hello it's Randy Rhoads here's a clip from our show and go to Randy Rhoads calm for the whole thing and a podcast by Snickers you're 14 yeah you do very well my age you know exactly you know who he was hanging out with you know I don't think he cared when a rose turned 15 she says things took a turn you know just take your underwear off and get on top and I said I didn't want to and he you know very forcefully um kind of brought me to the table and I just did what I was he told me to do I was really scared I didn't Nestle think that he was you know going to rape me did he hold you there yeah hmm no question in your mind he knew you did not want that too yeah no he definitely yeah there was no way I was like I don't want to say I was screaming or anything of that nature but I was terrified and I was telling him to stop please stop you know and did he know he did not stop he had no intentions of stopping and that's what he wanted that's what he got when you left there you never went back after that day no I never went back I was terrified I was really scared because I didn't want that to happen again and you left school did you leave the school because I was in the same neighborhood yeah it was so close oh my god there's another girl her name is Jennifer Arizona and she is very brave and she has now come forward to alleged that Jeffrey Epstein raped her when she was 14 you know the Miami Herald had uncovered about 80 girls 80 and this was a three time a day thing for Jeffrey Epstein this was an endless endless endless supply of 14 year olds being delivered to him in various locales I mean this is Boal this happened all over the place it happened in New York had happened in New Mexico it happened in Florida it happened in the Virgin Islands it happened a you know in Europe I mean this this is an international a ring of human trafficking of underaged underaged of its pedophilia is what it is it's a rich guy buying you know kids little kids girl kids so you know the story pretty much now today Alex Acosta decided that he was going to have a press conference today at around 2:30 Eastern Time which he did and he took questions and he was asked why in the world did you let this guy plead to one count of and and the charge itself is insulting to these girls can I just say to you that there is no such thing as child prostitution it doesn't exist in law or in any decent person's head if a child is below the age of consent for sex that child cannot prostitute him or herself his or her self cannot somebody is pimping them somebody is delivering them somebody is working them somebody is managing them somebody is running a human trafficking sex ring for a pedophile for a pedophile that is what it is and that they actually that Acosta actually allowed now I know how Acosta got the case I know exactly I know exactly the story and I'm gonna tell it to you because the story is disgusting and it's shocking you know why cuz in this story there were really only two people who were willing to risk their careers to defend the victims of a pedophiles sex ring there were really only two people who were willing to risk their careers and those two people were the Palm Beach Police Chief Michael Ryder and a detective named Joseph wrecker II those are the only two men in Palm Beach who were willing to risk their careers they're the ones who investigated Jeffrey Epstein in the first place they're the ones that went through Jeffrey Epstein's garbage they're the ones that did the entire investigation and the ones that gathered all this evidence they're the ones that caused affidavits to be a written up they're the ones that did it and they handed this off to the state prosecutor who is a Democrat in good stead in good standing okay this guy is a Democrat people here in Palm Beach know his name the police chief and the detective handed all their evidence off to a guy named Barry Krisher the state attorney for the state of Florida and Barry Krisha who is now retired and in private practice I think he even retired from his private practice now according to the police officers who were willing who were willing to prosecute a very rich and powerful man with friends like Prince Andrew and President Bill Clinton and W and you know and Donald Trump and other rich guys on Palm Beach God only you know like every billionaire that lives on Palm Beach they all knew Westie so what Trump told you yesterday well you were nobody on Palm Beach if you didn't know Jeffrey Epstein right okay so everybody knew this was what they call an open secret but it wasn't really a secret at all everyone had seen everyone new so the police chief said that it became apparent to hem that the evidence that he was giving to our democratic state Attorney Barry Krisher was being leaked to Epstein's team of lawyers to his legal team and it's just so fascinating they all came from well not all of them but the lead lawyer Lefkowitz came from same place that bill Barr came from same place that Acosta came from they all worked at Kirkland and Ellis and this is where we're getting these dingbat judges from – this is where we're getting all of these people all these dingbats that Mitch McConnell is you know stacking our court system with all Kirkland I mean it's just so unbelievable so what the police chief and the and the detective did they drew a probable cause affidavits and they charged Epstein and two of his assistants one with a one-of recruiter with sex related crimes and they gave this probable cause affidavit to our state attorney berry crusher and instead of berry crusher filing the case he decided he would go the grand jury route why because the grand jury is a secret thing now we all thank God you know we all know about grand juries now we all know about Muller's grand jury and can't release the testimonies also secret and a grand jury only hears what the prosecutor in this case the state attorney berry Krisher presents to them there's no defense attorney there's no nothing in there it's just the the jurors and the prosecutor presenting a case well Barry Chris you're chose to present the grand jury with one girl one girl testified at that grand jury and nothing else none of the other evidence there were dozens and dozens of girls that the police chief in Palm Beach County a Chief Michael writer and detective Joseph mercury had ready to testify to whoever in whatever proceeding and Barry Krisher decided he'd go the grand jury route keep the whole thing a secret and introduced just one way and the police chief writer understood at that point that berry Krisher was compromised by somebody much higher up than him and the police chief alerted the FBI when the FBI got involved the police chief here called the FBI and when the FBI got involved it became a federal complaint as it should be because it was cross law across state lines anyway and that's how the US attorney got the case from the FBI that's how Acosta who was the US attorney appointed by W and sent down to Miami got the case and guess what a constitute Acosta met with Epstein's attorneys and let them write a plea deal they filed everything in Miami not in Palm Beach where the girls would have been notified they filed everything in prom in Miami and the girls heard about it on the TV goto redirects comm for the whole thing in a podcast by Sting a podcast

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  1. Do we think for one minute, pedophile Epstein is deprived of toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, clean drinking water, a blanket or security from others in the prison who'd do him harm? No.

  2. OMG how embarrassing it is to be a guy and see other guys into Pedophilia. If it is catholic priests, it’s in Government. Something is very sick with these people and these are straight people, really!!

  3. Don't ever forget…
    That jackass Trump proudly walked right on into the little girls dressing room….
    "Inspecting the merchandise"…
    Ivanka is a sick bitch!

  4. Never be blinded by a seemingly look of proper exterior. Covert narcissists can fool masses while their vile nature appears behind closed doors to the intended target. Nothing less than a predator.

  5. Jeff Epstein is a FREAK!
    I can come up with more disgusting words for that jackass, but, you know what I mean.
    Please, feel free to express yourself…

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