Hot Tent Winter Camping In Utah In The Freezing Cold

Hot Tent Winter Camping In Utah In The Freezing Cold

Well, what’s going on guys it is adventure time got Jared here with me we We’ve been out on the road for a little bit at this point and just kind of doing a car camping adventure, it’s January we’re out of the San Rafael swell and for about the last hour we’ve been driving on I guess a four-wheel drive road I don’t know if it would necessarily be it’s just a deep red basically where we wanted to go There are signs up to say no vehicles So we’re now on plan B to go find a place out an area called the wedge Let’s get it. Alright, let’s get it we are in camp starting to make camp we’ve got dinner going here to Get us going Took a little bit longer than we had anticipated to get To get here and get all set up. So What do you think there Senor? Yo It may have taken us a little longer to get here, but we had some adventures along the way About threw up a couple times. I tried to buck him out of his seat was what? The hole was huge It is you It got cold last night like really cold And we just went ahead and let the let the stove burn out and we didn’t even tend to it at all last night, but We got fire it’s beautiful place haven’t been here to the wedge for about a year and a half Device head of that Life’s dude works, huh? That’ll make a fire Wow today has been just awesome No agenda, nothing planned just out here to have a good time and It’s been great. Just had just an awesome time and sun’s starting to set so we’re getting fire going to cook some steaks on my new grill plate when I got for Christmas and Coming out here to check the view Wow They have this to ourselves right now is pretty surreal. I mean we’ve seen a bunch of other people today, but Usually this spot is just full of people So I’m pretty psyched right now to be out here. It’s been awesome to spend this weekend with Jarrod and I’m gonna have a good night psyched about it Well guys it’s getting close to 10 o’clock at this point and What an awesome day let me just watch the movie now The stove going it’s a lot warmer in here tonight than it was last night. We’ve basically been able to seal the tent up to be able to reduce any of the drafts that we had and it’s probably 35 40 degrees in here probably maybe a little warmer than that But it’s in the teens out there low twenties high teens, so We’re gonna go to bed. We’ll see in the morning Well, good morning guys About seven o’clock right now stepped outside to use the bathroom in Suns coming up that’s so pretty but We’re gonna get a fire built it is like Feels like 10 degrees out here You see in a little bit we’re not those feet It was freakin cold out there this morning so cold I make fun of me we had we resorted to just sitting in the tent because it’s Really nice in here, but we brought our chairs into the tent It’s awesome This is not a bad life right now, you can handle this we’re gonna make some breakfast Yep breakfast time. Well, we got camp all cleaned up And it’s time to head home. It’s been an awesome weekend really hard to complain about How much fun it’s been and just relaxing having no agenda whatsoever Oh, man This is awesome The adventure continues we have worked our way down Headed towards i-70 and Out here in rattlesnake flat jackass benches, and now we’re driving down the black dragon Canyon Road which will dump us out and i-70 as well, but Man, this place is so stinking pretty So pretty Just really psyched to be out here right now Can we keep going Let’s do this They’re like me Haha Just wow just make it our way down the black dragon Canyon Road It’s not honestly too horrible When you’ve got kind of an obstacle here Yeah, this is a bit interesting But man, this is really sticking pretty Unreal Well guys that might be a Last of this video kind of a random adventure a little bit different but Wow We’ve got some people that we need to tell about this place that are not from Utah to come bring their Vehicle down it’s pretty amazing Black dragon Canyon guys Who? Psyched right now

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  1. Well I was actually amazed at the early morning video of the canyon! It was spectacular! My only disappointment was that I was stuck in Virginia in my house watching a heavy rain. I would definitely mark that spot as a place to visit! Another win for the hot tent camping setup! Your videos continue to amaze me!

  2. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun… I love desert camping! It's highly underrated (except when it's a bazillion degrees outside…)

  3. WOW! Devin!!! You are setting the standard in filming/editing trip videos. I sincerely mean that. Your new camera is fantastic! The edits to the music and also knowing exactly when the viewer is ready for the next scene is spot on. And a drone?!?! Of course the epic landscapes don’t hurt 😂 Absolutely loved this!! Great job my man!!!!

  4. Oh what an excellent adventure!
    Winter camping! Heck yes!!!!!!
    I dig the camp stove!!
    Some beautiful shots…wow!!
    Totally AWESOME!!!!
    Thanks for sharing this adventure, I loved watching this!

  5. Sorry I missed the premier my man. The artist in you is shining strong in this edit! Kept me engaged the whole way through! Love how the drone gives a whole new perspective on an adventure. A-1 piloting, footage look sickly!

  6. Great video with a beautiful camp spot. I've seen the black dragon from the pull off on RT 70 on my 1st trip through Utah.

  7. A Long, long way from Maryland’s beltways and congested mayhem

    Stunning country

    Thanks guys

    Not sure about that … music

  8. Oh, man, I hope you don’t turn too many people on to this area, one of the few remaining area of Utah that isn’t already turning into Disneyland.

  9. What a beautiful place and great job with this video! 👍 The hot tent looks like it's working good for you winter camping.

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