellowship on Almighty God’s word. Hello. (Hi.) Hello. Hi. You’re here already. Hello, everyone. Hello. It’s great to see you. Welcome. Thank you. Good to see you. These words in the Bible are not all God’s words; there’re God’s and also man’s—that I don’t deny. But the religious pastors often tell us God’s work and words are all in the Bible, the Bible is all inspired by God, that all the words in it are God’s words, and that the Bible therefore represents God. This has for so long been my own belief as well. But after your fellowship, I think there might be a problem with that. If we don’t change this point of view, it might directly harm us, keep us from our search and study for God’s appearance and work. You have experienced the work of Almighty God in the last days, and understand the truth more. Please fellowship more with us about this truth. (Hm.) What’s wrong with our understanding? Paul said right in 2 Timothy that the Bible is entirely inspired by God, and that all the words in the Bible are God’s own words. That is exactly what Paul said. How can he be wrong? (Amen.) Well, many religious people believe the Bible is inspired by God, believing what Paul says. Yet no one looks into whether Paul had any basis for this statement. People tend to feel this way because they have too much blind faith in Paul’s words and worship him. But have you ever considered whether Paul’s words conform with those of God? Are they supported by Lord Jesus’ words or supported by the Holy Spirit’s words? People use Paul’s words to conclude the Bible is entirely inspired by God. Yet, does this conform with the Lord’s word or with the truth? If this statement from Paul is corroborated by the word of Lord Jesus or of the Holy Spirit, then we can accept and obey that. Then it would be in line with the Lord’s intentions. But we know for a fact that Paul used to oppose Lord Jesus and even resist Him. It is a well-known fact that he was the chief sinner who opposed against Lord Jesus. Even though Lord Jesus chose Paul as an apostle to spread the gospel, Paul is still merely a created man. Therefore, his words are just the words of a man and no more than that. The Lord Jesus is God, while the apostles and disciples are only men. The apostles and disciples of Lord Jesus cannot compare to Lord Jesus Himself. For man’s words, if they are not confirmed by Lord Jesus or the Holy Spirit, no matter who says them, we cannot just blindly accept or obey these words. Yes, that’s right. Otherwise, the consequences would be unimaginable. If we go back to the time when the Pharisees condemned the Lord Jesus, many people rejected Lord Jesus because they followed the Pharisees. They were eliminated because they condemned Lord Jesus and resisted Him. Haven’t people learned this lesson by now? (Mm.) Yes, they resisted God. Actually in the Bible, only the words from Jehovah or from Lord Jesus, the words of the Holy Spirit, the words conveyed by the prophets from God, and the Book of Revelation are exactly God’s words. The rest, that’s just the records and letters of man, not God. These all count as testimonies of God’s work and of course are important in the Bible. However, we must always remember not to treat the word of man as the word of God. Man’s words are just man’s words, and only God’s words are truly the words of God. If we were to insist the words of man and Satan found in the Bible are also the words of God, that is blasphemous and slanderous to God. Therefore, saying that all the scripture is from God and is also the word of God, this just doesn’t make factual sense. Wow, this fellowship makes sense, and it’s completely backed up by facts. The Bible has the word of God and man’s words, but also Satan’s words. This is true. It’s not made up. The truth is so obvious. How did we not see this before? They’re correct. This view of the Bible is right. We’ve been so foolish and blind. Now let’s read a passage of word from Almighty God. Yes, I’ll be reading. Praise God. Yes. The words of Almighty God are very clear in this passage. The Bible isn’t just God’s word, but also has the words of various men. Knowing they aren’t the same, we should make the distinction and always respect the fact and treat the Bible correctly. Many believers still believe in the Bible blindly, and they worship the Bible, all of it. They trust Paul’s statement that They think that everything in the Bible is God’s word, even the words of man and the words of Satan as well. They think these are God’s words, all of them, but what kind of problem is this? Is this not a form of blasphemy? The words of man are clearly marked in the Bible as the words of man. Why do some insist these are the words of God? Do they really think man’s word becomes God’s as long as it’s in the Bible? What kind of logic is that? Satan’s words, the serpent’s words also appear in there. So, would you dare say these are God’s words as well? Oh, of course not. It can’t be. This shows that those who think everything in the Bible is God’s words are completely absurd. Even if people don’t understand the truth, they should at least respect the facts. They shouldn’t turn the facts upside down. Yes, it’s true. Indeed. You know, we’ve been reading the Bible for so many years. How could we say that man’s words are the same as God’s? It’s definitely the distortion of fact, makes me so ashamed. You’re right. The difference between man’s words and God’s words are marked very clearly, and are right there in the Bible. Yet we insist everything is the word of God. We’ve been so foolish. I think what Paul said has really misguided us. Me too. Yes. We all know it’s true that only God’s word is the truth, the way, and the life. Man’s words that conform with the truth come from their experience and knowledge of God’s word. But even with the enlightenment and illumination of the Holy Spirit, they are still only man’s words. And man’s words cannot be compared to the word of God. The word of God is the expression of His disposition and all that He has and is. It’s the reality of positive things. It can be our life. Words spoken by man that tally with the truth all come from his experiences and understanding of God’s word and