I Became A “Prisoner” In My Own Home

I Became A “Prisoner” In My Own Home

Hi! My name is Annie. What do you know about parental control? Well, I’m an expert in this field. I wanted to tell you about the worst years
of my life, which I spent almost literally like a prisoner, and my mom and dad were,
sort of, my jailers. Now I’m 17 but the whole story started when
I was 13, and my family was living in a nice house with a pool and a patio… I had gotten a brand-new video game and I
was totally enthusiastically checking it out in the living room, and mom was doing something
in the kitchen while looking for my baby-brother Andrew. At some point the landline phone rang, which
I heard, and mom went to answer it in the next room, and she swears that she told me
to look after Andrew, which I didn’t hear. And the back door was open, and we had a swimming
pool there. I remember the only thing that finally distracted
me from that video game was my mom’s cry full of horror. My little brother drowned that day. There are no words to describe a family grief
like that. There were lots of tears. I think, everybody felt guilty back then but
nobody could change anything. Mom kept saying that nothing was my fault,
with her eyes red from tears, but the more she told me that, the more I felt miserable. Oh, if only that phone didn’t ring back
then, or I wasn’t playing that stupid video game. By the way, I could never bring myself to
touch it since then. It’s no wonder that after that happened, my
parents started to strictly control me. I know that everybody’s under supervision
when they are underage, but I was subject to the strictest and sometimes the most extreme
type of supervision. My mom was not only driving me to school,
but she would bring me to the classroom while holding my hand. Of course, everybody would laugh at me the
first couple of times, until they got used to it. By the way, speaking of holding hands, mom
insisted on me being everywhere with her, be it at the grocery store, or her visit to
the beauty salon, or whenever we were already out of our car she would take my hand. I was not allowed to even meet my friends
somewhere outside. Mom insisted on accompanying me either to
the mall, or to the movies – depending on where we were supposed to meet, and she was
constantly nearby. Or she gave me an alternative, I could invite
my friends to my place so that she could watch us. None of what I mentioned was actually fun,
and at some point, I just stopped being invited anywhere. What can I say? I couldn’t blame my friends for having abandoned
me. Who likes hanging out with someone else’s
mom, especially with a control freak like my mom was? And, this definitely made me upset, you know,
when on social media I saw photos of my friends having fun at the amusement park, for example. But at the same time, I couldn’t blame my
mom either, because she was apparently afraid that something was going to happen to me,
and after she had lost one of her children, she couldn’t bear to lose the other. Thus, the only thing left for me to hope for
was to just wait until the grief subsided and hopefully my mom’s grip would loosen. “This, sort of, happened almost a year after
the tragedy. I met one guy at school whose name was Terry,
and I really liked him, especially taking into account that I was lucky and he made
the first move. One day he noticed me staring at him during
lunch, and he just came up to me and said “Hi!” I remember, back then I thought that it was
the easiest beginning of a relationship ever and that if he invited me anywhere, even to
the opera, which I hated, I’d say yes. And he actually did and the coming weekend
we were supposed to see each other at the park. Oh, also, he was new to our school and didn’t
know about my mom yet. Of course, at home, I had to tell my parents
everything and literally beg my mom to let me go there all alone, I mean, without her
accompanying me, because it was supposed to be a real date and it was definitely not about
a “meeting the parents” thing. I guess, after I’ve given you a bit of the
background, you can at least try to imagine how low my chances were then. Finally, my dad met me halfway, saying that
I could go to the park on that date under certain conditions. Mom was supposed to give me a ride to at least
see what Terry looked like; I was supposed to send her a text every half hour indicating
that everything was OK; and I had to be back home by 7 P.M. (taking into account that I
was supposed to meet with Terry at 5 P.M.) It was still something, I thought, and I went
to my room anticipating the coming weekend. The date went great! We talked a lot, and it turned out that we
had so many things in common, like both of us adored horses and we even took a short
ride on one of them in that park. Even the fact that I had to send my mom those
stupid texts, saying that I was OK, while hiding from Terry, didn’t ruin everything. We had an amazing time, and then we left the
park and set off toward my house. Since he promised to walk me there, I would
have bet that he was planning to kiss me at the doorstep. But suddenly I noticed my dad’s car across
the street. I tried to pretend as if everything was OK
and said nothing to Terry, but the whole time we were walking, that car moved slowly and
silently somewhere nearby. When we reached our destination, the car stopped
pretending to be invisible, and my dad just appeared as if nothing happened. Of course, this totally negated any kissing
that could’ve happened that night. And the exact same situation repeated itself
a week later when Terry took me to the movies, but this time when I wanted to go to the toilet
in the middle of everything, I noticed my parents sitting a few rows away from us, pretending
they didn’t see me. Oh, I was so angry at them, especially since
they made me a promise. But you know what their excuse was!? Dad said that the first time he accidentally
saw us and simply decided to not interrupt. And then, they just decided to watch the same
