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  1. Show your face, jhadi John if you truly believe in what you are doing. You know as I know that the people you are working for are waiting to make a buck on your capture dead or alive. Its just a matter of time.

  2. Enough is enough Obama step the Fuck and unleash absolute hell in the middle east. Napalm, MOAB's, JDAMS, Tomahawks, Delta Force, Navy Seals, Bloods & Crips. Release serial killers into their society.

  3. This is ridiculous! Suddenly they come up with 2 Japanese men they are going to execute. Why would Japan contribute that much money for this BS anyway? Because they are trying to make this a global issue, where everyone will eventually be an ISIS fighter? For the ignorant people out there, do you really think that the high criminals that went through this whole 911 shit story to get control of the oil, would just go away, and leave that oil for some group like ISIS, you would have to be out of your mind. This is what is going on with ISIS. It's about that time when these countries that we screwed up, and took over, start wondering where the oil money is going, and who is really controlling it. I think that we need to understand that when a country is taken over, that's exactly what's happened. They take over everything, the entire economy, everything, they own it, the whole country. The people behind 911 now own Iraq, am I wrong? Never! Same way America is owned. For this to be a smooth transition, it has to look like it was taken over from the inside, by the people.

  4. I'm sorry all of my brothers, this video is fake, please search the review of this video in youtube.. to much lies and fuc** jokes, this is conspirasy made by USA

  5. No problem. Send in all soldiers of the world and that´s not enough. ISIS Soldier can't be defeated.
    The is already 60 state who fight against ISIS and no results

  6. Look at the necks from the ,,hostages''
    there silhouette from 2 sides!
    Thats filmed in a studio!
    CIA or Mossad!
    Wake up people!

  7. Japanese people is not angry and never mind everyone.
    everybody say [responsibility of yourself]  because not be helped
    japanese people  is dry.   from japan

  8. SO… I heard this Isis group decided to behead one of these INNOCENT men!!! I feel pity for these ignorant assholes in this so called Isis terrorist group because OF you really think you're doing this SHIT for YOUR god… Hs… Your god, who is no god, will ALWAYS LOSE!!! Nothing but evil and… News flash…. GOD IS LOVE. SO WAKE THE HELL UP BEFORE YOU CAN'T!!! 😉

  9. 786 will dominate the world at the end of 21st century.
    Do you know what 786 means?
    The sum 21 indicate 21st century.
    Muslims top secret 786.
    Watch it out for your safety.


  11. i feel ashame that theyr human too??! lol n their way of earnin livelihood by extortion just too dirty n scornful.(just my opinion)

  12. I x agreed Islam preach to violence or terrorist. But it seems those who are islamist extremist that keen to valuable terrorism. Most of religion preach for peaceful and love among human being. This group of isis should been kill and vanish from this beautiful land. There shouldn't live here. I'm supporting all the strike to hunt them down.

  13. ISIS must love Israel! They never attack Israel despite being on the border of Israel and having access to attack them but they never attack Israel!

    First France votes to recognize Palestine as a state then Paris gets attacked and then Japan decides to pledge 100 million dollars to help rebuild Gaza then ISIS kidnaps two Japanese men? Hmm?

    It seems as if ISIS hates countries that are trying to help Arabs more than they hate Israel how could that be?

    Does this make sense to anybody else?


  14. 日本のISISまたはISILに関する記事は、非常に重要なことを述べていない。これらのてっろ組織は米国と、フランス、英国がシリアのアサド政権を崩壊させる為に資金、武器さらにはその要員を援助して作り出した。フランスの精鋭部隊外人部隊からも数日前に十分な訓練を受けた隊員がこのテロリスト部隊に参加した。フランスの最近のテロもこうしたフランスの政策のためである。またブッシュがイラクのフセインを殺害、またリビアのガダッフィを殺害したことも大きく影響している。両者とも独裁者ではあったが、それぞれの国を統治し、ある程度の弾圧はあったが、テロもなく平和であった。特にリビアはアフリカで最高の生活水準を誇り、医療、教育は無料、また優秀な学生には外国留学をさせていた。これらを潰しテロと無政府状態をもたらした米英、フランスは強く非難する必要がある。

  15. Seriously… Has nobody noticed the shadows on the guys faces? There on different sides… Two different sources of light… They must be on Tatooine, otherwise that picture is fake…

  16. ISIS suddenly releases a video of Japanese hostages, at a time when the Japanese government is about to vote for the relocation of a US military base on Japanese soil in the pacific.
    Wow, what a coincidence.


