I set up a safe zone(Shelter) for stray cats and cleaned up.

I set up a safe zone(Shelter) for stray cats and cleaned up.

I’ve wanted to make it a safe area for stray cats for a long time. I built a fenced area for stray cats. Let’s open the door. Everywhere is dirty and rubbish. Karam is sleeping I need cat houses, tarpaulins, cat litter and cat toys to keep food from getting wet. Too much garbage. The height of the fences is 2 meters. I made razor wires on the fence. Because the kids come in and hurt the cats. I hope cats don’t climb the fence and hurt themselves. Cats don’t get used to it. That’s why they want to get out of the safe zone. I’m gonna open the door for a while and let them walk out. Now it’s time to clean up. Garbage. Everything is clean. Now it’s time for food. Yummy Bozkurt and Bandit(Çiçek) Benekli is eating Wet cat food Bozkurt is so funny 🙂

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  1. You are such a great man. You do all the work all by yourself, with no volunteers to help you. You have a special place in heaven, waiting for you someday.

  2. Wow! That's super awesome!! But I'd be careful about the barbed wire. Maybe create ways the cats can climb and perch high up. But this area is wonderful for the cats. Great job.

  3. Wow, now they have their private soccer field. A private landing zone for their flying carpets. With time and donations they will have their own little house for everyone and their sleeping bag blanket. Awww life is better and better in Catstanbul. Thanks to Sedat and all persons watching and the generous donators.
    Paypal link is under the video description: https://www.paypal.me/Sedatozkan

  4. 👋🏻🌺🤗😀🐱🤗🐱🤗🐱🤗🐱🤗🐱🤗🐱🤗🐱🤗🐱

  5. thank you so much for always helping the kittens and cats and giving them shelter and a good home! they are so cute as always, thank you ♥️

  6. That's sad that the kids want to hurt the cats 😞, I wish children would learn love and respect for animals, they make our life's happier, they really do! Thank you Sedat for cleaning up so well, sure looks cleaner! It's not easy, it's outdoors and looks like an alley, so it's hard to clean up and set up a safe space! I hope some cats weren't left outside!
    By the way, that's a really nice fence, I don't know how you could do such a nice job…did you have help? I'd guess not, you do everything by yourself…my hopes and prayers 🙏 are that you will find someone who cares as much as you do, and like Onur, you will have much more help, because I know you need it! You try your very best, and do a fantastic job by yourself…NOT EASY!!

  7. Please put their food and water from the front of the fence, somebody could drop something harmful in their pans of food and water,people are just evil,100 hundred thumbs for you and your rescue work!!!!🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈!!!!

  8. Hi Sedat! I'm so happy you have built the safe zone! I'm just concerned about the barbed wire at the one section of the fence. But really, great job! Lots of comfortable places of shelter for the baby kitty cats!!!! Panda wants a lot of time on the video and Karam is looking healthy!

    Thanks so much, Sedat, for all you are doing for the cats and kitties! Sending you and the Adorable Cats and kitties lots of Love and blessings!

  9. You are awesome Sedat! They must be happy to have you take care of them. Maybe you could find another stray cats around and put it in this area

  10. Great work mate.
    Nice to see a lot of beds and boxes for the lil ones.
    So adorable.
    Thank you mate its so heart warming.
    A home for the lil ones.
    All my prayers for the lil ones. And i hope the razor wire helps them without hurting !
    God bless you to keep up your good work. 😍🙏

  11. AWESOME Sedat!!!! Your truly a hero. Those kitties are so very blessed to have you. I pray they all now stay safe and live happy, healthy, very long lives with you!!! Thank you Sedat your amazing. Allah bless you and your babies!!!😻😸😽😻😸😽🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🤗🤗💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  12. Thank you Sedat. I wish i could fly there for a visit just to help you clean up the place and give these little ones care and love. You do so much for them. Thank you, great job. 💓😃👍😺

  13. I can’t believe that most children would purposely hurt a cat. I’m glad that you are protecting them from the ones that would. The adults too.

  14. Thank you for doing all this work for the cats. It's shocking, that children try to hurt the kittens! They should learn more about street cats and other animals at their schools and develop empathy for creatures, that need help. Of course the cats won't get used to the fence immediately. They need to be safe, feel free and happy. Are some of the cats separated by a locked gate? I can't recognize it.

