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  1. Well, since they keep the lights and heat on in the prison anyway, she might as well get arrested to save her CO2 emittion at home. Super initiative?

  2. ??? But why are they getting arrested in the first place?! If fat orange can commit crimes against HUMANITY, why can't celebrities protest against climate INACTION??? That's so unfair!!!

  3. It is every American citizen's responsibility to protect and defend their country against traitors like Donald Trump. Getting arrested along the way for doing the right thing non-violently is the least they can do.

  4. Yuh know Obama should get himself arrested, that would make trump jealous of another of Obama's achievements and then he'd try to get his dumb but real criminal self arrested too

  5. I had an uncle share his cell with the future Australian PM and the future State Premier of Victoria in the city where my uncle would be the next sitting member of Parliament. They won the state election next day or something. Its a true story.

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  7. Good for Jane Fonda, and for the privileged encouraging each other to use that privilege for those of us who don’t have it. raise fist

  8. I did not see a celebrities, those three clowns are from the sewage of Hollywood and are not celebrated people with prestige!

  9. Stephen kept saying the celebrities got arrested for "protesting climate change", but didn't name the official charge which was "crowding and obstructing or incommoding". They didn't get arrested for "protesting", but for crowding and obstructing a public site, which I feel is an important distinction. The police were just keeping public order, not shutting down a lawful protest. Also, why do we pay attention to celebrities on these issues when there are legitimate science nerds to better inform us on climate change and how we can combat it ?

  10. Well if Jane Fonda would just quit breathing, talking and farting we wouldn't have a "climate change" problem. Fuck Hollywood may it all burn!🖕

  11. The idiot in the whitehouse is in the oval office wondering how he painted himself into a corner. Quite a feat in a round room…

  12. Jane has been on my bad list since she went and played footsie with the enemy in Viet Nam.

    She's just a headline junkie. I don't care if she is against Trump, she's still reaching for the spotlight, and using whatever tactics come to hand.

    I didn't want to go to that jungle. I protested against it. But I also couldn't leave it to others. Desire is one thing, duty is another. And we all have duties.

  13. She's trying to make us for her being a traitor when she went to North Vietnam during the war. They took her to a prison where American G.I.'s was being held. One very secretly passed her a note. And she gave it to the Vietcong and it got him tortured! And I'm not sure that it didn't get him murdered. I lived in South Vietnam as a girl and I couldn't believe it!! She even sat on some of their weapons they used to shoot at Americans, Auzzie's, South Koreans and Brits!!! And she asked them how it worked! Look it up Mr. Colbert. 🙁 Mr. Colbert, she's NO hero. 🙁 This is the first time you've really blown it Sir. 🙁 Shame on you. 🙁 I'm very disappointed. 🙁 Songs

  14. Locking the traitor up is a start, but executing her for treason would be the ending she really deserves! We could make it a twofer and put her AND Trump out of our misery, truly accomplishing something for the good of the planet and American society, too!

  15. Why are they arrested for protesting against climate change? Are you guys over sea not allowed to protest?? #stateofliberty

  16. You, you arrested Charlie Skinner from The Newsroom? Charlie?! Frickin' CHARLIE!?? FOR PROTESTING CLIMATE CHANGE?!

    This is officially the worst timeline now! WTF Trump!??

  17. Dear Mr. Colbert,I feel you are wasted on New York. Would you please come to Tasmania and do you show for like a week?Your biggest fan xxx

  18. Took Colbert till Jane to even being to talk about the climate crisis movement – and really its just about the celebrity attached. All this stuff happened with Greta and they were pretty much spineless to really talk about it, even though its what the audience wants (When Hillary Clinton mentioned Greta last month she got uproarious cheers). I love Colbert, but this is sickening.

  19. Look, if you really wanna get rid of Trump? It's easy!
    All I need is a male prostitute, a hammer with his prints on it and access to the trunk of his car.

  20. According to Fonda and AOC we now have less than 12 years left before catastrophic climate change failure. I’ve lived through five decades hearing these apocalyptic predictions. Maybe they need to forecast a few more decades ahead. I mean, Al Gore went from global warming to global cooling to now having to say climate change. Since Al’s false narrative (get disgustingly rich) even the polar bear population that is supposed to be extinct (by his own statement) are now flourishing. All while every anti fossil fuel protester (all of them) continue to use fossil fuels. Fonda, Gore and all the climate change hypocrites flying private jets around the world to their multiple million dollar estates all while banning plastic straws lol! These Hollywood elitist are the biggest phony hypocrites. I see why the left glorifies their hypocrisy. It’s sad but hilarious!

  21. News flash leftist! Until you, yourself personally are willing to cut out the use of all fossil fuel made products and fuel itself, your words have absolutely no credibility! You absolutely lack the courage of your conviction! Now don’t be scared, but you need to google and see exactly what all is made from fossil fuels! And “yes” you’re a hypocrite for using all these products and demonizing an industry that has afforded you a more lavish, convenient, and comfortable life!

  22. I love Ted Danson

    In a really fucked up note, my phone autocorrected Ted Danson to the anti-christ… Which is weird, because I don't think I've written "the anti-christ" like ever.. not even when talking about Trump

  23. I mean Jane Fonda is a badass there's no question about that. And this would be a really interesting movement, but I can't help but wonder what kind of jail they're actually going to. If they went to a real jail we'd probably get prison reforms

  24. Keep on fighting Jane we are with you until we're not. JANE 2020 paying the cost to be the boss. Make them take you to JAIL And find BILL COSBY tell him he is not forgotten.

  25. Maybe movie stars with huge walled homes, private jets, and giant carbon footprints aren't the best role models for climate change. Go interview a working man or woman…..

  26. Sam was just arrested again at the Yale-Harvard climate protest on Saturday. He's a Yale alum. Had a really cool statement he put out about participating in the protest.

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