the truth. They represent his stature at that time. But we should always understand: The truth of God’s word can never fully be experienced. No matter how deep their knowledge of God’s word and the truth might be, it can never truly reach the original essence of God’s word and of His truth. What I mean is man’s word may accord with the truth, but they’re never equals. Being able to say words that conform with the truth does not mean man truly possesses the truth, and of course it doesn’t mean that man is the truth. This is because the Holy Spirit bases His work on man’s stature, guiding and enlightening, letting man understand the truth gradually and enter the reality. The words said by men used by God that conform with the truth are their limited experience and understanding of the truth. They’re so different when it comes to the real essence of the truth. These words only give some help. They cannot be man’s life and can’t be compared to God’s word. Let me read another passage of Almighty God’s word. So the words of man and the words of God in the Bible we can see cannot simply be confused. There are so many pastors whose preaching is not even based on the word of God, but on man’s words in the Bible. They treat man’s words as the truth and ask people to comply with them. This makes it easy to create confusion because we know that man’s words cannot be man’s life, and that only God’s words can be man’s life. Pastors tend to treat man’s words in the Bible as truth and make people follow them. Isn’t that putting the cart before the horse? Is this exalting God and bearing witness to God? Furthermore, the words “All scripture is given by inspiration of God” were spoken by Paul. God has never witnessed the Bible this way, and the Holy Spirit has never said such words as these. And no prophets or apostles have said that either. The words “All scripture is given by inspiration of God” as spoken by Paul only represent his personal view. Therefore, for people to think that the Bible is entirely inspired by God, and that the Bible is all God’s word and represents God, this is incredibly wrong. This is how we should treat the Bible, we should see this fact clear as day. This way, God will be satisfied. These pastors blindly follow Paul, and they think that everything in the Bible is God’s words. This point of view is so wrong! Yes, I know. Then teaching the Bible like this to people is deceiving and misleading to them. (I know.) It looks like even pastors don’t understand the Bible. They can’t tell the difference between God’s word and man’s word. They can’t understand even this. Why are they still so boldly interpreting the Bible absurdly? It’s a shock, really. It’s leading to their destruction, the blind leading the blind. That’s right. Those who don’t understand the truth are easily deceived. However, I now understand through the fellowship of Almighty God’s word. Not everything in the Bible is the word of God. In the past, we treated the words of man in the Bible as the word from God. But isn’t this extreme blasphemy? We really have been so ignorant. Mm. Why would we ignore these words but treat Paul’s as if they were the word of God? We’re even worshiping them as the truth. How is this belief in the Lord? It’s belief in the Bible. We’re worshiping Paul as God instead of the Lord. We have been treading down the same path as the Pharisees. If we hadn’t read the word of Almighty God today, we wouldn’t have known we’ve been blinded and have fallen into darkness. That’s true. It’s so dangerous. After your fellowship, I feel enlightened. Paul’s words, his opinions have brought us too much harm. Without knowing the truth, we have no discernment, and so we blindly worship Paul. As a result, we’ve strayed from the Lord’s way without even knowing it. I get it now. To believe in God, we must base everything we do on the word of God. (Amen.) From now on, no matter how high a person’s rank might be, if their words are against truth, not based on God’s word, it should be treated as man’s word and as heresy. (Amen.) Only that is truly believing in God and is after God’s heart. Amen. That’s right. I agree with them. Yes. Yes, you’re right. God’s word is all the truth, and it’s the expression of all that He has and is. The words of man that truly conform to the truth are all the enlightenment from the word of God, only the experience and knowledge of God’s word but are far off from the essence of truth itself. (Amen.) Man’s words and God’s words indeed cannot be compared. All this time, we have failed to distinguish between man’s words and God’s words in the Bible. We’ve treated man’s words as if they had come from God Himself. At meetings, we’ve only preached man’s words and the apostles’ and other words from man, preaching those instead of the word of God. That’s true. We’ve been asking believers to follow those words of man. God’s words have been made hollow, yet we think we’re being loyal to the Lord this way. We’ve been very foolish. Yes, we’ve neglected God’s word. I agree. In the past, I believed Paul’s words, I had never doubted these words before. Doubting the words in the Bible was in my mind the same as actually doubting God. But today, after listening to your fellowship, I finally understand. The Bible is not entirely inspired by God, and the words of the Bible are not all the words of God. What we used to accept was indeed fallacious. Finally, we all now know the truth, like dispelling the clouds and seeing the sun! (Amen!) Thanks to the word of Almighty God, we can understand the truth and have been given release and freedom! (Amen!) Such fellowship is so good. The communion is so enjoyable and so constructive! (Yeah!) After we listen to Almighty God’s words, our hearts are released and are freed. This is all God’s blessing. (Amen!) Let us listen to a song that praises God? OK! That sounds great! And now let’s look at the screen. (Sure! OK!) This song is spectacular! I feel excited! It really is life in Canaan, the good land. (Yes, I know.) I feel so envious of them. They are in God’s presence and enjoying God’s word. They are so happy and joyous! Indeed, it’s so!

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