HELD HOSTAGE. **emotional, not clickbait**

HELD HOSTAGE. **emotional, not clickbait**

after that I started inching forward and I saw a car that truck I saw hand come out of the truck and waving forward and so I went forward and then he came out with the gun hey yo good morning low gang what Papa God you guys know this is Blake use the winner of the contest ahead with the white don’t we voices or something different music video our director we had to follow me on Instagram and how to follow the white over at its crib oh if you notice there I plugged like three things at once I guess you could say I was always a plug in case I got the teacher Tuesday March is always plug because it is important to always well you can’t underscore creo that’s what I’m saying I mean if we’re doing it we’re doing by the time you watch this vlog to help me help you music videos coming out tomorrow and Logan we gonna get that to the top of the chart you guys are eating up the March like literally this is crazy here’s a picture of all the merch being shipped out for the last week that’s a lot things basically there’s a lot of good things going on right now including oh we have you butter leg oh you got to see why it’s yellow in a music video comes up all you gotta know is it’s popping good morning huh what he’s right down here somewhere car hey buddy hot puppy good morning to you my guys are definitely bonding is definitely some bonding going down not a hundred percent friendship but it’s gonna happen I think I’m gonna build a purse that I can attach to call and so Mavericks can literally ride call me cuz you over them the internet attempted bonding session number one then more attempted bonding session number two methyl-p I know I see it you see maverick though that’s what I want you to see the problem is maverick is timid which is weird to me you guys know maverick he’s an aggressive bird but why is he afraid to come I’ve seen him attack big dog guys we are a team we all have to work together okay look at notice a good nose going slowly but surely maverick I will train you and you buddy you’ve got to stop being so aggressive shall we are but to keep the date so big judgment above it what we do first like I’ll sit notice bro you got long arms please yo yes those long arms you two little doggy he’s like look at my arms yo real talk though I want to measure those at one point a day one time to come your arms three times longer we got to do something bonded guys in my house is an absolute wreck right now like literally I’m so stressed but we got the maze coming we bout to click the box you do it bro the major comes real oh you’re right bro hey so we cleaned up the space but I’m not gonna lie we kind of just relocated everything oh no bro we can’t even get out of my house I’ll get it later anyways let’s talk about this Oh Tommy was a ICU row row hi guys I literally bought 800 feet of rope in these two boxes problem is I saw this pillar bro and I’m like yo how cool would be if we wrap the rope around it 800 feet worth I did the calculations let’s do this yeah wait what about me bro I’m just gonna ignore the fact that Jeff ignored me so much bro guy but I’m a row connoisseur but I’ve never had this much wrong okay like what is the most important part runs with crunch to solid foundation right solace conduct exactly though we have to make sure the Rope sticks to the bottom of this because I got this heavy-duty glue here I’m gonna be honest I’ve never done this in my life I don’t know if it’s gonna work so here we go is how many notice I’m doing this rainbow the talk is wack factor she think about unscrewing that’s clearly not because you’re doing it right now Jeff I’m not an adult okay this is why I have you in my life if you look down the bone go I’m seething what’s this Oh like it oh look at that look at that kid this is me exalting and making stuff out of my life hey Jeff do me a favor grab a paper towel girl I need a baby without a staffer it’s here but can you stop for a second please Oh Jeff it’s too late no I’m sorry Jeff this is the worst time to tell me something how do you know this could be removed I can’t I don’t know that you don’t own this place booking this is true this is why I have you in my life bro to make sure I don’t make dumb decisions like this well then stop well you’re a little too late oh no we come on y’all no no that’s not why I can’t stop you and I just stop I wouldn’t want to do that bottom of yourself yeah I lost function of my hand Jeff I could stop I would go Jeff if I could stop I would I literally don’t know what did happen I blacked out Jeff dr. second I’m looking at what you’re doing now and realizing had I not even been here it would be already done and that will be even worse we are four layers in we realize this is harsh ah it’s all tangled up and it’s ropey guys did learn for months so we’re gonna keep going because you’re married to the tool we have made no progress the tangle is so bad guys I’m sweating my face off this is bad to do this but I don’t know why did you say something good we have to cross this road and here’s the thing is nice is not strong enough to do this it’ll look all frayed and almost we have made some progress yo you know what I like what you what you know how to work hard bro seriously so important damn it looks good guys we only have a little bit more to go back to the nightmare road but I’m so glad admit it’s worth it bro Oh like this is amazing Oh guys my figures are killing me we’re almost nothing my boy we have hit the tangles does it suck true why lie bro like what you doin cut while we are struggling here you guys know I drink a lot of water my boy really hooked it up wrong I told him to bring as many waters as he could I thought he’s gonna bring like a casual like two or three my boys we are set for life feel like today is just a day of mass quantities things like we