Immigrant Prisons (Preview) • BRAVE NEW FILMS

Immigrant Prisons (Preview) • BRAVE NEW FILMS

I know my husband has made mistakes. Please, I beg you. Why are they doing this to us? Innocent people are being locked up. The people that are detained are not criminals. It’s the explosive growth of a system of immigrant detention centers that few Americans know anything about. What we are hearing is horrible. I want my daddy back. I spent 9 years 4 months in immigration detention. Forced to work for a dollar a day or less, which is a clear violation of anti-slavery laws. This is not criminal custody. This is not someone who has been convicted of a crime. Immigrant detainees awaiting deportation have routinely received substandard health care, poor food, unsanitary water and unhygienic conditions at privately operated for-profit facilities. I was dying. I could feel myself dying. I couldn’t even stay up no more. People are going to die. We already have people dying in detention centers throughout the nation. Shares in the two largest private prison stocks jumped up November 9th The morning after Donald J.Trump was elected President. They are profiting off the misery of human beings.

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  1. The USA doesn't even resemble a democracy anymore…let alone function like one.
    It's far more fascist state than secular democracy.

  2. Come to the USA legally if you want to avoid detention. We must protect our citizens first and we must send a strong message to those that do not respect our borders and immigration process.

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