How to claim housing benefit | housing advice | Shelter

How to claim housing benefit | housing advice | Shelter

Housing benefit can help to cover
the cost of your rent. It might cover all of your rent or
only part of it. In Britain today, more than five million
people receive housing benefit. If you are eligible, how much you receive
depends on where you live how big your family is and your income.
You can claim whether you are in work or not but you mustn’t have more
than £16,000 in savings. You can claim housing benefit if you
rent from a private landlord, housing association or the council.
You won’t be able to make a claim if you rent from a family member, and live with them. You need to apply for
housing benefit through your local council Fill in the claim form. You need to
provide documents including bank statements, payslips and ID. It’s best to deliver your application by
hand and ask for a receipt. Once the council receives your
application they will assess how much housing benefit you’re entitled to They should let you know the outcome
within 14 days. If you pay your rent monthly, the housing
benefit will also be paid monthly Or weekly if you pay weekly. However it
is important to note that the council will pay for the month
just gone – not the coming month. If you rent privately it’s usually paid into your bank account
and you have to pay your landlord. If instead you rent from the council
your housing benefit will be paid straight to them. You must let the council know if your
family grows or your income changes. Housing benefit payments can go up and
down to match your circumstances. Shelter provides free housing advice. For
more information go to

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  1. A very helpful introduction to the housing benefit scheme and a well produced animated video. Well done @Shelter

  2. Housing benefit and all means based welfare should be scrapped and a UBI put in its place. There is nothing more stressful than being on hard times and waiting for that brown envelope to come through the door to see if you will qualify to get your rent money. Trust me, sometimes they will refuse you due to a mistake on their end, or even haul you in for a "chat" whereby you have to sit like a criminal or a child and explain your hardship to a stranger. It's humiliating at a time where you are already stripped of pride.

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