just have a lot of everything bro especially heart and soul yeah oh God legit I have never felt this type of satisfaction that’s when that one girl did that one thing it has goffy and it looks so good right now you guys know what else looks good hey Dad can I pick your oh my god she’s off the floor we got 411 a lot yo wait wait a second so tisha Tuesday was yesterday anyway Oh yo people always plug but wait a second Oh below is blue wait let me set you down okay I don’t want to but to show off the hoodie hey look you look delicious I just I want to put you on a for me eat you okay well I’m about to do the ultimate plug right now like legit guys this is this is big I don’t know if it’s the right time to do it but a lazier I’m going to do follow me Ava I like being a prank right I’m doing it it’s like a white nap oh no what your father my pedals okay all right guys you’re low gang does not even know about you guys okay look no matter stop go yo no I know I didn’t yo guys look this is maverick marchand kishore tuesdays per year we got the always plug section because always plug like I’m doing we got the locating section we got the tanks we got the teaser get the hoodies get the maverick love executive go good what no no no this no no not people died you didn’t do that guys you did not see that I just woke up to be slow no you didn’t hear you’re for Levin foot girl got it no so get out get it now you’re not the real reason I’m in here the real plug the real draw a live look in that corner no down boy I literally wasn’t planning to do yeah yeah yeah I mean look it’s not it’s now for you but I’m dropping woman’s never murder right now she will be coming around the mountain video you got the stuff you got that good good yo its father way right question question we could do like a little like modeling thing look could you be my model it by my actions you hi mark we’re here last night look over your right shoulder oh yeah bro feel it bro yeah bro it’s lit right you guys this yeah bro Thank You confessional Bell yeah well you might say I’m a professional brother did he well yeah I don’t really fuckin can I tell you something I need one of these shirts I’ve got you one yeah always plug dude I tell you ii l can tell you somethin else you love me look down bro maverick merged with log in the beautiful maverick mode for females anyways dude not the first yeah bro I just did it I was I wasn’t playing at it but like I’m feeling it and and we modeled it and now we’re out here bro I guess what guys follow me at Mark Toner always close yo see ya wait yo yo wait is it just a tailor wardrobe at Mila was your friend I am no underscore yo know what you to him song what’s your Instagram I’ll just tell you is that Kong to savage you got half a million followers in seven days it’s pretty impressive the tone of the vlog is about to change like drastically this man Blake bkr has a very very interesting story like I know I’m gonna get emotional hearing it and blow gang this guy’s a legend he seriously has an incredible story to tell and I wanted to share with you guys I feel like this is a life treat that I have him here so sit back relax and get ready to be floored by this guy’s story cock release what is this is this is like okay I love comedy anyways guys I’m still here they were doing this show you is like sixty minutes to hearing you lean in this way like we’re all right next to each other like our knees are almost touching because we want to make this dramatic but okay are serious yo literally not even honest honest but you have been held hostage lives less it’s almost coming up on a year actually at all yo he hasn’t been a year no it’s coming up on in they’re being held hostage is not like a thing that happens ever to anyone that’s like being struck by lightning I was a giant want to buy a lottery ticket to the answer I’m not gonna like as none of that happening to someone for so drastically out there and then it happened to me kind of look at it than any good thing that I here’s what I want to do here’s why I’m a tree grow to me this is a miracle I cannot believe you are in my house right now protection like you shouldn’t leave here bro so tell me what happened so basically I just in 21 kind of so I did was I had put surgery this is like my six foot surgery at the time and I couldn’t do anything really and I live in Aspen Colorado at least right now so I decided hey I can’t do anything with like this Lake app on my foot I’m gonna go drive up to somewhere beautiful one shoot photos you know fire yourself myself just try to create I’m just trying to create themself exactly and this place is out of cell service now notice that kind of adventurous type yeah we try to be yeah exactly nom there was this popular campground or place to shoot my heard for the lake and all that I never been to so I pull up to the bridge to get to this place off the main road there and I saw a fair warning signs and all this I was like oh maybe if I go past these signs whatever if I stay in the car a bear can’t kill me you know but legit nasa least of my worries obviously I come up on this truck facing one way and this other car there basically parallel and I saw just two chains or guys with their hands on top of their head and I get like yeah like that the two guys yeah standing like that yeah I thought you guys staying like this exactly after that I started inching forward and I saw a car the truck I saw hand come out of the truck and waving forward and so I went forward and then he came out with the gun we weren’t that far like maybe fifty feet away from each other or something I thought maybe okay maybe I have a few grand worth of camera equipment in my car I have you know I have my wallet it’s not filled with long showers good job so just I wasn’t robbed me like like okay so the first of the first for me I can get through this but no it wasn’t that at all