  18. Personally, I think Yukawa has gone to there because he wants to "Enjoy" the thrill of being in a Life/Death situation. Take note that Yukawa attempted suicide, and Yukawa said on his blog, that "Gun fights on the Night is pretty as fireworks." and "Going to the front line feels like going to a haunted area." About 70% why this happened is because of Yukawa. He's teasing Death.

  19. I really think that any kind of ideology which is characterized by terrorism, does not recognize legitimate because follows a primitive animals characteristic still present in beings that however say religious and God-fearing, no, really in no way qualified to want to follow a doctrine that vibrate light, love or charity, that is, operating under the dominion of darkness, these not delegated to an entity because they are the object of his creations and beliefs, nominate this evil simply shift the blame by human actions (inhuman); dualism of improper reality, these movements are simply political and dictatorial, obey a law of the strongest and only a superficial notion of authority or lack thereof. Weapons distributed around the world since medieval times and in medieval organizations today seem to operate in a video game, without mercy, mercy or critical sense, swarming and has its cores in inconsequential lack of perpectiva in a future of peace and compassion for humanity, God has the necessary competence through their guides and enlightened to stop this wave of insurgency and terror, because it directly affects the plans of a systemic advancement of human hordes hosts of knowledge in light and love, operated by his prophets and mediuns. Peace and Light to all.

  20. I do agree this is an awful and horrible threat, but i noticed something.
    Hostages have shadow on different sides of their face and this is not what happens when you shoot video outside in sunlight. Video was probably created in front of a green screen with two spot lights placed at sides of the stage.
    I wonder if anybody else noticed this fact. And I wonder why would terorists use this film method to shoot video in front of a green screen with all the accessories…

  21. Here is something every individual watching this needs to understand. Look at the shadows on the "hostages". Man on left has shadow on his left side indicating Sun on his right. Man on right has shadow on his right, when they are supposed to be in a desert with Sun light emitting from left side of picture. So, both alleged hostages should have identical shadows. This is a hoax. Why are they standing in a desert? Because propaganda dictates that all terrorists are middle eastern and from a desert. Please everyone get angry! You are smarter than these criminals perpetrating this crime.

  22. Made God will send  ISIS to hell to burn ..I'm from the Usa love God..USA ,ENGLAND AND JAPAN WILL WIN and ISRAEL will fight to get our brothers back safe..Fuck it hurts makes me cry but makes the Usa.England.Japan and Isreal makes us stronger with Gods love..Our hearts and love is with Japan!!

  23. The Islamic State forgets that Japan is the Father of Terrorism. Suicide Bombs, Plane Hijacking, Guerrilla Tactics, Systematic Massacres, Extreme Dedication to a Godlike Entity, all these things mimic the Imperial Japanese Empire during World War II. Japan may play the cute act claiming pacifism and innocence, but in reality it is a psychopath lying dormant; a yandere yet to show its dark side. The Japanese won't hesitate to resort to brutality if the right buttons are pushed, and will certainly show these knockoff "mimics" a thing or two if it comes to it!

  24. Sunni are follower of Bakri-Muslim Religion. (created by Caliph Abu Baker & his daughter Aisha).
    Bakri Muslim also supported by Second Caliph Umar & his daughter Hafsa. 

    Aisha & Hafsa both were TEEN AGE wives of Muhammad. That makes Caliph Abu-Muhammad was SON-IN-LAW of both Baker & Umar. Muhammad was older than his father-In-Laws.

    Basically Abu-Bakr & Umar offer their teen-age daughters for over 50 years old Muhammad's sexual pleasure. So that they can rule Muslims after Muhammad's death. That was the starting point of Political Islam. 

    Bakri Muslims declared that Ali & Fatima including whole Muhammad's immediate families were TAKFIRs (a Muslim calling another Muslim a unbeliever).

    Because Ali wanted to advance Islam via Kalama (via dialoged) instead of un-regulated Hadith.

    Where as Bakri Muslims wanted use un-regulated Hadith (Sunna). At present 85% of Sunni books come from Hadith & 15% is Quran. As for example Quran say pray only 3 times a day. Where as Hadith say pray 5 times a day. So that majority Muslims will spend more times in worshiping instead of personal development & work to support their livelihood . That much of waste of time in prayer made Muslims Poor & Weak people of the world for ever.

    Bakri Muslims also killed Ali for progressive mentality on the charge of TAKFIR — AT THE END — Ali's follower also lost due to the lost of Ali & his sons. As a result Shia Muslims are not exactly progressive movement of Islam.

