Judge Says Detained Migrants Can Sue Private Prison For Using Them As Slave Labor

Judge Says Detained Migrants Can Sue Private Prison For Using Them As Slave Labor

Last week, a federal judge in California ruled
that a lawsuit could move forward by former and current migrant detainees at private prisons
across the country. Now these inmates, again, some current, some
former, were housed in private detention facilities owned by two different groups, CoreCivic and
GEO Group. Now this specific class action lawsuit as
it has now been certified is only for GEO Group, but what these detainees are alleging
is that GEO Group and CoreCivic and the other lawsuits are using them as slave labor. Forcing them to complete tasks and do items
that other people should be paid to do, but they’re either not paying them or they’re
simply paying them $1 per day. And this has been going on, these lawsuits
have been going on, since 2012, 2012. Now, these allegations first arose in 2007,
so we’re talking about a span of three different presidential administrations where this has
been going on. This is not a left or right issue. This is a humanitarian issue and these abuses
have been overseen by both Republicans and Democrats. Now, I know neither Republican nor democratic
politician was in charge of these companies, right? Yeah, but you’re in charge of handing out
the contracts to these companies. You’re in charge of looking at the complaints
from these companies, so you knew this was all happening, Bush, Obama, and Trump, and
you did nothing. You did absolutely nothing as these detainees. People who probably shouldn’t have even been
there because they’re just migrants coming to this country, they were being used as slave
labor. Now, according to the contracts of these prisons,
the only thing they are required or allowed, excuse me, to require these inmates to do
is simple things like making their beds, keeping their living area clean, and stacking loose
papers. Now that’s according to the contracts of these
private prison companies. That’s all you can make these people do without
paying them, but they’re also having them go and scrub toilets, scrub windows, mop floors,
basically act as janitors for the entire detention facility, which is a job that these groups
are supposed to hire people to do and pay them to do. But paying those people to do it is going
to cost these private prisons a little bit more money. You know, why pay somebody $7 an hour to mop
our floors when we’ve got all these guys just sitting around with nothing to do. We got a few mops in the closet. Let them do it. We don’t have to pay them. We save a couple bucks per hour and these
people get something to do with their time, even though technically it’s illegal under
the United States law and under the contracts of these private prison companies to make
them do it. But we’re going to do it anyway because what’s
going to happen? What the politicians going to tell us to stop? We’ve got them in our back pocket. We fund their campaigns. They’re not going to do a dang thing about
it and they didn’t. They absolutely did not. But luckily there is still one group in this
country that cannot be paid off, to an extent, and that is the federal judiciary. And that is why, again, last week the judge
said, you know what, these lawsuits can move forward. You have presented enough evidence, you have
made your case, your class is valid for the class action lawsuit of a couple thousand
detainees. You’re going to get your day in court. You’re going to get to make your case. And here’s the thing, if this is successful,
these private prisons could absolutely be destroyed, which is what needs to happen. We need a bigger spotlight on these private
prisons who have higher rates of turnover, higher rates of abuse, higher rates of sexual
assault, higher rates of escape. Every measure of private prisons is worse
than the federal or state run prison system. Every single measure, these groups are worse. They also cost us a lot more per inmate than
the other prisons. But again, private prison CEOs fund a lot
of political campaigns on both the left and the right. So don’t expect the politicians to do anything
about it until we get a politician in the White House who isn’t taking any money from
corporations. That may happen sooner than some people think.

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About the Author: Sam Caldwell


  1. Welcome to the United States, it's Constitution and it's Supreme Court. The ONLY times it only applies to Citizens is when it actually specifies it. Voting rights 4 times, sections not all of the 14th Amendment and running for public office, legally or illegaly does not matter.

  2. I didn't even know that was happening on top of all the other ICE BS. You know it's bad when even Me again McCain changed her stance saying "we're losing our humanity treating God's children this way. People who come here in search of a better life" etc.

