Inside the "Ghettos" of Australia

Inside the "Ghettos" of Australia

all right so we felt kind of bad about the Sydney meet-and-greet because we didn't get to make it we're a little late like I messed up you'll recall we could to ago so we decided to do another one last minute we're about to go there right now meet any and all fans that want to come through and there's a rapper – we're gonna meet up with Laroy little boy right kid little I just wanna make sure I'm saying it right anyway he's the next star coming out says hey hey the new week new Iggy no cakes [Applause] shopping the other day you know your tech do a simple drip check I'm keeping it simple you know can't wear anything crazy so even a super simple we on a tight budget goodbye little trainers in Australia yeah yeah yes al a trainer on the side the fuck around fucking Hoover drivers taking forever so stupid so a little late to the mean gree but we won't be late to the meet show Hey HEIs Olaf that fucking assi KU shiny miniskirt incoming sure oh no we're just gone to the store and hey what's up how you doing mr. JC's game amazing how you doing she's coming later kill the Roy came and literally tore down fucked up the floors in the line see what they look alike yeah hi hi when you see me you see him you see the camera on you get crazy [Applause] that ain't thanks shit there that's real ain't coming off and then there's surprise for the vlog we've got a dictator babe – shit out because that's going to get the monetize we need then ads we need that revenue yes a youtuber out of 20 – no jumper Hey that's why I introduce you guys to these dude dudes because they were just showing me a lot of videos they make it stuff and there I'm convinced I believe it on introduce ourselves it's bad boy baby we on be 40 boy baby I'm too not good ta na ka bi bi that's all my Instagram I do fashion in shit I made clothes like this I'm like videos on Melrose let's go drink a Red Bull the strong what's a crime sixteen stay away boys but it's a rapper doing graffiti on fans shit that's how did you write the other balcony oh my god I thought you're deep you know that is like where they're able to like use a computer like grab somebody's face onto someone else's body I take it as a compliment yeah we've been in the foreign now menthol ideally not this is a fun part of the game called bumming cigs from teenage kids what's that who got a cig I want to review them all I want to do it cig taste test yeah roll me one up the weed so bunk out here it's gonna be one on smoke cigs camel crush no it's like a prolapse asshole on it you know blur this siga blur this dardo they saw me do and they'll be the part of the club and then you tidal oxide we're gonna do guys animal all necessary role and I'm just asking it's on my arm I thought my dick all right and then I'll get it tattooed on a Masonic I'm actually gonna get a tattoo I really hate these other permanent though future is Sydney follow me to kill the bra on Instagram your little photo shoot we got cloud up this is my area how does this happen he's not really a jaska by now if akin to a photoshoot in here I guess I don't know what the hell I got myself into walking across the street like this they said all right yeah Wow all right my element in the sex shop how exciting um Tuesday morning just found backwards for real he says 20 minute walk from here is in this neighborhood that's amazing thank you so much reading on my bed with all my other stuff in wall so they collect like a weirdo thank you so I guess I gotta get right a fave a person of is the one that's at the Harvard site Archie Brothers she works there she can get us in they let you in clubs and stuff or to the face tattoos exclude but there's already like 10 places Wilson either done anyway we finally found the home of the backwoods allegedly so but the hop and the whip and go experiment see what they got dad was missing it's a fact the Instagram said they got it but then we verified but we bout to see cuz in Australia you need like triple verification you gettin a lot of people moving so for the record the kid Laroy does not smoke weed but he has taken us so you know that they got the big foreign woods when they got like graffiti on the outside of the shop this ain't no regular Australian smoke shot man they're with the culture we're ready for us who's asking it's a plugin how to do photos for his escort agency walks away got a big hole in his pants like you just gets fucked in the ass by force hey that's a good sign if you were a rapper and you feel comfortable just taking your shirt off whatever the fuck they're out that's a good sign way she although they got the blue ones you got of these ones the only or much is that bad it's a joke that's it man I had a guys one of me who told me to get the other airplane this is a guy boogie with the hoodie watch off me all the Ray was a hot dog shape because I'd not left to right yeah he's good easy casual $90 onwards doesn't even phase all right buddy Australia we do sell swishes induction are really makes me wish that I went to the corner store and bought them for $7.00 before I lost but heavy yeah or this story that you own thank you guys thank you so much thank the comedy maybe she millions let's do it you have ham fuck yeah now you at the other store I was like you want me to do it on her face so you want me to do it how to go the distance I'm long alive signed a couple of like sex dolls at this point well now it's special every time thanks for coming out every good good in every good something yeah they can't hold me back cops cops cops cops this way grew up okay so this is laroy's area where he grew up that it's taking my sense of a batbox I'm gonna see otherwise I mean okay cuz I'm I was born here originally but I'm you down here okay I mean it's not the part of the city and I moved out to the country for a little bit like four years and then I came back here uh-huh this is where our Kumar have anyway because it's like this is the most because I got a saying I always been moving around the shit like that mm-hmm so I guess he was like the most stable how do you think that this environment like shaped your music just saying different shit being explosive different shit right different people yeah