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  1. These aren’t immigrants they are invaders. They don’t want to assimilate, they demand the west bend to their beliefs. And Europe is caving

  2. It absolutely is not resolved, there are many more willing and able to do something similar and more. They better wake up quickly, their Trojan Horse has been delivered and received.

  3. France has seen a lot of Terrorism recently? Why don't you add up the body count from the Austin bomber, the Parklands Florida shooter, and the Las Vegas Massacre… that is Terrorism! But Fox can't bring themselves to call angry white men terrorist.

  4. can't wait to see when they will start attacking Christian temples in Europe. there will be no mercy and no second thoughts

  5. It's awful what is happening to Europe. The South of France is usually such a peaceful and beautiful place, too. Perhaps at some point in the near future — U.S. troops will unite with Russian troops in order to clean Europe up. And why not? Both America and Russia are Christian nations. Maybe Americans should start researching for the truth outside of the corporate media? But as far as corporate media goes — Fox is the most informative (not emotional and gossipy like CNN and msnbc) — but must catch up and be sure that they are broadcast all throughout America and Europe — like Counterfeit News Network (CNN) is. Also, where are the Conservative, Republican, and Independent youth? Who dropped the ball?

  6. Killing one. Soon to be replaced by hundred!!!! European borders are still a laugh and the seats in the EU-parliament are very comfortable and warm!

  7. Famine and miser. Homless
    50% young out of job.
    Pensioner without money.
    Poverty bejond imagination.
    AND the criminals ilegals.

  8. allahu akbar does not mean "god is great". allahu akbar means "allah is the greatest". they are saying their god is greater than all other gods and because the muslim god is greater than all the rest, they can carry out their atrocities without fear of death. getting along with these people is a pipe dream. when their numbers are small, pretty nice people actually. when the numbers get to a certain point their level of tolerance dissipates and vanishes completely when their numbers are adequate to impose their will. wake the heII up already.

  9. C'mon Europe, time to arm yourselves. You have so many great manufacturers over there: Sig Sauer, Beretta, CZ, FN Herstal, Mossberg, Glock, Steyr, Walther, H&K, etc…

  10. hmmmm… lemme guess.. he did it in a gun free zone? those places are dangerous. i stay away from gunfree zones

  11. And European politicians wants to import more muslims. I say we export politicians instead, to the worst shitholes on earth we can find.

  12. Mohammadist do what Mohammad did over a thousand years ago… rape, murder, steal, lie,, and act like victims so leftist fools will protect them.

  13. It's shocking we hear. No the hell it's not how long has this been happening? We gotta grow some nuts and deal with the shit like a pointed spear.

  14. may be those 4 dozens of local cops were protecting him from being shot not were actually shooting at him. HoW many other people were injured OR KILEED BY A FRIENDLY (AMERICAN) FIRE?

  15. Didn't the European court of human rights defend him from justice. He was a guest the EU doesn't want these people attacked by Western law.

  16. Oh yeah and they want too say right wing speaker as terrorist and Muslims radical is not smh 🤦‍♂️

  17. You want these animals to stop doing this shit. Just bring out the body of that terrorist wrapped in the skin of a pig with his genitals stuffed in his mouth. He will not be able to go to heaven in that condition, and all the rest of the asshats watching TV will know it. Do that and keep doing it and make sure that the public knows this is the new policy in dealing with dead terrorist and I bet only the real hardcore will attempt something and there will be very few of them.

  18. If only the NRA would stop buying off the French politicians, they could pass "common sense gun control" and prevent these attacks!

  19. Little sympathy for the French any more. They had a way out with Le Pen and they preferred the Brussels puppet Macron. France and the French must now surrender to Islam, as was their choice. Allahu Akbar.

  20. Here we go again nearly 2 billion of us are all gonna get blamed for this one act whereas we don't blame all Christians for the following listed below
    Las Vegas shooting
    Church shooting
    Other church shooting
    Nearly ALL school shootings
    people getting run over at white nationalist rally
    Austin serial bomber

  21. Soros and his globalist zionist cronies pushing the Jew World Order must be so proud. The white west is under attack by the appeaser politics and media. The 5th column. Divide and rule

  22. The people need to do something Fr I don’t even feel bad for them at this point how do the people continue to let this happen

  23. Whenever I hear these stories I'm glad I'm an American gun owner. This is exactly why I plan to keep my Constitutional rights.

