Israel crimes against Palestinian prisoners

Israel crimes against Palestinian prisoners

For three-years Israeli prison authorities tried to prevent broadcast of this tape contain a proof of barbarism of deal with the Palestinian prisoners and exposes what Israel is trying to hide for decades tape is documenting moments the Israeli Mtsafa special force storming the Negev prison to perform a night inspection attack quickly turned into a violent confrontation situation become more complicated Israeli soldiers threw heavy tear gas prisoners suffer suffocation others were wounded in the indiscriminate use of fire some of them bled for a long time calls for treatment but no avail International investigation committee, must formed We’ve asked parliamentarians or medical committees to visit jail to look at the reality of the situation there Here, the martyr Muhammad Ashqar on the ground after being shot in head delay of helping .. and he died in hospital his hands tied to the bed even his feet I felt his body was like snow I become call the doctors they shot him from here came up from here they claim that the surgery was to examine brain works or not but truth was to remove the bullet from brain he died since the moment he was shot Those who survived that terrible night tells about using of alien weapons in suppression of prisoners it seems highly confidential Israeli prison authorities remain silent about what they were They shot us by weapons, it’s the first time we saw, never before once touch your body .. explode never saw that before. First time was in prison tape comes on the eve of revival of the Palestinian Prisoners Day Palestinian prisoners exposed to torture, beatings and humiliation from the moment of arrest and during interrogation where stealth and continuous deprivation of sleep it’s a rare opportunity to look at the suffering of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons the hidden may be much greater and Palestinians ask what’s the difference between Israel that claims democracy and third world countries which absent the human rights and violate human rights in this terrible and degrading way

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