is it feel like a community like a lot of places don't necessarily feel like that but this I don't think there's any other areas to me that shows more of a community this place like every everyone knows each other you fill you got the support of like the local community they believe in what you're doing yeah I was like low-key scared to make music because music oh I'm a Cajun like you came out like a different style and comparisons a lot of the obvious should the people who are doing kill people so Roland I do you talk about the shit I've seen too much right I mean but people respect to talk out of it oh yeah because ideas just mean – end of the day I've been through a lot for someone who are consistent yeah what talked about it recently harmless issues really yes my bad so actually this is where I used to live I think they already moved another family today so this is like split right and then we've got kicked out because this is a like housing condition to you have them over there right my project has too many complete like neighbors next door people saying like kids are getting abused and shit like obviously kids aren't getting abused my family saying before about new people moving in there's a few people like next door that don't unaware of the way that this is when you get kicked out of public holiday that's like it's fucked up there's like public houses like the public is like the last resort right Oh for real I mean it's this cool like that makes it more rare that's all this is the fuckin savings right okay this is where I kind of met Omar fucking nice and shit so this is where they would send you to kick it up a school been so good yeah like when I first moved in oh my gosh I didn't I just came up here I needed some new subs and it's kinda out there I need to fuck this up you had a kid screaming fuck yes way cuz it's ruined and then they just like horizon percent you remember it's like we're taking niggas around the areola nice to meet you Bob where you from gotta love that energy right there where we going now nah you don't need for you I want I think it was those numbers what's wrong with something that's crazy I heard a lot but I stoped that somebody appreciated like he was here young as hell when I came out why do you guys need like frozen cokes and shit let's go why though so ever since I got here to Australia I had people from back home hit me up I had like fans coming up to me at the mean greets and stuff just telling me I had to meet up with the kid Laroy that's what they kept saying the kid Laroy so we finally met up with him um tell me a little bit about yourself that I saw my name's kid Laroy obviously fifteen years old from reference in Australia okay I'm twenty two things coming down bird appreciation man the main thing that people were saying was that the mean greet that we didn't actually get a chance to go to they you actually broke the floor so yeah it sounds a little bit about this yeah I mean she shut the whole place down burr I told I put a thing on my story I told my what do people come down it's gonna be a shirt it was supposed to be there but obviously missed his flight so it's just pop up heaps closes shit I was in a performance Australian boys chipper one came down packed the whole place out the whole place on the street that she was fucking this up and there's crazy how'd you starting a music shit I started making I started trying to make music for like I mean I was trying to freestyle cuz obviously my mom would would play like fuckin and then calle everything around the house like my morning played like Erykah Badu my mum like he saw what I type of shit when I was younger I didn't understand how how good like people like Erica Bobby and she was so I gotta be older I started listening connection with the boys a little bit more so when did you actually start really recording stuff cuz this isn't a lot of the stuff that we're listening ears on YouTube was that a bit older like three years old that's when I was recording you know I mean I was okay originally I had other songs that was posted to SoundCloud that I was recording in these guys like Daryl's literally on this fuckin shitty ass Mike but like the the demo version of FL Studio there's like the you know the demo effects and stuff like that and then um my manager now Ziggy back then he was the radio host he hit me up on Saturdays I yo I'll talk of you buh buh when they spin when he songs on the radio I was like fuck it it's been us on the radio he's like y'all had – – do you come down use that shit for free no we got people in there that love to help you out recording shit because obviously I was doing everything myself so a lot of the shit that you hear now is only hard to put it out last year but I recorded that shit literally like three years ago when the first came in there you're 15 now so this is what you're doing you're 12 yeah literally like I said I I've always loved music and as I got older I found it as a way to tell stories and shit like that and you hid out in the world initiative all coming out even yeah ever since I was like four I was just trying to freestyle just literally saying anything just say random shit I was there yeah hey so tell me about the area that you showed us around today blue red friend did you see we win so little boys showed you pretty much what it was this shit about beta for the past four or five years shit yeah this is really like I said I didn't grow up in a lot of places getting moved everywhere houses in and out of public housing shit but this is the one place where I feel like I was always I mean I was always so I'm here cuz it was like we had one place and stable you know me nourishing was Odo's hope heaps of crazy shit going on it's like you're so stable in cities to me as I mom I thought my friends I was how about my now fucking brother like literally was living with us a little bit he's like my fucking my brother now and we met up new service I guess how would you describe your music oh the shit that's out right now just you know I mean is this is it's like on some new wave sound but it's just telling my story a little bit not even look you know to the extent but she's saying shit that was on my mind at the time whatever it's just it's a new way she'll