  3. Private prisons are an abomination, providing an economic incentive to put more folks in jail with minimal oversight.

  4. They should be able to sue for being unlawfully detained as well. This shit is fucking beyond detestable and disgusting.

  5. Honestly this remind me of what's going on in the State Penitentiary just well those prisoners are being used as slave labor as well so do this law apply to them as well because they get pay very small minimum payments to perform acts as well building furniture and everything

  6. As opposed to all the mega farms that essentially did the same thing for decades. https://www.heraldtribune.com/news/20031208/migrant-workers-live-a-life-of-modern-slavery 

    They slip across the Mexico border at great peril, cross the country in the dark hollows of vans, stay silent as they are “bought” and “sold” in orange groves and rest stops dotting the American landscape.

    A destitute minority in a wealthy, well-fed society, they are packed like prisoners into unfit housing, ferried to work in unsafe vehicles, and compelled to labor long hours — under fake names and numbers — for substandard wages.

    Enslaved by debt from the very moment they arrive, they contribute mightily to Florida’s $62 billion agricultural industry, yet they earn so little in return.

    In the worst cases, they are threatened, beaten, and locked up in their dingy quarters to prevent their escape.

  7. So they supposed to hire somebody to clean the bathrooms after them they all should take turns cleaning up after themselves that is basic life skills

  8. This country has the balls to complain about other country's treatment of people. Since the beginning, the US has terrorized the Native population, the Africans, and all the different emigrants that have come to this country to find a better life for them and their families. Now the US even puts children in cages as they separate families, simply because they are not white or rich.

  9. They should be cooking their own food to Preparing cooking how can we teach our children and become productive members of society if we're not teaching them basic basic life skills how will they learn how to be sociable if we're not teaching these things at home even well into adulthood it should be practiced

  10. Speaking of which… https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/nationworld/ct-undocumented-immigrants-trump-20190208-story.html  A pipeline of undocumented workers for Donald Trump ran from Costa Rica to N.J.: 'My whole town practically lived there'

    >>Now the 34-year-old lives with his wife and daughters in a sturdy house built by "Trump money," as he put it, with a porch to watch the sun go down.
    It's a common story in this small town.
    Other former employees of President Donald Trump's company live nearby: men who once raked the sand traps and pushed mowers through thick heat on Trump's prized golf property – the "Summer White House," as aides have called it – here his daughter Ivanka got married and where he wants to build a family cemetery.
    "Many of us helped him get what he has today," Angulo said. "This golf course was built by illegals."
    The Washington Post spoke with 16 men and women from Costa Rica and other Latin American countries, including six in Santa Teresa de Cajon, who said they were employed at the Trump National Golf Club Bedminster. All of them said they worked for Trump without legal status – and that their managers knew.<<

    https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/purge-of-undocumented-workers-by-the-presidents-company-spreads-to-at-least-5-trump-golf-courses/2019/02/04/99454e4a-2690-11e9-ba08-caf4ff5a3433_story.html?utm_term=.cd28da828fe7 Purge of undocumented workers by the president’s company spreads to at least 5 Trump golf courses

    President Trump’s company has fired at least 18 undocumented workers from five golf courses in New York and New Jersey in the past two months, part of a purge set in motion after a series of reports about the clubs’ employment of workers without legal status.
    Eric Trump, the president’s son, confirmed the firings to The Washington Post on Monday. Those dismissed included three undocumented workers at the Trump National Golf Club Colts Neck near Montrose, N.J., and three more at the Trump National Golf Club Philadelphia in Pine Hill, N.J.
    Another was dismissed from Trump National Golf Club Hudson Valley in Hopewell Junction, N.Y., Eric Trump said. Eric and his brother, Donald Trump Jr., have day-to-day control of the Trump Organization.
    The Washington Post could not independently verify Eric Trump’s figures. There have also been firings at the Trump course in Bedminster, N.J., which his son did not address.

  11. So much for the 13th Amendment of our U.S. Constitution. I hope that they sue the hell out of these private prisons for every single penny they have.