he had no intention of robbing he had no intention of robbing me at all his intentions for some way there to kill me this guy who you don’t even know he doesn’t even know you wanted to end your life yeah he was dead whatsoever I pull up people’s economy is to chance eventually get away so how’d they get away their distractors our he was yeah so there was another car pulling up so he started pointing a gun at them and then I kind of got the hint at their plug in a run and if I had the opportunity I am 100% when I took the chance to run but your foot is broken yeah and it wasn’t it wasn’t there so when they ran that was kind of like it for me I was like you know those the only opportunity I had there’s no little service here there’s no one here this guy clearly wants to kill someone today like this is maybe this is his way to you’re the only one left I’m the only one left with a broken foot with the parsley what’s going through your mind that I didn’t get to do what I want to do with the end of my life that my family I could say by them I think it basically live the life I want to live bro and I just 100% wasn’t ready to die when you’re in that kind of situation it’s hard to really put into words and you think your life flashes ahead of you and all that like they do in the movies and all that men let me also do it done that’s not empty but that’s what I’m saying you guys this does not happen in real life like this like it’s a miracle grow like in people either AR ready for it B or don’t think it’ll never happen but this this happened to you and it’s possible man and it’s the craziest people don’t understand and the closest they will ever understand that happening god forbid that never happens to anyone you know or you but you are a living walking miracle bro and this this feeling and this energy people are never going to experience at some point to conquer them and they try to negotiate with them and I was kind of a middle man with a yelling in distance yeah I’m like you know this not at this point at least if he shoots me at least they can take him out and prevent him from hurting someone else yeah but at the same time I wasn’t ready to give up yeah I was never that kind of guy so I started reading him and I started like analyzing his movements seemed aspired whatnot this guy’s crazy he’s also willing to die and wanting to die and the cops offered him what he will here’s a square million dollars he’s asking for all this stuff what I got from him was he doesn’t want that he like was there to give us all that day how did you end up escaping from ours you hear my run-down apartment right now at that moment I had regretted so much I knew I wasn’t happy even only at 21 years old you’ve been at 21 years old I knew there’s so much more I want to do that’s so much regret how much needed from in my lifetime it’s like something came over me where I wasn’t going to die on the elephant a lesson is dad taken which I hadn’t do something about it at one point she open the rear driver’s side door and it kind of sat a little bit into it and I saw him getting paranoid and looking around like checking her snipers and stuff like that at one moment still this close on each other he backed up and looked away towards the street and it almost led it was like and so I kind of like ducked behind the truck man right there and just waiting for Bulls to fly and I just heard screaming and yelling and swearing all this stuff and I knew I had run up this dirt road and make it to the cops and so I just started why was a friend I’m kind of like no hopping probably Canada when I got to the cops everyone at the top of that road and saw him get escorted a car out I didn’t believe I was there I still thought that should have been BEC a collection of Mandela I thought why why you why should that ever happen to anybody why you I believed it happened to me because I have this one and the in the world to inspire and change people’s life kind of like how your can change people’s life with maverick and I always want to do something like that so then I started my own thing out of it that’s BK oh yeah this is EQ or this app for and for big kids rule I can’t liberalize being ourselves and do what you want to do I truly believe it’s like being a maverick that you can accomplish anything you want life and you’ll go down whatever that day comes I believe you have a smile you’re not leaving we’re something you have lived it and can verify it to the greatest degree that this is how you need to live got one lessons can floating rock in the middle of space go one life I maverick goody I listen I understand me giving this do use a salute this is like not like evening a hold it up bro you’re just always blog because I want you to have this because I’m honored that you can like like you are the epitome of what it means to be a maverick to be a big kid and like I I need you to have that you don’t it everywhere but it happen those deep dude that was deep so what’s your channel broke on the logging once this is my channel simple if you want to do it is B K are blogs B logn youtube.com slash BK are vlogs and I’m basting it’s going to be doing what you just heard I’m going to be living my life and just trying to bring all it to the next level just like being a maverick baby and I go I got the link is in the description bit of a different vlog today but I felt like it was important tomorrow we are hanging out with the why don’t we boys we’re going to don’t mess around and do some fun stuff then help me help you comes up the next day so I guys take on future logo Blake here I forgot to mention it’s kind of a big deal woman’s maverick March is now available the link is in the description so yeah anyways pesto can take it away if you love you lo gang for life don’t forget to subscribe if you’re not subscribed and I will see you tomorrow second if you spam let’s you big Hey

