‘How Was Prison?’ Ep. 5 Official Clip | Shameless | Season 10

‘How Was Prison?’ Ep. 5 Official Clip | Shameless | Season 10

[MUSIC PLAYING] LIPP: Hey, how was prison? Turn you gay? Yeah. I’m a big old cock hound now. You know, if you
weren’t my brother, I– LIPP: Shut the fuck
up and get out here. Smells like caramel. It’s creme brulee, actually. Got one of these vape
things from Carl. Trying to quit smoking for Fred. Aren’t those
things work for you? Yeah, you know they
market these to kids? Those bastards would
have one in Fred’s hand if you could hold anything
bigger than a rattle. Where is the little guy? He may or may not be
lying in a pile of glass. Huh? He’s with Tammi. She wanted to take care
of him alone today. Oh, I was sort of
hoping you’d bring him. Yeah, I would have
felt better if I did. Tammi’s not exactly
a natural caretaker. But hey, what do
you want to do, huh? Do you want to get
some White Castle? You know, I actually
just want to head home, see everybody, meet the kid. I missed everyone. Soft bitch. Why the fuck you
get a lady car? It’s Tammi’s car. It’s kind of cute though, right? Oh, you’re saying words
like cute now, are we pop, eh? Saying words like cute.

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  1. I was sad that we didn’t have any Ian in episode 4, so I’m glad that he’ll not only be in the next episode, but he gets to have this wonderful brotherly love scene with Lip.

  2. I actually find this kinda hilarious since Ian is looking forward seeing his new nephew Fred than seeing his niece Franny. That's kinda sad.

  3. i’m glad ian is out and all. he can see the family and lip’s kid. but damn was i kind of hoping he would choose to stay in prison with mickey

  4. Is someone else worried about what would happen with gallavich scenes or Mickey doing something stupid just get out of prison? Just me?
    cries in Gallavich I'm fine though

  5. I'm hoping that Ian can take the reigns from Debbie (seeing as how she's lost her mind…again) and be the "new Fiona" as in being the most responsible Gallagher in terms of taking care of the family.

  6. I thought of a great comeback from Ian, when Lip says that the car is "cute"
    Damn says Ian, I went to prison and it turned YOU gay!
    Well it made me smile anyway 😊😁

  7. Awwww Ian missed Mickey as soon as he stepped foot outside that prison. Mickey will get out TRUST MEEEE… it will probably be at the end of the season though. I know how the writers of Shameless work. 👊🏾 👊🏾 😂 😂

  8. I've always had a huge soft spot for Lip and Ian's relationship. This scene is what dreams are made of! More of this please. Not another one of those seasons where they have like.. 2 interactions overall and that's it

  9. I dont know which one of these men are sexier! Cameron and Jeremy are such captivating actors, i could watch these two characters forever!!

  10. I miss these two together. I do remember that emotional stress can trigger a manic episode in which Ian would have to adjust his medication temporarily. I wonder if he might have an episode being away from Mickey.

  11. Maaaaaaaan I hate having to wait all week for the next episode lol..
    Although worth it now that I don't have to deal with fkn Fiona, which is crazy cuz for the first like 5-6 seasons I fkn LOVED her..now can't stand Debbie lol

  12. I know everyone is saying that there is no Mickey content in this clip but i think Ian’s face at the end SCREAMS Mickey content

  13. I hope Lip and Ian get more family time. Cause I want to punch 🤛🏾 Debbie and Liam in the face in the last episode

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