Homeless Man Has Job yet Lives in a Tent in West Los Angeles

Homeless Man Has Job yet Lives in a Tent in West Los Angeles

– [Interviewer] Reggie,
we’re here in Culver City, you’re out here homeless. Tell me about it. – Well, my homeless situation started maybe a few months ago. I was staying with my mother. But to give you a little
background and history. I grew up in this area right
here they call West LA, ran with the gangs, selling
drugs and things of that nature. Got out in 2014, got myself a job and moved in with my family. Everything was lookin’ good. My mother has a problem with men, and what I mean by men, I’m a spitting image of my father so this is where the bickering and the arguing come in the play. Me being home to stayin’ kicked out. My mother looked at me, my mother was abused in the womb, abused when I was in
the womb at my father. I had to stay in the
hospital, few more extra days in order to be born. So that pain that my
mother holds and resentness towards my father, she took it out on my while I was livin’ there. There was nothing that
I can do right by her. It was everything, I’m
just this, I’m just that. And this is where the
arguing come in the play. Now, as a kid, you know
that you not supposed to curse your parents that curse you, but I’m not doing drugs, I work a job. I make construction boots now, I make construction glasses,
I don’t see the problem. She told me to get out her
house and want her space. Threw me out, that’s my homelessness. Now, one would say– – [Interviewer] Are you still workin’ – I’m workin’ – [Interviewer] You’re workin’
and livin’ in the tent here. – Working and livin’ in the tent. – [Interviewer] Oh my
gosh, what’s that like? ’cause you gotta get up,
you gotta get there — – I’d rather stay at the
job than come back here to the tent because the job keeps me safe. The job keeps me civilized. So to go out there to
that job and sometimes to see normal people, where they say, “Hey, I’m gonna go home and
watch TV, watch the news”, I gotta come back to a tent. This is where the killin’ part comes in. So you would ask yourself how I got with a job livin’ in a tent. Just the story I just showed you, how a person paying that
they owed against your father or whatnot to where I’m at. Now, the significance to that is, well here’s a guy that
just a step away from just, I mean, it’s a curb. I got a car, yeah, I got — – [Interviewer] So nothing else, just can’t afford them property. – No, no property. – [Interviewer] Oh my god. – So this is where I’m at. And this is where one can get
caught up into the misery, the drugs because of — – [Interviewer] Rent issues. – Yes, my– – [Interviewer] All this is hard, sober. So you wanna escape and
there’s madness out. – There you go. So, by my mother being
vindictive towards my father, holding’ a grudge, this is what I land. This is how deep this is
because one would say, well hey, you just
drive by or walk by here and see a person and have
empathy and sympathy for them but you would never know
one’s real story is really that man, my mother just
never liked my father and here I am. – [Interviewer] When people
drive by and see the tents, they don’t imagine —
– don’t imagine – [Interviewer] They’re workin’, drive to get out here
– Just a workin’ man Here’s a workin’ man who can work, I got a job, work every Monday but what I’ve tried to tell them, that these stories down here,
a lot of people just don’t, you can’t judge him, man. We God’s people that
just down here because of somebody don’t get out my
house, I need my space, this is how simple this is and
where it lands me down here, get out my house, you look like, your father beat me in the womb, you look like your dad, out of here. What one’s supposed to do?
– [Interviewer] Oh my gosh. – [Interviewer] So if
you had three wishes, what would they be? – My wish is to be, to live rent free in
this world, rent free. I don’t really want no
money, I don’t really, I think… I think man, life now,
it’s just about shelter and just being in the house, taking’ care of your
business, comin’ home– – [Interviewer] Pick your place to live
– There you go brother. Rent free. – [Interviewer] That they
can’t take away from you. – Rent free, if people
didn’t have to worry about payin’ rent every month, you wouldn’t see the stress and strain of the hustle and bustle out here. They got us workin’ to be
able to stay warm at night. And that’s small, but
what I’m gettin’ at is if they just, to say, hey no rent and let the government
subsidize the property owners, I understand property has
to be paid, but I think if they were to subsidize that,
I think rent free would be I don’t know, I just think rent free will help a lot of– – [Interviewer] (mumbles) – I think, I don’t know if,
will it help the economy and maybe the property
go down, but I think if there’s somehow someway,
if they was able to tweak that and not get money off of property, maybe we wouldn’t be in this
condition we are in now. – [Interviewer] Any other wishes? – Nah, peace on earth brother. That’s about it and that’s my story. – [Interviewer] Well, thank
you very much for talkin’. – Thanks brother, bye bye. (light electronic music)

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  1. Typical Metropolis crap, the worker bees live in squalor and the elites live in luxury, sin, status, and excess. I would rather be poor with Jesus than rich with Satan…

  2. Omg. If everyone with hard times and scrappy parents thought like this the world would be ran by liberals ..I mean wackos. Get over it. I could write a book. He works on Mondays? Wtf? The system did not fail him, the system is only helping immigrants! Fix that!

