i ate at a PRISON THEMED RESTAURANT and cried

i ate at a PRISON THEMED RESTAURANT and cried

My heart is literally beating so fast, like I am freaking out right now So we just go to the place where this prison food prison Morbid like restaurant is and we went upstairs you get in this lift you arrive upstairs and you’re in the restaurant But it’s not like a normal building. There’s no one to greet you. It’s literally like a scary maze I’m literally having a full-on panic attack. I thought it was going to be prison themed. I didn’t know it’s gonna be that scary There’s people going in now maybe we should follow them I can’t do it I’m back down here. I Couldn’t make it through like I am going pale right now. Just thinking about having to go through that beginning thing does this look like something that you wanna go through you go out first It’s just a restaurant, right Do you hear that? Why am I so scared here like I legit hate myself? Is that better I hope I got enough battery maybe I’m gonna wait for someone to come in and then we’ll go inside after There’s someone coming three Should we just do anything it I think that might be just the kitchen I hate it I hate it basically is it scary? Im being arrested guys holy shcnitzel It’s literally like the prison door Did you see how all the waiters are dressed they are dressed in like black and white stripes Every person’s got like in jail sell. So this is like a very small space. I mean does it be enough like five people? It’s also very very loud and very very dark. So we need to bring the light like without the light This is how dark it is in here is this alcohol Okay, can we try this one, oh I have to choose, okay, can we try this one We survived it’s gonna happen again the drinks came to the table like this is all the drinks that we ordered I was literally about to record like saying oh look at the drinks they are so freaking cool and the lights go down and this Place goes on like a lockdown I guess. That’s the name of it. I’ve never screamed more in my entire life This place is like a prison slash scary slash lab what happens if we mix things? Oh, did you see that that looks cool do you see the camera? Okay. Let’s try this one This ones not the best, let’s try another one just like a blue one that is raspberry, this is actually really good. I’m finally good at chemistry from once in my life, I’m gonna get an A oh thats good it does taste like oregano not gonna lie but it tastes pretty good Our very first prison food is here and it’s a look I don’t know if you guys can see that on camera Do you see that how do you drink it? It’s coming through the tube look I’ve never used one of these Maybe I have to put the glass down It’s coming it’s filling up the glass slowly. In the menu this one’s called jail Stir-fried noodles something like that. It’s like a prison themed food so I think this one looks a lot better. I’m in jail. I’m not going to use a knife and fork to eat my food So I’m just going to go straight into the hot dog. It’s got pastry on the outside and the sausage in the middle It’s pretty good, I do like it but the sausage came off all in one go. So now it’s just an empty shell I’m going to dip it in the sauce. Let’s get all the sauce and whatever this is all in here I’m gonna try this even though and for no idea what it is, it smells nice That’s actually really good Think it’s like a potato salad I know it looks gonna weird because I think they try to look kind of gross but at least no one can judge me we are literally eating in a prison cell. Know it looks weird, but this was actually better than the first one, but I want to try the main one This is like a main. I think the plate is very hot because it’s cooking this thing so lets just go Can we wrap this in the Sweet but like so flavourful. It’s not too spicy, which is good because sometimes when you’re in Asia know particularly in Tokyo But sometimes they can be very very spicy It’s kind of annoying that it’s actually pretty good because you’d expect like prison food to like not be great But I mean, obviously it’s a restaurant they wanted profit off this. I want to try it with the egg around it I just realized if they come in now and the lights go off. I will literally choke on my food and die here. I think I burned the roof of my mouth with this one like it was so so hot I need some blood transfusion we are talking Can I still eat it, whatever I don’t care finally the pizza arrived like I really didn’t feel like the salad I mean, I’m still gonna eat it but like I really wasn’t feeling salad This is the pizza and it’s normally pizza base like the bottom of it it’s like a wrap It’s like fried. I just want a really small slice. So I’m cutting a really tiny one oh my god It tastes like alfredo pasta but with steak it’s really good it’s probably one of my favorite’s so far the deserts are here I ordered two different desserts and I was really excited for this when it was called a coffee jelly Monster because it’s supposed to look like a monster, but actually I never see coffee jelly That’s why I really wanted to try it this one This is what I’m excited for because it’s a fried bread ice cream Like I mean the fried bread and the ice cream on the side obviously, but it looks so good This one looks more like what I’d expect food to look like in prison. It’s like, you know a bit of whipped cream and some jelly It’s pretty good it’s not too sweet because of the coffee, but I think there’s also vanilla ice cream in the middle I kind of love that I want to try the fried bread before we go because I’m so scared. There’s gonna be another scary show soon. So I just want to like eat everything quick and leave I think it’s just a bread with sugar like that’s not fried. its just a yellow bread, I mean ummmm I don’t know if this is homemade or comes from like a supermarket but if it does well they either know how to make ice cream or know how to shop for ice cream This is the way out of the restaurant like this is the elevator this That is the scariest way out of a restaurant ever That was the most scared I have been in my whole life hands down like that was a traumatic experience, but I really hope you guys enjoyed it I really wanted to get through it for you guys. Like that’s what I kept thinking in my head like I want do this I want to put this out cuz I think this is this would be a fun YouTube video. This is like good content So, hopefully you guys enjoyed it. I love you guys, and I will see you on my next video. Bye bye

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  1. y’all don’t skip the ads in his videos, otherwise he won’t earn any money for his funny videos (or at least watch 10 seconds of the ad) 🌱

    Also, this is so creepy😂

  2. That kind of place is for people who like something thrilling and exciting, I guess people in Japan go there for the theme and the entertainment, the food being a bonus. But you were brave to go in even though it was making you anxious, next time try going to some other themed restaurants, Japan has a wide variety especially in Tokyo

  3. The funny thing is while he was eating the ice cram the song fly was playing and I was just thinking of fly I kid you not

  4. 9:48 this is the second time I’ve seen him say “I’m just cutting a really small slice” and then cut a tiny slice off and eat the rest 😂 it’s so hilarious I die every time

  5. I just watched half of the vid now im scared "Hugs pillow" if im in there i will just hug tight to my mommy😅

  6. Just found this guy and have been binge watching him ever since! I am a fan of @clickfortaz also and i really think they should date forreal

  7. At 2:54 turn on captions English auto generated and there a cures word but he dose not say any thing bad 😐

  8. When he said coffee jelly, it reminded me about the anime character named Kusuo Saiki that love coffee jelly.


  10. The food honestly looks really tasty-

    Edit: yay i have two likes 😀

  11. the concept is pretty cool but i couldn’t enjoy my meal when it’s way too loud and the light always switches on and off

  12. When gonzalez realised he drank some things that was supposed to be organised things and not to eat lol😂😂😂

  13. Brooo i was sleepy and i read the title as i ate a person and the thumbnail with him in handcuffs didn’t help much . God someone help me .

  14. Oh my god. I love you so much. I legitimately just sat here and cried laughing for 30 minutes at your scream. lmfao. xD

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