Jan Karski: Visiting the Izbica camp

Jan Karski: Visiting the Izbica camp

after I agreed to see the ghetto I remember again it was the socialist leader said well we told them you could do more for us we could we might arrange your visit to a desk and it will be more dangerous than the visit to the Warsaw Ghetto but we wouldn’t expose you to a certain death it might work will you go naturally I will go at that time danger death arrest it was a way of life Nidoran I know thousands of others workers in the underground thought about who understood I didn’t even think of any thing of any danger they made an appointment with a guide you know also is the stage the railroad station again some password the key approached me with my liaison girl I didn’t like them to me he looked at Jewish I was afraid I was psycho son was offended so I told he already had tickets for the train I told him that does not sit in the same welcome you said in one and I said in another this for security if you are arrested I will report if I am Yoga report I was afraid to set foot she we went to look I remember in Lublin we left a trail and went with some courage working several kilometers to Sun shop I remember with some mechanical equipment over that already a uniform was prepared and trousers and the books of a Ukrainian girl guide in the camps the Germans never used Polish police they were using either because Germans of Ukrainians Latvians those who do not have contact with the local population the camps were after all a secret and they wanted to keep it secret as much as possible after a few moments and then came in civilian clothes speaking polish by the way correctly and he told me I was told that you want to see their camp I will show you the country don’t speak to anybody follow me I would say settle everything I will give you the sign when we leave the camp you don’t know me Similac polish will point out at me whenever they will ask you something unfollowed him evidently he was known because when we approached one of the back entrances she showed some document the German regarding this gesture until we entered the country I saw their 1000-2000 again not humans old young rebels children again although the some were standing some were lying and to the right the world sort of the gate to that country and then the trains alongside the trains the Jews were taken out of the country the Germans were shooting some toto frightened them something in durban mode the train there was not enough room so they were pushing the Jews in some children mother did not want to give that child the man would take the child by force putting this over the head you know like a piece of meat those in the wagon a terrible terrible things I saw

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  1. He bore a huge burden as a witness to these crimes against humanity. He had tremendous courage and yet it appears his reports fell on deaf ears. No one really cared about the jews of Europe. Very very sad. May he rest in peace.

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