    Moderate Muslims, Sunni Muslims & Shia Muslims are lost completely at present time. They will kill each other until they changed themselves for peace.

  25. How much longer will the world put up with this islam garage trash scum BULLSHIT?
    islam = cult of death, destruction, murdering, torturing, pedophilia POS
    The world needs to eradicate this slime from the universe

  26. You can not negotiate with terrorists. Even if they get what they are demanding what is to stop them from killing those two unfortunate people anyway. Or let's say they are freed what is to stop the terrorists from just abducting more people to further their cause. NOTHING! Nope best thing to do is stop them from getting their message out. Hack their computer networks keep their lines of communications off. If you are a news network report nothing

  27. I saw a vice report that said Japan is thinking about getting rid of article 9 in order to combat ISIS. What do you think?

  28. This video is fake. Look at the hostages' faces, the shadows are on opposite sides, which indicates two light sources, like a studio… If this was a real video, the light source would be from 1 direction, that is the sun. Also, ISIS doesn't show the actual beheading, but only still images the "heads" of the victims in the end of the video. Do you really it's like ISIS to hide a beheading? They burned a man alive on camera for crying out loud! This video is more likely a CIA propaganda to gain involvement from Japan, and to convince Japan to buy more US arms and treasuries. Those 2 Japanese men spent considerable time in the US, and are probably double agents… And Jihad Joe or whatever the fuck the Zionist media calls him, is probably a Mossad or MI6 agent.

  29. Strange Video, never heard and saw a Second Sun in the sky… 2 different shadows direction, in a football stadium when they play at afternoon each player has 4 shadows or more cause multiple light direction. left hostage inner right neck shadow,   right hostage has inner left neck shadow… and the background looks like in a Studio a green wall…
    maybe those 3 friends and faked it to get easily rest of life enough money for an
    B-Movie Epic-Fail

  30. islamophobia. if this real video why the shadows around their necks are not the same direction…. if they kill innocent people for no reason, they are not a Muslim.

  31. this is so Fucking fake, you can tell by just looking at it how fake it is. look at the shadows of the 2 hostages around their neck, the shadows are in two opposite directions, this shows that more lights were used for this fake video

  32. USA please don't give them a small loan of $200 million dollars, and if you do they will vote for Trump, and kill the 2 Japanese men, so don't do it.

  33. i love the japanese guys in that video, knowing who ISIS is they know for a FACT even if the ransom was payed they would still be tortured to death, and still they keep sitting on their knee's like, yeah lets go along with this

  34. I am ashamed of living under Erdogan's governance who is buying Oil from ISIS instead of sweeping them face of the earth.
    I was really really sorry for my Japanese friends when i saw it in TV first.

  35. errrrrrm just how many suns do they have out there in the Syrian desert? Has anyone else noticed how everyones shadows are going in completely different directions

  36. This is green screened!! this is fake just like CNN. CNN = propaganda pushers. chroma keying for sure.
    – 0:32 Look at those shadows. They are not even parallel! Grade school science here folks…the sun casts parallel shadows. This is PROOF that lighting was used, and the light source was very close to the set.
    – Why is it that the guy on the left has dark shadow cast on the left side of his face and a shadow casts down his left side of neck and over the left shoulder whereas the other guy has complete opposite shadowing? Dark shadow on the right side of his face with shadow cast down the right side of the neck and over the right shoulder. This is more proof that fake lighting was used. Again the sun will cast parallel shadows.

  37. Why the ISIL did not captured the ISIS Fugitve Swine pigs Transgenders William Buckley jr alias Betsy Davos,Catherine Middleton alias David Hogg,Meghan Markle,Premila Jayapal aka Angela Hernandez, Bou Kantaphone Alias Hina Alvi/Baroness Warsi/Maria Amalla and Her Daughter Lisa Page/Dr. Judy aka Jusmine Phanthouvong,Nikki Hailey,Kamala Harris,Ian Cameron-Susan Rice Ex-husband,Bruno Bonnet,Peter Strzok,Rod Rossenstein. They are all known for Chasing Phrophet Muhammad And Known For Pay 2 Play Bank Fraud Massacres & Satanic Infadels Witch Hunts.

  38. Jihadi John?!?! PLEASE!! Fox News! CNN! BOTH OF YOU GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER! How can a news source not even know the true meaning of what a Jihad is!

  39. Don't know which video is real and which one is fake..even some isis videos is also made by americans…

  40. This really looks like a hard decision. Either hand enemies money for them to afford military power and destroy the rest of the world. Or let two fathers go extinct. What are they gonna do with the money in the desert anyway?

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