Kailyn Risks Going to Jail 😱 | Teen Mom 2 (Season 9)

Kailyn Risks Going to Jail 😱 | Teen Mom 2 (Season 9)

(upbeat music) – The boys are with
their dads this weekend. I finally heard back from Jo about taking Isaac to Hawaii and he has an issue with the holiday. (phone ringing) Hello? – Hello, are you in the car too? – [Kailyn] I’m in the car too, yeah. Okay so I had asked Jo to go to Hawaii, and I’m entitled to vacation days as long as I give notice. So I did all that–
– Which you said that you did. – Yes, but I did not include the first week of July because it was my week and come to find out the Fourth of July is his holiday. It was truly my mistake so I basically said “Well, I (beep) up, can I
just trade you a holiday or give you Christmas?” And he said, “No.” – Why? Why? – So, I don’t know, he didn’t want Isaac to go in the first place and so I feel like he’s using this to make it even more difficult. And Chris and Javi didn’t give me a hard time at all. Like, Javi was like “If you wanna take the kids to travel, like good for you like that’s something that can never be taken from them, you know?” So then– – That’s what I’m saying they’re never gonna get the op– – They’ll never get to do this…right. – Yeah. – So, it’s like a once
in a lifetime thing. Exactly. – At the end of the day,
what does Isaac wanna do? Because that’s what matters. – He told me–
– I’m sure wants to go to Hawaii. – Yep, he’s been dying to go to Hawaii, and he doesn’t care about
going to his dad’s on the Fourth of July. Jo is really being
difficult for no reason. – What’s your attorney saying? – He said that like if Jo’s gonna file contempt worse case senario I could get a fine or go to jail. I said well (beep) it. – This is making it way worse ’cause now you’re gonna go to court and be fighting about it for who knows how long all over a holiday that
could have been switched and everybody Isaac would have been happy. – So now because it’s a legal situation MTV is not gonna film the trip. – I’m so upset that you cannot film. I think I’m gonna still film in Maui. – Oh okay. Okay. They film or if they don’t film I’m still taking Isaac. – You’re just gonna take Isaac anyway? – Yeah. Because I don’t think if I have to sit in jail for my son to go experience
a month in Hawaii then you’re damn (beep) right I’m gonna go sit in jail. (dramatic music)

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  1. SO….. he wants him on 4th of july, just like you….if its not jauvi, its joe, or chris ,or the next unmarried baby daddy.. she has to make a big deal.. .AND LEah,, be real.. what a joke they are.. its his holiday,, maybe he has plans, accept it and move on….and GROW UP…….she thrives on this. thats why she keeps getting knocked up by diffrent men. miss piggy

  2. Kailyn looks like a cross between Miss Piggy and Fozzie Bear!!!!!How the hell are you going to have 3 kids,by 3 dif men,and 3 dif races???!!


  4. They all text and drive so much. Im not that good of a multi tasker. I cant even glance at my phone because I'm scared to hit someone.

  5. Jo probably had plans of his own with Isaac she should have spoken to him first.Why risk going to jail that’s stupid just shorten the vacation.

  6. I was 9 once and I never dreamed of going to Hawaii , I dreamed about going to my grandmas or uncles house to get the hell away from my parents.

  7. Sorry these women ain’t the type of women you’ll want you’re daughters to Turn out like, !! the only decent teen moms there are really are Chelsea, maci, and catelynn , the rest are just acting like divas, there mouthy very abusive & always playing the victims & it’s always the guys faults never there’s, no wonder the guys don’t stay around, there all are having kids with countless different baby daddies & thinking there movie stars, but there not !!! They should all concentrate on there children instead of going from one guy to another guy, and really get to know these guy for a few years before having babies & getting married ASAP, I feel sorry for there kids when they’ve all got different surnames and fathers..

  8. Did she not literally JUST come back from one trip to like Mexico and then another to Costa Rica or something. Wtf does she do with her life other than complain and go on trips.

  9. Joe wants the life kail can afford that's why he's the most difficult dad he's spiteful. Imagine being the one who stops your child from going on vacation for a month.

  10. I don’t see why joe is making a big deal over it! For goodness sake just compromise ! It’s one Fourth of July! It’s not like she’s asking to have him every Fourth of July!

  11. So unfortunate. Sadly, more people have these problems than not; it's self-imposed conflict. …a 'lil forethought goes a long way.

  12. You leave Isaac and let joe deal with that so that he learns never to do that again. He’s jealous and upset. So let him lay in his bed shit. Isaac is 9 he got hella time to go to Hawaii

  13. Kailyn act as though going to Hawaii is taking a political stance, for a good cause, this is how far removed these girls are from reality. It would be interesting to see her spend a few days in the ‘real world’ behind bars. MTV allows bad behavior and pay them handsomely for it, this is welfare at its best.

  14. Does anyone know how I can find the song st the end of this weeks episode it's by enzi called flipside but I can't find it on YouTube can anyone plz tell me where to find that song ?

  15. OMG guys! the boy would like to go on vacation with his mother and his brothers! where is the problem to change the visit times? It's not a big deal! Parents should do the best for the child and not just think about themselves.

