How to dismiss troops! Reduce Consumption! Last Shelter Survival

How to dismiss troops! Reduce Consumption! Last Shelter Survival

alright alright alright this is acer of spades team TSE state 268 we are number one I am coming back at you for my good
friends over in state 449 guess what guys there’s a whole whole lot of new
states out there there’s a lot of new players playing last shelter survival
it’s fantastic and you know what I would like to be that individual that comes
back from the future that tells you every single thing you need to know so
this is going to be my new series based on the beginners need to know it’ll be
the beginners guide series I’ll have a playlist for it these short and sweet
videos will just give you some very basic information based on my experience
with new States and what they may or may not be missing that the game doesn’t
immediately point out so this is specifically last shelter how to dismiss
your excess troops from the hospital if you’ve been playing the game for a long
time guys this video is it necessarily for you you might know how to do this
already but for individuals in state 449 specifically my boy blackout who is
absolutely killing it out there right now I would like to go ahead and show
you exactly what to do all you would do is you’d click simply into your hospital
and I’ve obviously killed off a few troops real quick I have three point
eight thousand snipers in here that I don’t necessarily need I’m gonna go
ahead and click the icon and when you click the icon of the picture of the
sniper it’ll say are you sure you want to dismiss the wounded snipers if you go
ahead and hit and scroll all the way up to dismiss these all of a sudden they
are gone they are no longer in your base that means they are no longer eating
your resources if you have excess fighters I don’t know why you’d have
excess vehicles but if you happen to have those as well and you need to
reduce consumption easily dismissing your troops that are killed by either
other players or zombies will help you do that that doesn’t mean empty out your
APCs you do need a little excess so use with discretion guys but that’s exactly
how you do it if you have any other questions comments you have any other
videos that you’d like me to make for this beginners guys series I would love
all of my wonderful wonderful subscribers too
please give me some video tips and ideas because I want to help out these new
up-and-coming States to grow and be strong and last shelter survival just
like well me anyway guys thank you so much for everything that this
information was remotely helpful you know the drill
like and subscribe and a so space signing up

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  1. Can you please please do a video on zombie siege? How you get stronger I keep ending at level 9 and barely make it on level 10. My city is a level 16

  2. Just want to say thank for making this kind of video man,i'm from state 349 i just start playing this game about 11 week ago and now im level 19, just upgrade shooting range to level 19 so now i have tier 7 shooters.
    I haven't watch all of your video yet but can you make a video on beginner tip and trick for ke, thank.

  3. hey from 325. please please PLEASE make a video on CoZ! a lot of new players don't know what it is, or don't know how important the rewards or the research required for it is! that video will be VIRAL!!

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