with young whatever working out what I'm trying to do but the new shit I got come out is a bit more of myself I feel like I haven't even gotten to play the new shit of data after it's more on myself is a lot more storytelling a shit that's that's the one thing that I want to keep incorporated in my music storage I don't if I was saying before sea otter just want to be rapping in Surat me you know they know what a rappers you feel like you really got the support of all the young rap fans out here because I feel like they just are all so hyped on you it's crazy yeah and that's that's what I love more than anything really the fact got people will fucking with my music and I understand that it's just Israel are fucking not some gimmicky shit you see a lot of a lot of young kids that that are doing rap music and a lot of it is just some name shit talking about stuff like that and they know that you know I'm really trying to make it impactful on the culture full Australia especially I mean there's no doctors that come out of here you were telling me earlier they you've you met yg and then you worked with a boogie those were you two goals okay this is that wasn't some childhood dream shit it was crazy I go to song called childhood dreams I made actually about two weeks ago I'm gonna show you guys I like talking about how I accomplished my song who dreams like shit like that yeah say like when I met I was saying around this area I watch it and I believe everybody fucks it in there like the guys in here I finally that's made like and anybody I went back I told all the boys I was like y'all just never know so I'm fine that's crazy cuz they're like that the two main people that everyone's like to them that's like the ultimate level of Fame yeah it's like it's different like I could go and tell them I'm at fucking when you use them but it's still gonna be so that was like able be she did so if you met her that be wild as hell what do you feel like you're coming to do in the rap game or what you're bringing to the table on a plentiful Australian culture I'm sure these Australian kids kids from my area even if that's what they want to do last time you can do this shit to Captain Australia you know I mean you're sealing on that shit I want to break the fucking ceiling but I'm the stop you miss it then take me seriously enough because that's just the way it is yeah I mean when I hear your stuff it definitely doesn't sound like it's gonna be limited to just a small audience someone the number of people in America and in the music industry in general who are excited by your music it's kind of crazy there's a lot of people fucking with you already and like I said that's the crazy thing like it's not even on a lot of people in Australia I mean obviously like like I said in Australia none of this shit happens you know I mean people like we're gonna we're out of 22 people meeting yg this is not that shit doesn't happen over here for for rappers so it's like a lot of you what first kind of like some of them my older people obviously they're like what the fuck is just kids just like and she plants up shit like nah that's not even how it is versus like I literally just message people who know people who know people hoping that they see my shit I'm just on there emailing like every day there's really a hustle like yeah this is the shit that people don't see for example like I met likes Whaley's like and like gym like race from it I made a DJ whatever the the way how I did that was I actually stood at the front of their fucking hotel and waited at 2 a.m. in the morning with my little boy JD and we sat there at the front of the hotel just so I could play my music cuz I fuck with Sherman you know just I could play my music so what I actually did there's this girl I got invited to the hotel and we need the girl oh my gosh shit when you up there at the inn because they were going to see the DJ shout out Jay shrimp they're gonna see him so they went up and I was realize you're just just play our music tell him like yo he's gonna buck told him you're like where where are these guys and like they downstairs waiting for you so I bring them up boom we went up said I would sell for the salary and it's not you know I mean it's awesome that's a bold move right there but if it works it works it's all about taking a chance you know I'm saying it's all about literally taking a chance and that's what it is a lot of a lot of people don't don't see that though they just see the picture of of me and them children are saying that I see what I did to get there and stuff like that and that's that level of motivation right there says a lot though I need to be somebody and I never I never knew why I just always felt like shit this is me deception you know what I mean and I used to tell Billy Andrews to say girls talking like super weird I wish how like Jay Cole stood at the front of jay-z's office for like a day and finally came out gave me the music I was like fuck it I guess the way I'm gonna do it but never artists to come to the city or we try and finesse it like people who you know me and people who are close to me know like what type of type of shit that I do so it's fucking think help with these these people and that's how I really do relationships from there I appreciate you showing us around your area this is one thing whenever people obviously now nowadays I'm not really outstanding ups and Peter tells me shit because I've no network of people my shit now I'm more focused on myself and I feel like as well first when I was younger I I just wanted everything so that's like famous people oh my god like yeah whenever I get the chance to meet you or whatever you know it's about taking a run area to show me where it is because a lot of a lot of this she goes I'm gonna send a lot of people receiving everybody's areas that I couldn't America sit cut so much hey Cassie can tell you hey I'm telling you I'm gonna stop that fucking wave in a burka shit cars nice we got a D Sigma Tau this country because that ring kind is like the worst word you can say in America aggressive its way crazier see cuz that's what I call my friend my friends – oh yeah our goal must I call the signals yeah

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