Jim Kerr, ex Prisoner-of War, Burma-Thailand Railway

Jim Kerr, ex Prisoner-of War, Burma-Thailand Railway

was 15 when I enlisted and I was a gunner fourth Anti-Tank regiment. I was next to the ulcer ward and the treatment
in the ulcer wars was; the orderly would come around in the morning and his treatment was
a sharpened spoon. So with a sharpened spoon, he would scrape
away all the bad flesh down to the good flesh, and you could hear these blokes screaming
as this orderly was going on his rounds. So, you imagine you’re next in line waiting
for this fellow with a sharpened spoon to come down, until finally there was no other
action but they’d cut the leg off. There was quite, I wouldn’t know how many,
but a lot of men lost legs because of ulcers. And there was no treatment. The Japanese never supplied any treatment
for that sort of thing, so the doctors had to improvise with what they could.

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