  16. She is one awful person. She whould put obstacles in the way even if they were reasonable. And if this was the other way round she would do everything she could to stop her son from going, she's awfull

  17. I feel like the kids wouldn't like it if their Mother was in jail. Kail takes vacations all the time, I think missing ONE vacation won't hurt.

  18. LOL 3 different baby daddy’s and look at this , it’s rotating drama 😭 karma is a bitch for being a difficult bitch . But Joe is dragging it like you can just switch the holiday 😭 Christmas is better than Fourth of July

  19. Stay your fucking ass home how many vacation do you really need to go on my goodness! Been dying to go to hawaii ? Lmfao hes a kid YOU wanna go to hawaii dummy

  20. In the U.K. Kailyn could already be in jail for using her phone whilst driving. Why not tune one of those "Hands-free" devices into the cars audio system, then chat shit til her heart's content . In February, my bro-in-law was hit from behind, at a red light, by a young woman using her cell phone. He was in hospital for four months and now in a wheelchair. Doctors say there's little chance he will ever walk again.

  21. I would never forgive my dad if he made me miss a Hawaii trip. If you can take your kids to Hawaii you better do it while you can because you only have so much time with your children

  22. these girls need to stopped being glamorized , they all have vulgar language and alot of it is around their young children, they all drive with a phone in their hand while they have their kids in the car, why does MTV promote this dangerous behavior just for ratings! Kailyn should be more focused on how to USE Birth CONTROL , how many more men is she gonna get pregnant by? what about when her sons get older ans ask her why they ALL have different fathers, she is not a role model and should be taken off the show , girls are gonna repeat her behavior and have 10 different baby daddies, all everyone does on here is get knocked up , wasnt this show suppose to suppress that not promote it?

  23. Grace report made a good point. If Joe wanted to take issac somewhere for a month, when it was her time she would have called the cops and got a restraining order or something. She’s such a bitch I swear.

    you take vacations all the time. Fuck off.

  24. “Once in a lifetime thing” no me going to Hawaii would be a “once in a lifetime thing” these ladies travel all the time

  25. Controlling..she will die alone with like 20 cats…no man or woman will deal with that. His court ordered time is his time.

  26. This girl is beyond entitled and full of anger. She isn't using best judgement for her son. She could reschedule if the trips that important.

  27. She can ask for an emergency appearance in court file the motion for the trip add in the her changes she'll be fine. But joe wants that control he is done compromising he want no. Change and control.

  28. She has got to be one of the stupidest moms on this show. Right next to Amber and Farrah. I understand risking shit for your kids. And doing anything for them. But over a trip to Hawaii? That's not worth jail time Kailyn. 🙄 Take him another time when it's not Joe's time to have him. But nope let's go to Hawaii and go to jail so I can't see my kids while I'm in there, not to mention.. who the fuck wants to have jail on their record? No matter what the reason. She is so pathetic.

  29. You would think with all the money she makes from teen mom she can get a car that has bluetooth so she wont have to hold her phone while driving 😑😑

  30. That conversation was cut and edited I live in Delaware and the route where she was going made absolutely no sense. She left out of that certain area to go to a whole complete different part then to go back to the same area she was just leaving. I’m probably the only one that caught that being that I live here.

  31. What child that age NEEDS a whole month in Hawaii? How does a single teen Mom even afford all this stuff anyways? Honestly the kids are too young for all that. She acts like it will be detrimental to his life if he doesn't go. Like she is saving his life or something. Good grief!

  32. Kailyn is so difficult with her 3 baby daddies so now she's getting it back in her face. I wish MTV would stop paying her fat ass. She is so disgusting.

  33. She got 3 kids…..3 baby daddies….but gets mad when….lol nvm. All I'm saying is she tries to sound justifiable and say at times, "Y'all don't understand what its like trying to co parent." Etc. Kailyn…you put yourself in that predicament and spread the butter on toast.🤷

  34. What's so interesting about these people to make a show about them for 9 years ???
    Bunch ignorant brainless grown ups doing the same stupid mistake over and over again !!!
    Getting pregnant by different father's

  35. So classy lol one baby daddy oh wait another baby daddy, noooooooo wait theres another! Girl keep your legs closed. Trying to capture a man by getting pregnant by multiple men is so sad. This shows teenagers hopefully HOW NOT TO BE.

  36. This isn't the 1st time she tries it with Joe. Remember Father's Day when she wanted isaac to got with her and bd #2 on a trip? She knew it was his holiday, respect that.

  37. MTV PLEASE CANCEL OG and TEEN MOM 2 ALREADY! They're grown a** adults not teens! Kail esp drives me up a f*cking wall. Only one I like from OG and Teen 2 is Chelsea. Whaaaa .. they won't film you in Hawaii KAIL.. You whine about everything! PLEASE GET RID OF EVERYONE BUT CHELSEA AND COLE! Give them there own show then do a serious teen mom with TRUE TEENS!

  38. She's an idiot. Not being there for your other kids while in jail just so you can go on a trip. She needs to get her priorities straight. She's got 3 kids with different fathers, grow up already.

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