  15. I did miss Bozkurt today… but then again he has such a mind of his own.. he was trying to figure out the " if it fits I sits" theory …but he is of course Bozkurt with a mind of his own …like all kitties in the world…that is why we love them all❤❤❤😻😻😻❤❤❤

  16. This channel deserves million subscribers. It needs to happen as soon as possible. And trust me, it'll happen! Love you. Love your cats 😻😻

  17. Sedat it is wonderful. Can you get sand? I have an area like that that goes out m window. We keep a big pile of sand in it for them to use as the bathroom. Plus the hot sand in the summer kills one called organisms like giardia and coccidia…sorry about the spelling if it's wrong. I'm glad that you didn't have to cover the too like I do because of hawks and other birds of prey. I will show this to my husband. He may have some ideas for feeding station and bleachers to give the cats vertical space and places to lay in the sun like he did at cat mountain and at the no kill shelter here. I am thrilled at what you and your family have done. Peace and Blessings to you and your family Sedat. And to al the kind donors. 🐾🙏❤

  18. Sedat you're amazing! I'm doing my happy dance💃💃💃💃I'm so happy for the cats. So many cats can fit in the safe place.

  19. Bonsoir Sedat !
    Tous ces chats et chatons ont beaucoup de chance de t'avoir car maintenant ils pourront être en sécurité !
    Karam est en pleine forme aujourd'hui , Bozkurt est vraiment très drôle avec le seau d'eau et Panda est très câlin ! ♥♥ 🙂

  20. Looking good my friend.👌 Your doing a great job.👍 Praying your tents will be there sooner than expected. Im still checking, nothing updated yet 🙏🐈😻🙌💖🌹🌞.

  21. Aww thank you so much 😊 Sedat for all the things you did for theses cats 🐈 Now the cats will be safer and Insha’Allah they will be stay in that areas where you have built a safe fences😻you did a wonderful job! May Allah bless you for all the hard work you did for these beautiful babies🐈

  22. You are legend. Hope those stupid brats that want to hurt them do get hurt on the razor wire, they deserve it. Question tho, where will they do wees and poos?

  23. You are an angel sweetie ❤❤❤❤❤ indeed, hope the kitties won't get hurt.. any chance you could make the upper part of the fence lean towards the inside in a 45° angle, that way they cannot go out.. an the razor wire on the outside of the top part.. that way they shouldn't get hurt and cannot go out and the bad kids cannot get in..?

  24. God bless you sedat. Cats ar lucky to have you. You ar amazing person ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👏👏👏👏👏

  25. Hello Sadat! I really love your videos and I wanted to ask if you would like me to help you, I speak both English and Spanish so I wanted to know if it was possible for me to subtitle your videos in Spanish so you can get a wider audience from Latin America and Spain!

  26. Sadat, I love your content but I think it would be better if you removed the
    Barbed fence. A cat in my street lost its eye due to an accident with the fence! I think the 2 meter barrier is enough, I’m really worried any cat will get hurt or stuck on it.

  27. Sedat, THANK you for all you do! Incredible your love and dedication – a thousand thanks! I was thinking about it, and perhaps you could make small openings close to the ground in a couple of places so that the kitties could come and go, but still have the protection that your excellent fencing provides. Also, I do not mean to criticize, but the razor wire concerns me…. Again, you are wonderful – muchisimas gracias! ♥

  28. A pity that you have to resort to razor wire. Shame on the parents for letting their children behave that way. Very worrisome. You're doing such a good deed. Takes dedication and real kindness. Thank you, Sedat, and God Bless your heart.

  29. Even though the area is pretty big,i have the impression that cats won't like it…cats are free minded…of course…that's for the own safety…I wish they could understand that….😞😞😞

  30. This is great ! I hope the cats won't try climbing up the fences ! I cannot believe that kids can be mean to hurt them ! I thought Turkish people love cats !!!? Thank you so much for building fences & cleaning uo the trash in the area ! I feel bad that you didn't get help from somebody ! But,I have mentioned this before that I had noticed that there were / are a lot of cigarettes on the ground ! I really hope that you can pick them up & take away ! As I'm worried if they can consume them as they are TOXIC ! When it rains hard ,the inside of cigarettes can come out …the tabaco grass & the nicotine…! The nicotines can kill animals ! And there are a lot of them there ! So, if you can,please get rid of them for the cats ! THANK YOU SEDAT ! I hope that everything is gonna be cool w/ the cats & you !!! Lots of hugs !😻👍😸😺💜🎶🎵💞💕

  31. This is so amazing sedat 😍 you are truly a blessing for these cats! They will be safe there now thanks to you. It looks very comfortable for them. But I do wonder how do they get in and out of there with the wires? Have a great day ❤️

  32. I love to see Panda (I hope I'm right about that?!😊) getting his cuddles…and hearing him purr😍😍that's so cute…it would be great to hear their names, while seeing them…so that we can get used to their names..and the cats (Karam and Bozkurt are already famous😊!)
    keep on what you're doing Sedat..I love the new cat shelter, your videos and what you're doing for the cats…byebye Christina🙌👋❤

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