how to make Halloween chain and shackles

how to make Halloween chain and shackles

hey guys Vonbodan here told you that I
would come back and do a tutorial for this chain for the shackles as I’ve
already indicated this chain will have shackles that will go around the wrist
around the neck and around the other wrist so stay tuned hey guys Vonbodan back with this
tutorial so as I said I wanted something that looked aged to go with this chain
so I went out and got a plethora of sorts to make these wrist shackles and
the nice thing is I made these recycles so they can snap and we will go over a
few of the details for that but this is one of them this is for the stage show
so what I got was a few different things here I first took a measurement around
my wrist which I want to say is I want to say it was like three inches cut
myself out some strips material to go around the wrist gave them a quarter
inch hem to kind of make sure that the the white or light brownish part of the
material didn’t peek through so I did two of those I cut out a strip this is
a smaller strip but um eight-and-a-half inches long inch wide fold it over its
own that to give myself a loop this piece is way too short but try to give
you an idea but sewing together gives you a nice little loop to go through the
PVC pipe chain and I will put a link to that in the video right up here
then I took and cut out two squares and I’ll show you on the chain in a minute
these go up in the corner to do two things one is to put these snaps here I
have the bend back tabs and I didn’t want those tabs to be showing so I mark these
put these in after I did the quarter inch hem around there
bent the tabs back and then I took a button one of these brass buttons and
sewed it to this and then sewed it to this to cover up those tabs and to make
it look more like a reinforced rivet area to do that now the neck one and I
will post pictures and whatnot for the next ones but the neck is going to be
the same as the wrist ones the only difference with those is it’ll probably
be a little bit thicker and I won’t do snaps on
inside it all have a snap towards the back because we’re the chain goes here
on the wrist will come out of the center of it for around the neck so those
pictures will be posted as I make those up so that’s basically all the materials
but like I said I’d show you a little bit better these are like I said the
snaps are right there and then I took in sewed the button in the square over that
to cover where the snaps were bent I got the buttons and the material at jo-ann
fabrics PVC tubing you can get just about any hardware store and this is all
for the stage show and I am gonna say paid two dollars maybe three for these
packs a buttons – and a pack and I got six of them granted these ones up here I
only need it for the front because that’s the only part that will be
somewhat visible to the audience so if this is your first time to my channel
and you enjoy this content become part of the lost ones friends and family by
hitting that subscribe button we do all kinds of prop tutorials and
magic videos and magic tutorials so thank you very much for taking this time
with me and have a great day and see you on the next

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