Hexpeak XL Tipi with Hot Tent and Floor Options

Hexpeak XL Tipi with Hot Tent and Floor Options

The Hexpeak XL tipi is 3-person
in capacity and is available with wood stove jack and snow skirts. This
ultralight shelter is the extra-large version of our standard 2-person
Hexpeak teepee. Designed for people over six feet tall, or those that want extra space
in bad weather. Adding a wood stove makes this the ultimate solo winter camping or
hunting shelter. Additionally, you can run this shelter floorless or add one of the
many inner tents or bathtub floor options. We really appreciate you
checking out the Hexpeak XL teepee with additional winter hot tent options.

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  1. We hope this inspires you to go sleep outdoors this winter. We left some info in the description of this video worth checking out. Questions? Feel free to leave them here in the comments. Thanks for watching!

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