movie and there was nothing criminal about that. What did they think I was – a baby? And, by the way, this was the very first time
I rebelled against them. I finally spoke out about their control problems
and even suggested that they visit a psychiatrist. The last part was rude, I know, and I was
severely punished for that. They told me to go upstairs and stay in my
room without any dinner. I mean, I still was too furious and irritated
to eat anyway. Later that night I found myself unable to
sleep. Gosh, I was so mad at my parents. Couldn’t they see that they’d been ruining
my life? That was it, I made up my mind that I was
going to run away. Well, it’s not that I wanted to be emancipated
or anything; I just wanted to spend some time outside the house and show them in the morning
that nothing bad had happened to me. I snuck out through the window and hurt my
elbow so bad that tears came to my eyes, but I didn’t give up on my plan. It was only once I was outside that I realized
that I left my phone in my room. I decided to go to Terry’s since I had no
close friends anymore, you know that, right? Anyways, his house was really far from mine,
and I decided to, you know, just risk it. And in the next maybe 30 minutes, I was already
there, standing under his window and judging by the fact that the lights were still on,
he wasn’t sleeping. I grabbed several small stones from the driveway
and began throwing them at his window (I’ve seen this a couple of times in movies and
finally had a chance to try to do it myself). It was really exciting! While Terry was climbing down to me, totally
surprised and happy, I finally felt some kind of freedom. I thought that nothing could be more romantic
and that I was so smart to do what I did, until we heard a car approaching Terry’s
house in a rush. Yep, it was them, my parents. You know, they always demanded addresses and
contact numbers of anyone I socialized with. I was worried that they might cause a scene,
so I rushed to them followed by Terry, but that didn’t help. They began screaming and shouting and knocking
at Terry’s front door to make his parents aware of everything. God, they even made Terry guilty in my big
escape and threatened that poor family with court. Do I even have to tell you that I no longer
had a boyfriend? Since then my home imprisonment turned into
real torture, although I always thought that it couldn’t get worse. I was no longer allowed to leave the house
without taking mom or dad with me; I wasn’t allowed to lock the door whenever I went to
take a bath or a shower, and I had only 10 minutes to use the toilet, because whenever
I stayed in there for too long, my mom would knock on the door asking whether I was OK. Oh, yeah, dad also nailed the window in my
room shut so that I couldn’t escape again. I was devastated and totally broken. I remember I wanted nothing back then but
to be somebody else, or to have other parents and I couldn’t wait till I turned 18, went
away to college, and left that damn prison that my mom and dad called “home.” Honestly, I never talked to anyone about my
life, because, from the outside, things didn’t seem that bad, you know. I mean, everybody tries to protect their children
and no one can judge others in that respect. At least my mom always said so. But then one family – the Gibbons – bought
the house across the street. It happened so that, at first, my mom invited
Mrs. Gibbons for a cup of coffee, then Mr. Gibbons decided to play golf with my dad and
very soon our two families became friends. But one day it turned out that our families
had much more in common than just children who were the same age – yes, they had a
son, Jeremy. He was homeschooled, so I was literally the
only peer he could talk to and he was a little bit weird. I found that out when mom invited them to
come over for dinner. Jeremy asked permission for every single thing
he was going to do, be it having a tuna salad, or going to the restroom. And his mom always told him what to do, like,
“don’t forget to wash your hands” or “be nice and say hello” and stuff. Yep, his parents also turned out to be obsessed
with control. Although I must say, that apart from that
strange pattern, they were totally normal and even funny. “Of course, after the odd behavior from our
neighbors, my parents decided to discuss it while cleaning the table. I seized the moment and, as if by chance,
said that they were not all that different from us. Mom tried to object saying that they were
trying to protect me after they had lost my brother, but this time she sounded a little
less confident. I don’t know if there were any further discussions,
but soon after that day my own situation changed a little bit. Now I can say with a certain amount of relief
that I’m allowed to see my friends again without any presence of parents. I still have to be at home relatively early
– at 9 P.M., but at least I can spend as much time in a bathroom as I need to. Did you like my story? If so, then click the corresponding button
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  1. As a parent, I'm terrified of everything that is a potential death trap, including bottle caps, which seem to be everywhere because my husband drinks mountain dew. I have caught the kids with bottle caps in their mouths a few times. My oldest daughter, who is 3 years old, had choked one night and I wouldn't have known if my husband didn't ask me to check on her after hearing her cough over the baby monitor. I thought there was nothing to choke on in her crib, and thought that a cough didn't indicate choking. But when I saw her face, her mouth was open, her eyes wide open, and she wasn't breathing. It scared me so bad that I forgot how to do the heimlich maneuver on children, (even though I had successfully preformed that when she was 4 months old after a church member handed her a cracker at pot luck). My husband rushed in after I yelled for him and he got her to stop choking. That's been my biggest fear every since. We don't have a pool thankfully. I only want to get one when the new baby, (not born yet), is old enough and all 3 kids know how to swim.