  24. Once the GSM kicks in next year and food shortages abound, people will start sorting this stuff out for themselves,, people are putting up with this shit because for most of them the good life is still happening, and the anarchy , and oppression that will be their lives under Islam without govt handouts is not yet conceivable to them. But it's coming soon to a town they live in. All those peace loving Muslims , will stand behind their jihadi fighters as they systematically take Europe apart , house by house, just like they did to the Armenians, and to Lebanon .our young people think they are being good , trying to help the poor Moslems, they have been lied to, but the true nature of Islam and of humanity will reveal itself in the coming years. It's not going to be good. But then it never has been


  26. The left in America thinks France's gun laws should be an example to the US. FRANCE the example to the US just had a 16 year old Moroccan teen take Hostages in a grocery store where he took the life of a Franc service member.. France need

  27. France needs to rearm and trust its citizens with thier own protection. France needs the NRA and uts members and Franc members..

  28. Crusader Shield

    Beware the Beard Muhammad as you stroll upon the mall
    The eyes of terror seek you from behind its hirsute wall
    The Hijab stands behind it masking locks that women pride
    Within it seething hatred shades and colors try to hide

    Beware of your surroundings as you choose that waffle cone
    Don't be a lamb to slaughter while gazing at your phone
    Wake up and smell the coffee is the catch phrase of the wise
    The Quran has a plan for you that's buried in its lies

    Beware they who take worship while prostrate to the East
    A call to prayer from Satan's throat their souls are for his feast
    Those Mosques of stone with minarets belie what bodes within
    A school of doctrine straight from Hell, A cauldron full of sin

    Beware of so called “Moderates” who smile and speak of peace
    They are the front who fool you while the “Radicals” gun gets grease
    While Liberals chant in protest and call for human rights
    Terror to the nth degree is rising to new heights

    Beware the tide is turning toward enslavement of the free
    In Islam’s wake is only death so far as one can see
    Vigilance will warn you of the threat of Jihad’s knife
    Awareness the Crusader Shield that just may save your life.

    Knight Watchman

  29. Islam means submission and allah is Satan, how much more damage will they have to do before politicians get it!

  30. I'm ex muslim from the Arab Gulf States, i live in my country and i don't care what you doing in your countries because this is your mistake because you sold your countries and your future and culture and your religion very very cheap and replace all that to ISLAM …
    You open your countries for muslims and the Muslims countries close them borders in face of Muslims, Because the Muslims have plan to destroy the Western countries and they do that by your money with your help and even with that they called you pigs ..
    If you are stupid and want to help Muslims let them live in your country ( But do not grant them citizenship or full rights such as citizens so as not to control the future of your country according to Islamic reconciliation to destroy your country and culture because he came to your country of choice can live in peace and work .. Now only if you cut the free money that give it to them without work will find most of them thinking of leaving your country ) we in Gulf States No one is granted citizenship in order to preserve the values ​​of our society even if he live in our country thousands of years or if he married women from our country even if he had children from that woman..

    If you have 1 million muslim that is mean 10 million and more after 10 years and the 10 million becomes 20 million and more after just many years so just calculate that..
    Even they take drugs in order to have twins to take more money and change the demographics as soon as possible..

    And those muslim they vote for who hate your countries Give their votes to the corrupt and For those who take bribes in the elections, and this will continue to ruin your country and from bad to worse, and the future will be very dark very soon when you stay a sleeping until they control your country after changing the demographic of your countries and than your countries become Muslims countries like the 3rd world countries and seas of your bloods..

  31. I am pissed off that the media is treating this incident as a heroic sacrifice of a French cop rather than focus attention on continuing Islamic attacks on the free world. Kick muslims back to their deserts and impose economic sanctions on them.

  32. REAL POLICE OFFICERS AND HEROES — They killed the terrorist in 4 hours only and even been badly wounded, and today the Police officer who traded places with hostages dies from gunshot wound. The French Police forces have balls of steel, I can tell you that!! It's not like the deputy Scot Peterson in Florida and his four sheriff's deputies who failed to enter Parkland, Florida school to save children during the shooting, that's for sure! We definitely should learn from the French Police sometimes, I think… those guys are heroes. Salute, France — God bless them and their families.

  33. All those people around in the supermarket and the only guy with a gun is the terrorist, because law abiding french citizens aren't allowed to own any. Talk about easy prey.

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