Hexpeak Tipi (2p) Ultralight Hunting Trekking Pole Tent

Hexpeak Tipi (2p) Ultralight Hunting Trekking Pole Tent

The Hexpeak Tipi is a lightweight hunting
and backpacking shelter. Let’s discuss the setup and features of the Luxe Hexpeak ripstop nylon trekking pole tipi. Begin by staking out four of the corners,
minus the door and opposite the door. Next set your trekking pole to 137
centimeters, and raise the tent with the door closed. Stake out the other two
corners, then tension each corner to gain an optimal pitch. Use the mid panel guy
out points for strong winds and avoid over tensioning these points, extend the
peak vent for added ventilation. The Hexpeak features one door that easily rolls
up and stores with the provided clip. Now your Hexpeak is ready for sleeping.
The reinforced peak, also has a loop for attaching the optional inner mesh tent.
Double zipper sliders allow for increased ventilation. Two sleeping
options are available depending on your needs. Set up a ground sheet when bugs
aren’t an issue, or add the 1.5 inner tent for bug and
added weather protection, the inner tent attaches to the peak and clips to the
staked corners with provided loops, this setup provides any hunter or backpacker
with plenty of sleeping space and room for gear. Enjoy your time outdoors with a
23 ounce ripstop nylon, Hexpeak trekking pole teepee for hunting and backpacking.

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  1. We left some information in the description of this video worth checking out. Questions? Leave them here in the comments. Really appreciate you watching!

  2. I cant wait to set up my megahorn but darn Buffalo spring weather . Nothing but rain with swampland . Hate to say it but bring back the snow . Lol… Anyways , great video .

  3. Sold on the tent itself but I'm interested to know if the stove jack is worth the extra cost? In addition would love to know how much extra weight it adds to the tent itself as well as if the stove jack cover is waterproof or if there is any chance of water seeping in.

  4. This. This is the tent for me!
    If the weight meets my standards in UL and isn't ridiculously priced then you've delivered exactly what I'm looking for. Thank you for sharing!

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