How to Make An Emergency Shelter Bungee Cord and Plastic Drop Cloth- Prepping Must Have Skills

How to Make An Emergency Shelter Bungee Cord and Plastic Drop Cloth- Prepping Must Have Skills

how to make an emergency shelter with a plastic drop cloth and bungee cord emergency survival shelter prepping prepper SHTF hi it’s AlaskaGranny I’m in utah and I went to an ace hardware store and I found two things that I thought would be very fun one was a 72-inch long bungee cord which I’ve never seen one so long in my life and then I found a seven mil plastic drop cloth that’s nine feet by 12 feet I came with my two items I came outside I found two trees and i hooked this 72-inch bungee cord to the trees and then if there’s one thing you can always find in Utah its rocks so I took the tarp and draped it over the bungee cord made it so that the front third of the tarp is in the back and a third of it is the floor and I put rocks on either side to hold it back it was raining I could get out of the weather I’ve never want to rely on a .7 mil thickness tarp for survival but I could lay down if I had to I could even have my gear in here out of the rain gonna fall down the front and because I kept the bottom section of the tarp as a floor underneath it’s not going to get dripping into the inside put the top side of the tarp a little farther downhill then this side than the front side of the tarp the bottom goes right behind it and then the rocks hold it down and these rocks hold the tarp emergency shelter back and if you got very active in here you probably tear and if a big wind came with probably tear your tarp emergency shelter but if you are careful wasn’t too bad you would probably be sheltered in this tarp bungee cord emergency shelter use two things to make a shelter a long bungee cord and a plastic drop cloth tarp this 72-inch bungee cord and a plastic drop cloth tarp now go outside and make a shelter leave me a comment on how you would make a shelter if you only had a few things and if you like my videos I hope you’ll subscribe learn more at please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny channel

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  1. very nice.  have you ever tried to conceal one side of the tent ? and fill it with dead leaves, and sleeping in. 

  2. 7 MIL might be thick enough to deflect indian arrows . . . . it's 0.7 . . . . less than 1 mil. Thanks for correcting it.

    Great idea. Love that bungee cord!

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