  2. Hi Alieshia this is a story about Mom when I was a kid you're my family picture light how to put a picture in the kitchen I'm crying are endless words I mean words you broke my heart actor hurricane weekend 11 old find me work my grades are going down Weston TV I was broken every Good times UF bad times history of the way nothing I like drawing I like singing

  3. What is wrong with Terry? Breaking up with his girlfriend because she has obsessive parents, REALLY?? Does he even realize she needed help, and that she's going to feel even worse? I HATE people like him.

  4. It actually happened the exact same to my young cousin he drowned and now my dad won't even get a swimming pool even if I'm 14 almost 15 😂😂

  5. Don't your parents have friends to be around with? that's what my parents do they keep me in the house to babysit while I'm surfacing or wasting my life in the house and not enjoying my life.Your parents can't keep on blaming you over what have happened basically it can be your mother's fault from not watching him also.

  6. Hi Annie I am sorry for your lost about your brother noun this is your fault it's not your fault I lost my grandparents they past way since when I was born

  7. Girl: I only got to hangout with my boyfriend one time and i couldnt even kiss him. Ugh the worst parents

    Me: Wait you allowed to have boyfriends?

  8. The mother probably wasn’t trying to be strict on her just didn’t whatnot anything to happen to you because she already lost someone so you should love you caring mother☹️😭😢😖😞

  9. Imagine that
    Oh no the person who gave birth to me is touching me. 😒
    Goodness people are so extra these days besides your only 13 why would you need a boyfriend

  10. You’re the dumbest human I have ever heard you make me insanely crazy mad😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 ifyou

  11. The reason her mom it’s like that it’s bc she lost her child! And couldn’t risk to made that happen again but i totally understand both sides

  12. I like to think if those people were really your friends they wouldn’t leave you because of what is going on in your life

  13. I'm going to be 19 the next month and trust me I've never hung out with my friends in my 19 years of life. It surely does feel like prison but I know why my parents do it and understand their feeling. From where I come we don't move out of our parent's house at 18 infact most of us live together with parents forever. Someday I'm sure I'll be able to get out and enjoy at least on my own

  14. I honestly think that her parents are paranoid that the same thing that happened to her brother will happen to her.

    Nvm she already figured that out… ;~;

  15. wtf ur complaining about THAT little tiny bit of control? my parents are WAAAY worse than that. makes ur life seem like heaven.

  16. Tbh I probably do the same thing to u

    To be all you did let your bother drown… he’s always your responsibility

    (Edit) r.i.p ;(

  17. yo you don't care about your brother if you did you'll watch your brother out by the stupid pool sorry for your loss

  18. Thats really sad the reason my gacha character has a black eye is because everday i have a nightmare of me getting a black eye and sometimes it feels like it physically happened but it didnt

  19. what i would do if my parents did that, after they went to bed i would call the cops and explain everything to them and if the came make bruises on my whole body and go to foster care with a hopefully nice and sane family. and send my "parents" a letter with a bunch of middle finger stickers.

  20. 9pm…GIRL IF I'M OUT WITH MY FRIENDS I BETTER BE BACK BY 7 ON THE DOT unless I work because working at a movie theater kinda makes u have to work really late 😒

  21. These Parents Never Notice That…They Are Creating A Monster That Will Bring down wrath On Parents Who Thinks That Their Parental Guidance Was right But They Put Pressure On Everyday Lives Of Any People Who is 17-5 years old but They Still Have Faith Hoping That It Will Fade away as time goes such as this story And its Very Heartwarming for me since im always guided to as what to do always remember and worst of all if i did something not pleasant to them or bad they'll kick me out the house telling me to go to my dad who abandoned me and i even get bruises before they kick me out and their words not only puts pressure but makes me think im not good enough for them even though i was helpless so those who are being controlled extremely by parents tell them how you feel how it hurts maybe it will change their ways (also ACTUALLY HAPPENED Dont read and ask me about my life its really complicated)

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