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  1. why would anyone do this? Thank the Lord he is alive.

  2. Logan is a cool ass dude really down to earth, I cant see too many people who don't like this dude

  3. This video should make everyone realize that you should live your life to the fullest 💯 Bro fr cried that was so sad but keep your heads up

  4. Have you guys ever thought about how logan calls us Mavericks but a maverick is a donkey and a donkey is an ass so technically he is calling his fans and ass

  5. That kid was really innocent and you can clearly see it in his face while he was saying his story. Very few people are this clear and kind hearted.

  6. you are living for someone and his name is Jesus Christ our Lord and savior in Christ and the Bible says that there is a reason for everything Jesus use us for good it's a miracle that Blake is still alive Jesus said Blake it's not time yet for you to come home to hevean. Sometimes we could be the only Bible someone could listen to that will change someone my name is Parker and I go to Cross Trails Cowboy Church, Farm to Market Road 1563, Wolfe City, TX

  7. Blake , I beleive god was with yiu the whole time even though you had a broken foot i believe nobody should be held hostage god loves you and every body else on rhis planet

    Sincerely Alessa,

  8. I’m like a minute in and I see king and Maverick. I’m kinda sad tho. Rip Kong da Savage and Maverick the Parrot

  9. I've been held hostage before my mom got attacked by her abusive boyfriend and my and my brother were locked. In a room. And I was only 6 years old

  10. Can everyone acnoulage this man literally dodged a bullet than hopped all the way down a road with a broken foot

  11. I'm sad but no lies I think Ayla likes Logan dont forget to smash that subscribe button and like button

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