  12. Just call it what it is slave labour.
    The private prison system in the US is just madness.
    When seeing it as a European.

  13. My question is why is the federal government allowing this to happen? Oh that is right. We have “Trump Crime Family” in charge. If you voted for Donald Bone Spur then you owe America an apology….

  14. I agree but lets us our brains about basic life skills in the sense that he's like honestly and truthfully like those things shouldn't be charged for that should be something to get for free and basic life skills should be something that we practice no matter where we are in the world if we chose to do a crime to land Us in prison then so be it but it's the same as living in society they should have to clean up after themselves only part of the facility that should require janitorial is the part of the facility where you officers are and anything else should they should be paid for personally I feel like the inmates should be allowed out there and even maybe given a job after they release who knows a lot of them are really good people

  15. Using prisoners for slavery is constitutional per the 13th Amendment. Here's what it reads: "Section 1: Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction." The exception for the crime should be repealed, but it won't be. That said, if their contract doesn't say that they have to do certain items and they have to do it anyway without pay, then they have a case. It'll be interesting to see what the outcome is.

  16. Yeah Americans should really be ashamed. More and more Im finding it hard to find the difference between Nazi's and them.

  17. Texas has legal slavery,mass graves n mine d organs of missing immigrant kids n adults…texas is the dark side proxy capital of the neo nazi professional corruptionist TERRORIST that hijacked your political n economic process…texas is the blue print of whats coming to your states.

  18. This is just like the convict leasing during Jim Crow (the black codes). it’s privatized and financialized slavery… that’s how capitalism was built. smh

  19. 3:00 Aaaaand the public wants politicians who are 'tough on crime.' Brutalizing prisoners has the colour of morality, of righteousness.

  20. This isn't just a migrant issue, jails and prison have been exploding with slave labor over the last number of years. That is why private prisons have become so popular. Slavery under the guise of something else. And americans are being jailed and imprisoned for no just cause to provide a greater slave force. The police are in on it and get kickbacks. Even churched are opening prisons and jailhouses to take advantage of slave labor and charging premium hotel rates for those who are kidnapped and held against their will, with fake charges or inflated charges against them. It is sick, and our freedom is almost entirely lost.

  21. So do black people get to sue to for being in prison so fucking long for like little Pebble of crack cocaine and marijuana? I have a uncle still in prison he got caught with a $20 Rock back in the days and he still in prison who gives a fuck about people that breaking the law committed felonies and not even citizens of the United States seem to me that all y'all are worried about legal immigrants more than your own citizens this country is retarded I know I know racist I know what you going to say go back to Africa if you don't like this country I'm making plans just got my Visa👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾😂😂😂😂😂

  22. I feel bad, that my first thought was the words meeting the victims of Auschwitch 'arbeit macht frei'
    Then I realized that this is the path leading to this horror
    And more horrible, it has been going on for decades, why haven't somebody just stopped and saying, do we really want to be remembered for something like this

  23. So one sided CA Lets criminals walk free due to crowding n thievery under1 grand is not arrestable private prison yes reforms yes we pay 4 ur f up hell no let people unrehabed go no

  24. Let's be honest, it may have been implemented wrongly, but in mates need to do something, cleaning up is something everybody else does. And most are not paid at all. Ask your parents.

  25. Judge says its ok for them to sue private prisons… ACLU cracks their knuckles: time to grab private prisons by the balls in the name of human rights.

  26. Slavery is still a big thing in America, using Mexicans and Latin Americans as work force while they violate every single of their human rights and blame them for it.

  27. As if a federal judge appointed by Obama should have any say over our Nation.. these illegals aren’t even humans

  28. 1. Private prisons. 🤮 They make money for humans misery. I hope the have to pay on and on.
    2. Sure they can sue. The Thirteenth Amendment (Amendment XIII) to the United States Constitution abolished slavery and involuntary servitude, except as punishment for a crime. There's no crime… Despite what far-rights say.

