IS fighters hold civilians hostage in last Syria holdout

IS fighters hold civilians hostage in last Syria holdout

now as us-backed forces engaged in what
is being dubbed their final battle against the Islamic state group hundreds
of militants are reported to be hiding among civilians whom have been taken
hostage as well for more on this and other news from around the world let’s
turn to our new Adam sir Adam this last battle as the Americans are calling it
is proving to be quite a tough one that’s why although Isis has been pushed
back to only a speck of land AP reports that is fighters are under the shadow of
a small hill along the Syrian Iraqi border a spokesman for the US backed
Syrian democratic forces said Sunday that the group is preventing civilians
from leaving the area closing a corridor from which nearly 40,000 residents have
managed to escape since December the militants including high-level
commanders are said to be hiding among civilians in a tented village at the
edge of bag use and using a network of caves and tunnels to get around the
hostage situation could explain the slowing a final push to eradicate Isis
however the extremists are also said to be running out of ammunition and they
also encircled from all sides by forces waiting to declare the territorial
dispute defeat rather of the terrorist group the Islamic state groups a
self-proclaimed Caliphate once controlled about a third of Syria and
Iraq but is now shrunk to what SDF officials say is no more than 700 square
meters meanwhile for the more than 800 Isis fighters who have been captured in
the final battle President Trump has told European allies to take them back
and put them on trial in a series of weekend tweets Trump wrote quote of time
for others to step up and do the job that they are so capable of doing while
claiming Isis was ready to fall Trump threatened to release the prisoners if
Europe did not accept his request the anid the u.s. does not want to watch as
these Isis fighters permeate Europe which is where they are expected to go
his comments echoed those made by UK Home Secretary Sajid Javid who warned
that militants who make it to Britain will be investigated and potentially
prosecuted Germany on the other hand sir citizens
suspected a fighting for Isis have the right to return to Germany and would be
subject to what it called D radicalization measures

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