You don’t with the Logang You don’t f*** with the Logang Wooo ayo! Good morning Wow! Aye yo! Good morning Logang! What’s poppin’? Logang what’s poppin’ (screaming) Yes, another epic day here on Logan Paul. Vlog if you are not subscribed. What are you doing, bro? Yes, another epic day here on Logan Paul. Vlog if you are not subscribed. What are you doing, bro? Hit the button. Let’s go, wait hold up hold up Hit the but. Ohh.Ohh.Ohh Hold up Mom is it you can hold up Brendan well. Do you feel? EVAN! Hold up mom is that you can hold up Brendan well. Do you do you feel that Evan! Evan! Evan! No no a-uh wait evan stop! Stop with the, plates we have broken too many plates Don’t break that plate (plate smashes the ground) Woooooooow that’s my boy with the These plates break into more and more pieces everytime so since i don’t have an assistant anymore uh. Evan can u help me clean this up bro Come on. Come on, bro. On our way to give breakfast cuz I’m a growing Hungry Puberty boy. Look who i see bro (girls saying hi) Man you guys are reppin’ the Maverick merch (link in the description) And and they look beautiful. that’s amazing. What is your name? Gwyn same. What is your name. I’m mayona. That’s my middle name. Gwyn Mayona Paul. Yeahhh. Mavricks Yes, Incredible incredible. Let’s go get food in our stomachs now. Jesus is that you, jesus is that you. I miss you. Haha that was f#cking awkward Oh man this is definitely my last time eating here uh You guys there’s only one thing in the world that I love more than food and that is f#cking nothing I’ve thought about naming my vlogs like oh married my breakfast burrito like gone sexual in parenthesis, what am i Jake Paul bruh Next item in the agenda. We are taking my man Evan back to the doctor He’s got a really bad ear infection as you guys know are you good bro? No, this is my fourth time going no also where we got it going on across the street Yeahhh! Man, nothing warms my heart then seeing some Logangsters rasing money for charity I’m your biggest jewish fans. Your my biggest jewish fans. apparently my jewish fanbase is increasing. Ok son its your 1st. day of school I’m going to the doctor’s Get the f#ck out of my car. Mom. this seat better be open when i come back. Oh for sure Evan. But first let me shoot you with this merch. (link is in the description) Run m0therf#cker. LOGANPAUL.COM/SHOP It’s not out, but he hit me in the face I just said wow twelve seconds later literally almost 12 seconds later evidence done Hope is years of fix, but let’s pick up my boy from School Yeah, I hit you. That’s where I got to see time I’m not going to shoot her in a row. I know better than to shoot it in the car. I’m the chick ah I love you come out. I was birthday school guys will back tomorrow off. No way, bro. It’s been like guys It’s been like as you know four days in a row I guess the only thing to say at this point is make sure you subscribe to join the family Lo Gang best growing Channel on Youtube ye Yeah, yeah well the what I’ll help you why God set about the whole ear thing and What cold down so I gotta hear sex I can barely hear? Man Evan is kind of upset right now. I’m actually I call max someone that I think would cheer him up a little bit Hey, could you collect could you come over for like 10 minutes or so? She hung up on me. Did she come here no she hey again. Could you just like for 10 minutes could you? Mm-Hmm those quick yeah, she hung up again. Hey, Levi. I just lived over time. I didn’t just time it just mom Could evidence having having trouble here She hung up on me. This is gonna be over yeah, but she said she was coming over here I can’t see yours texted me that she’s on her way up there. She’s gonna be here You can see but it doesn’t right there in the chair here. Just community with that You multi come true, bro. Yeah, I’m calling short what that’s our Multi culturalism. How is your here? Not good not good. Did you go to the doctor? Yeah four days in a row gonna be fit five days in row tomorrow? Are you mean hey dudes Christo still peaceful okay, piano to Cairo? How do you say I love you? I love you. Have to love you. Take you know you love me. Yeah Time time I was just busy falling in love over here. Don’t mind me are you taking so many? Are you taking some medicine cheese ah? Oh yeah, she’s planning what you are you’re not. Oh, yeah. I am you know more Gibberish I can help you with something you need some food. Are you hungry? Huh? Yeah, I’m starving Oh yeah, we want we go get here food. We just give him an authentic meal damn Hot oil on come on boys. Come on. We’re going to get tacos you eat tacos in Spain, so this is authentic, bro Evan you’re Gonna. Thank me later dude. I bought an avocado we also need Taco Shells let’s plate like his door already Do you know where the taco Shells are? What? Look these must be the taco shells Every We gotta Cross Roads outside me Are you good however we got your taco shells and we got two in some avocado? No, is it that bad? Are you if he’s done? Oh wake up what happened? Why you broke around you bro. They’re here. Who’s here they got the verse One verse already released the second verse Wilbur see talking very first Verse there’s like what this time ha ha ha ha Should’ve never thought about for a prank no. No. Yeah. It was a break I don’t really want to stop acting there’s that bottle too late bro a bottle with my hands Begging myself bro. Yo ho what is yours? Oh? No, dude. I’m your roommate know what why he’ll be ok? bottles over my head oh Ho, I invite you to my house? Anybody I know I didn’t I didn’t buy either you actually oh my gosh. Don’t roll the camera. Oh my God stop no I mean sure I be furnished turn it Surely you must know this customer I just come to look at the service person nobody Elliot I Don’t have this right now. I have time. Well. I don’t I don’t My God don’t want any birth time to Facebook a little bit then We smiling meter run out. I’m just freaking you pointed any men Lovely that you should leave I got no. I think you should leave town ready come here Better make your way out. Go hey. I don’t have the third inverse some of this I Don’t know what the fuck that is subside girl under knows that so I think I’d miss them doesn’t say they’re good I Can see it does? assistantship does Carry us all things. Well. What are useful in English. There is no third verse not another I have to say that it doesn’t Singlet my baby one thing you should know What’s that bro? We go everywhere you going? This is literally your fault with All the rockets winds come in my house and sabotage it just weird bro. I’m a blogger every what he doing What are you doing? Why did your black, bro? Okay, at first. He was like kind of hurt You definitely just killed him bald like ah no log that we vlog that now bro. What have you done? I know a guy, okay This is great Alright A bit of a weird one today, okay as usual guys, thanks for watching if you’re not a part of the family I’m like I’m Shukran if you’re not quite a family make sure to subscribe hit the button join the low gang the fastest and strongest growing family on YouTube and Get Your Maverick Merch It’s fire brownlow to fall back on slash shop or link in description guys know this. I say it every day I love y’all, and I will see you tomorrow. Take it easy fan Right my God look yeah. It was logan and Logan’s law. It sure was dream *Laughing*

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  1. Please give credit to where credit is due. RackaRacka had to go through a lot of pain in that fight scene, and I also feel like this fight scene could have partly directed by them as well. Props to them

  2. I like the end. Evan just comes out with a cinder block and breaks it on his head! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  3. that was the most unexpected thing in the entire world! but THAT. WAS. SICK!!!! Logan OMG. you never fail to keep your audience entertained 🙂

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