  29. I don't condone this at all. But whether it's $1.00 per day or !10.00 per day the purpose of paying prisoners to work is for canteen purchases and buy up privileges. All the little extras that the prison system doesn't give them.

  30. And this is why I'm bipartisan, I may lean left and democracy over republic, but it's been clear that neither party cares most about this country and its people. The Republicans are toxic and the Democrats dont do SHIT until we have already been screaming for it to stop for years. Both need to wake up and clean up, one is far worse and is unfortunately heading in the wrong direction but it ALL needs updating. Government should be updated, rules should be rewritten for each new stage of advancement humanity makes. As we grow so to should the laws and regulations that govern our growth, not to control or dictate but to provide direction and understanding as we continue to grow ourselves. We allowed our laws and governing to stagnate too many times in the past, all for the sake of conserving old ideals that once brought prosperity and we now we feared losing. Those ideals can evolve as well to encompass others.

  31. Sue them into an oblivion, lobbed our government into locking up people for profits and making a mess of our system and costing us more than we every paid before.

  32. People being held against their will just for entering this country are not breaking laws. They are not inmates! They. Are guest until they go in front of the board.

  33. Farron, I criticize you almost daily because most of your reports, tho truthful and factual, encourages and pushes all of these topics as partisan issues. When they definitely are not. BOTH parties are guilty of being the problem and none of the solution. That putting in Blue No Matter Who fixes NOTHING, but in fact is the reason why we have someone like trump sitting in our Oval Office.
    So today, when you made THE point that this isn't a partisan issue, I have to say Thank You! If these party loyalists would admit to themselves that it is the Democratic Party that started these private for profit prisons to take hold during Clinton years. And the 3 strikes life time sentencing and other obscene sentencing guidelines (Clinton and Biden,) and Obama that arrested more to fill these hell holes, then maybe we can get somewhere with real solutions.
    Many don't want to admit that their team is no better than the other. But policy wise, there is no difference. This back and forth between D and R over the last 40 years has produced more income inequality than we had in the 20's. More War. Bigger banks with less regulations. More incarcerated. More desperation, illness, death. Things only change for the worse regardless.
    We have to stop being fooled into believing we have 2 opposing parties. 'We have but one evil party but with Two Names. '
    We don't have a left vs right fight. We have a Up vs Down fight. A Top vs Bottom fight. The 10 percenters vs the 90 percenters fight. A Ruling Class vs the Working Class fight.
    None of these Party's Establishment represent us. They lie to get elected, then serve only the donors. We are just irritating noise to them.
    So do not vote by according to Party. Or race. Or gender. Vote according to their documented history. Their record. If we did that, we could right the nation.

  34. Reagan brought these Private Prisons into existence just to set up his loyal voters, they've been milking it since way back, nothing but thieves.

  35. At least some justice maybe! They should charge and indict anyone who commits humanitarian atrocities, and lock their asses up, force them to do hard labor.

  36. Just like joe arpaio. Torturing women in 120° heat. No shade digging graves only allowed to urinate twice. So don't drink water to hydrate yourself. Yes even if you're pregnant! Wonder what kind of money he has hidden in his safe? Just like shawshank

  37. This is appalling. That this has been allowed to go on for long without any repercussions? Just more proof that people in power will lean to the green.

  38. Why have we not heard about this practice before? it seems the South HAS risen again. DOX the CEOs of both companies and let the fascist hunters take care of the slavers.
    In fact here are the HQs, for those that believe in protests.: You can Google the rest:


    Western Regional Office
    6100 Center Drive, Suite 825, Los Angeles, CA 90045

    And World Headquarters
    4955 Technology Way Boca Raton FL, 33431

  39. These private prisons shouldn't even exist, it's about using cruelty and slave labor to profit, which is horrendous. This is an issue that started a few years back, under Trump they've been given permission to expand and increase their abuse.

  40. Yes! Please sue them all! Put these money grubby prison mongers in their place and then poind them lower into their own poop. I want to these wardens suffer for their crimes and anyone affiliated with them. I want my tax dollars refunded from the private prisons!

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