Join the Justice for Refugees rally – Saturday 14 September

Join the Justice for Refugees rally – Saturday 14 September

This Saturday, right around the country, people are coming together
to rally in support of refugees. There are 30,000 people in Australia who are
here on temporary visas, people who stretched out a hand to our country, asking for our
help. They’ve committed no crimes, and they’re living
in limbo waiting for their cases to be approved. That’s right. Well some people have no access to employment,
to healthcare, to education, to income support. This is a deliberately cruel policy. It turfs some people out on the street. No decent society does this. That’s right, and to those of you are currently
on some form of a Temporary visa, I say to you: You do have the right to peaceful protest. You have the right to let the rest of the
people of Australia know of your situation. and the Government cannot punish you for this. So please, if you’re affected, or if you care, come and join us for a day of protest on Saturday the 14th of September. Send a message this Government
and make your voice heard. Let them know this is not the
Australia you know and love.

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