  3. I agree, he should stack his chips and get a small used RV, you can get a nice older model for around 5k then since your not paying rent just take that cash and put it into that RV and make it nice

  4. Very expensive in LA but this guy needs to quit blaming mama he almost 50 maybe he can find a partner to combine forces .. And yes every human Should have shelter and food ..they are Gods children and this is his earth

  5. Being homeless in California is a trap. This is by far the most expensive state to live in. So good luck affording rent, especially in the Los Angeles County. Reggie, I feel you brother, If you see this comment. I want you to know that people like you are an inspiration to others. Hang on there brother.

  6. I don't know in what city this man lives however I believe he chooses to be homeless. Rent a room or get a room mate. There are also several organizations that help ex-cons that have jobs get into stable housing
    Sometimes paying 30% of their income for rent. He also claims to have a car. So why not just live in his damn car if nothing else. How dare him assume that I'm going to work hard to buy and maintain a property and let him live rent-free while I work my ass off.

  7. Good luck to this man, turned his life around getting away from gangs etc, I pray for him and hope he can find some happiness and success.

  8. This was a very powerfully passionate individual thank you very much for this one mark I tell you what I would really like to have his contact information

  9. This guy's full of it. His mom doesn't want him coming, and leaving at all hours of the night. She also didn't want him smoking drugs in her house. She also wanted him to show some respect but he couldn't do none of these things, which is why his mom kicked him out. The whole time he's trying to put the blame on her, and the fact she couldn't stand his father. Bullshit

  10. Strength and much love. Im glad I came across this video great man great idea's I'm glad he's motivated and thank you for your time and opening up about your past abuse and you are not letting that get in the way

  11. White suburban people are naive to the caste system that in place where low and median income people are kept that way. Yeah people make it out but it's impossible for 30 million of 30 million poor to become rich

  12. I lived in California for 20 years. My mother bought a 3,000 sf house in fountain valley for $35,000. in 1976. We must have rent controls due to out of control housing costs. God bless the homeless. ✝

  13. He said he works every Monday? 1 day or full time? He wants free rent , he says he doesn't really need money, wow what an inspiration. If you want to work 50 hours a week in construction in many states you can afford a place to live, get out of LA

  14. Rent Free? Less incentive for people to make sacrifice to repair our road at graveyard hours or study 30years to remove your tumor, etc

  15. You are a grown a$$ man. You shouldn't be staying at home with Mom. She gave you your 18. Keep working hard and stay the hell out of trouble save up it'll get better.

  16. rent free.. so you want someone to give up their property and let you live there for free. nothing is free. suck it up.

  17. He was living with his mother? 45yo was he ever concerned about his future ? Did he ever have a job before mommy thru him out? Not a victim of his probably 80 or 90 yo mother has a house but he don't??? BS!!

  18. Big freaking deal. You have a job a car and shelter stop bitching. No rent no water or electric to pay. You either have money in the bank or you're throwing it away. I do construction 49 hours last week and I'm not standing around holding a goddamn shovel all day working for the city. People think they "deserve" things

  19. Working only Mondays isn’t going to work, he could get a second job and find a room mate in an apartment or find a van and live rent free like he wants.

  20. On the next year,you will going to blame Donal Trump make everything expensive to buy,because the War Trade to the China,How u can Make America great again 🇺🇸, Trump making the country worse👎💩

  21. I want to help somehow but I need a damn address…he works he can be a member of my club…4500$. Tired of seeing this.

  22. I am always impressed by these lifestories of these good people. It is a hard life and human beings do not deserve this. Animals neither. Many domestic animals have a better life. How can people be rich and seeing and hearing these homeless people.

  23. So is he blaming his mother for his adult issues.. no children with him? That’s what it’s sounding like to me. Then he says “to live rent free.” I guess everyone else is suppose to take care of him?!Entitled maybe 🤔

  24. Some of these people you can feel bad for but there are also people like him that can’t get out of victim hood mentality

  25. I feel sorry for him but I don't understand his logic because he is a grown man and his mother does not have to help him if she does not want to.

  26. My Dad always told me son people are going to hate you when you're broke and people are going to hate you when you're rich. My Dad said I rather be rich then broke either way they're going to hate you. I was homeless at 17 I'm on my way to becoming a billionaire. My goal is to help the homeless.

  27. If he has been rent free for how many months now or years then he should've been able to saved so much money in the past?

  28. so his mom who raised him and held him down as a grown man even AFTER he got out is to blame but not his bullshit father who REALLY CAUSED the bullshit that trickled down to him by BEATING THE SHIT OUT OF HIS MOM WHILE PREGNANT gets no mention of no blame??…gtfoh!!!

  29. I feel for him though. You gotta pull up stakes and head outta California. You do construction work. There's another 49 states and countless cities that you could make a living in.

  30. All these BITCHES in the comments talking about what he should have done, don't realize the mental trauma and abuse he likely endured at the hands of a spiteful mother. He's doing the best with the hand he was dealt. Fuck you self-righteous pricks, judging this man from the comfort of your home and your cushy lives

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