Hidden Meaning in Prison Break : The Addictive Genius

Hidden Meaning in Prison Break : The Addictive Genius

My name is Michael Scofield My brother’s facing the electric chair framed for a crime he didn’t commit after his appeals were exhausted, I knew there was only one way to get him out Prison Break is one of Paul Scheuring’s amazing masterpiece. It went on to become one of the most engaging shows of all time and one of my personal favorite. So while you were immersed in the series, we take a look at what caused the prison break addiction The series revolves around two brothers Michael and Lincoln. Lincoln is sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit, and Michael devises an elaborate plan to help his brother escape prison and clear his name Whether the second half of the show was good or bad, is up for debate. . But the unique nature of the show makes it stand apart from the rest. And Just so you know, spoilers ahead! Right from the first episode you will notice that every single move is so high stakes in prison break. You will notice that everything that can go wrong ,will actually go wrong at the last minute. Every plan execution was a nail biting anxious experience. The writers ensured single worst-case-scenario that you can Imagine comes to life. The thing that would make all other options impossible to go ahead with. And they’ll somehow find a way out of it but not without collateral damage In almost every narrative, , the characters would set new life or death deadlines. The fact that they have very little time to make it happen and given the unpredictability of the show, the audience is almost always left curious Most episodes were fast paced and had drastic plot changes which killed off key characters quickly. Most characters die in almost every season which dramatically increases the suspense of and unpredictability of the show And also because writer taken each and every thing into account and had meticulously planned, there are many thrilling moments in the show, especially in the first season Because of this every episode was truly a must see. Brilliant and talented casting simply brought their characters come to life. Even the negative leads were charismatic. The badasses have played their part so realistically that you would actually hate them in real life. The fact that prison break took time to make you get to know characters’ backstory and emotionally connect with them, made you root for them, even if they were the bad guys. The narrative flows beautifully into the existential crisis of key characters therough interconnected backstories and flashbacks that changed their life paths; of which they are mostly unaware. The cornerstone of script is ending each and every narrative before resolution could take place In other words, every episode was a cliffhanger! This is the most obvious answer, perhaps. But this is quite simply why prison break was so popular The viewer was always left in a vacuumm craving resolution Of course, other stories have done this before but prison break refined this story telling technique to an art form. Notice how every single episode had this Needless to say, all this wouldn’t have worked out so well without a talented casting . To sum it up Every episode, ended on a point where you didn’t know what will happen next? It was so addictive probably because it promised to show something in the next that would eventually put an end to all of Scofield’s plans That’s it for now people What got you hooked on Prison Break? Did we miss out on something? Your suggestions are welcomed. Let us know in the comments section below.

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