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  1. Well… did it work? Or did we lose that soldier for no reason just like everyone else who never came back from that country alive?

  2. As most news and related videos concerning Iraq leadership and Mr Obama/government "sour" relationship, is CNN running a show that the Obama government is funding some "rescue" of certain Kurdish hostages? How about taking some few military/US government clerks to mend some communications with those Iraq leaders? Any ways, if US got 4-5 personnel in Syria and how much budget and personnel deployed in Iraq nowadays? Afghanistan got opium, hash and weeds to attract – how about Iraq – oil, artifacts, sands….?

  3. Fuck off anti US filth America is still number one no matter how many conspiracy theories you low life's make or how much you pro Russia paid trolls cry ❤️🇺🇸❤️

  4. I don't believe anything that comes from this administration, or their puppet media. They always come with these made up stories to pull unfavorable attention away from their people (Hillary).

  5. it was joint operation Kurds and USA special force loses 1 us and 1 Kurd and they killed 30 Isis members and they rescue 70 from Isis jail but unfortunately they rescued once (70)were not the Kurd fighters they were ordanly civil iraqis

  6. usa +Iran+Israël +corrupte crimilas goverment +isis criminals =Oil business wil live and blod for innocent civiliens in iraq, therefor they Leaves iraq and comming to Europa and uk to life live such as dogs and animals, that is not democratie mean, disrespect our country and our nation, and killing millons of innocent iraqi, and the result is middel east gon be almost emte, or they gon be dead or they comming to Europa, enough to lie for People if your goverment want help iraq they must change First, corrupte criminals goverment, then became freedom in iraq, that is only way, before they make more troubles for iraq and middel east,

  7. propaganda machine in full swing, the us is looking so bad, with russia and china accomplishing so much, that obumer cant stand, being found out, the power has been shifting for awhile to russia, and china

  8. I wonder what was inside the prison they wanted so bad…? obviously someone knows where the plans for nukes and bio-weapons are in that prison.

  9. "Hostage" rescue operation. One plausible reason is that Kurds rescued maybe working with/for USA, They are assets. Assets that are of importance "politically" or remaining value rebels fighting against Assad. Mission of such maybe just like in the movies – Kurds may had relevant documents and strategic infos regarding rebellions etc. Someone may write better espionage or action books reference for better plot and choreography.

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